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Outside my window...
right now it's cloudy and 75 but they expect us to hit 90 again today.  However by Thursday a cool front will go thru and our highs will be only 80 with 50s at night.  WONDERFUL!!

I am thinking... when the weather starts to get cooler, my mind starts to think abt what I can plant in the garden.  Since we wont be here much longer I'm thinking abt what I can do at the new place, but by the time we get settled in,  I'll need to plant things that will be easily wheeled inside for those cooler nights.

I am thankful... for my new vacuum cleaner.  I had an upright Kenmore for many years.  That thing had great suction and could pick up anything!  Then the belt broke and we replaced it but with the wrong belt (remember the IO doesn't return things, he makes whatever he has WORK!) and it tore up something inside.  We got a new vacuum, a Bissell bagless.  Lots of great reviews, but not a great vacuum.  I had to empty that thing SO often because the cat hair would swirl around the bagless container and clog it up.  I used it for a couple of years, but then it got destroyed when I tried vacuuming up dried throw up (remember that story?)  So when we bought a new vacuum, I went back to my tried and true Kenmore.  Yes I need a bag, but I don't get a thrill seeing what gets sucked up.  The dirt is gone and I have a vacuum that works!

In the kitchen... Last night I made The Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Noodle Bake and this is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  It's easy and very yummy!  I made something similar a couple of weeks ago, but this one uses tomato sauce instead of diced tomatoes, less chunky which is always a big hit with the family.  

Later that night I made cookies.

I took a picture with my Not-So-Smart phone so it's not the greatest of quality, but I wanted to post it on Instagram.  If I had it all together I would have taken pics of the food as I made it, but some days I'm happy I made dinner at all!!! 

I am wearing... a t-shirt that says "If things get better with age, then I'm approaching magnificent!"  It's a shirt I found at a thrift shop and while I use it to sleep in, I've been known to throw on a bra and wear it to Target.  I ALWAYS get a smile when ppl read it.   I'm also wearing blue knit shorts.

I am creating... bags of garbage!!  Normally this would be a bad thing, but I am going thru piles of stuff and it's amazing what I don't need!!!  That clothes basket is not only emptied, but what was in it was put away properly, shredded or thrown out.  I tackled another box that has my filing in it and had Baby Girl shred a bunch of old bills I no longer needed.  One night stand has been cleared out and will be ready for boxing up when the time comes.  This is good!  Then I turn around and see the rest of my bedroom. 


I'm learning I can't think of the move or the yard sale, I just need to focus on the task at hand.  It will get done and what doesn't will get done later. 

I am going... to work on the living room later today.  I need a break from my bedroom and it will give the impression that I'm making progress!

I am wondering... what it will be like waking up in the new house.  I look forward to that time!

I am reading... paperwork.  This makes me grumpy.

I am hoping... the move goes smoothly.   Or go as smoothly as it can. 

I am looking forward to... the sale of this house.

I am hearing..... the bathroom fan.  The rest of the house is quiet.  That will change once I finish this post; then I will hear the dishwasher and the washing machine and the radio.

Around the house... boxes containing yard sale items, ebay items or packed items.  I need to buy some more packing tape.

I am pondering... the reactions of the cats in the new house.  They've never been in a two story house before and I'm already picturing Hemi hiding behind the landing as Princess climbs the stairs!

A favorite quote for today...

I love this man!

One of my favorite things...


I should just call this Hemi's Corner.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Number One Son has two band practices before the game on Friday.  The teacher is ramping up the rehearsals since we are now in competition mode.  We did well in Ocala even though it was really REALLY hot!  They  came in 9th out of 24 bands.  Considering we have a new band director and a LOT of freshman, they did really well.  We're only losing a couple of seniors so they are hoping next year will be a better one. 

A peek into my day... once upon a time I posted about knitting and yarn, now I post about band and boxes!  While I enjoy the band, I really need to replace the boxes with the knitting!

Thanks for stopping by!!  I will try to talk about something other than packing in my next post.  Ok something in addition to packing (just keeping it real).  If you want to play, stop by here.


Linda said…
Thanks for the Hemi fix Lynn. Glad to hear that your getting organized for the move.

Anonymous said…
Nobody naps like that cat! LOL

He looks like he is smiling. Must be a good dream.
kathy b said…
I find the blog interesting no matter. SOmetimes life gets in the way of Knitting. A move is a huge thing.
Hi Heme. Use catnip to help him adjust

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