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Outside my window...
it's 80 degrees outside.  It should feel comfortably warm, but I'm cleaning and sorting so I'm feeling warmer than I should.

I am thinking... actually it's more like NOT thinking/losing my mind.  We are moving very soon.  I went over the budget and figured that I have 4 paychecks until we move into the house.  That means I have 4 weeks to move, leaving me 2 weeks to get ready for a yard sale.  Then I looked at the calendar.  One of the paychecks I was counting was the following day.  This meant we were actually moving in 3 weeks and I had only one week to sort and get ready for a yard sale.  As of right now my yard sale is in 3 days instead of 10!

I am thankful... that no matter what happens with this house, no matter who decides to look at it, no matter what the banks decide, I have a new place that we are moving into.  For that I am VERY thankful!

In the kitchen... I actually am still cooking.  I don't want to spend money on eating out so I'm trying to do simple things for us to eat.  Last night I roasted a chicken with potatoes and corn.    Tonight we'll have Grandma's Chicken (stewed chicken thighs) with rice and broccoli.   Tomorrow is my day to sort the kitchen.  I'm hoping to sift thru a lot of stuff.

I am wearing... a 1995 Orlando Magic Championship t-shirt (needless to say it is OLD) and a pair of blue shorts.

I am creating... a mess!  But I'm hoping it will eventually turn into a controlled chaos.

I am going... to continue to sort thru the house once I pick up #1 Son from school.  However once they get home the day gets very choppy and it's hard to focus on a specific thing for very long before I am interrupted.

 I am wondering... how much of my craft room I'll put into the yard sale.  I'm hoping to tackle it on Thursday.

I am reading...  ahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!  I am still watching tv.  It keeps my sanity and I can fold clothes while doing it. (it's amazing how laundry doesn't stop!)  One show that has picked up my interest is The Mentalist.  It is finally winding down the whole Red John storyline and I'm interested in seeing who it is. 

I am hoping... for a little quiet time later tonight.  I'm going to find it too!

I am looking forward to... moving into the new house.  Even though it will be a lot of work once we get there and settle in, it will feel like a new start. 

I am hearing........ the hum of the a/c and the clicking of the computer keys while I type. 

Around the house... boxes, boxes, boxes!!!!!!!  I have gone thru both bathrooms (including the drawers and cabinets) and have thrown a ton out!!!  The IO's closet is gone thru and night stands in my room are done.  The living room and laundry room are done and so is the linen closet.  The family room is almost done.  Tomorrow will be the kitchen.  We may even start Baby Girl's room tonight. 

I also have one complete box packed.  I could be packing more, but right now I'm focusing on the yard sale this wknd and then the packing of items.  One step at a time.   I'll cross the packing bridge when I get to it.  Otherwise I'm gonna jump off of it!

Side note, the 2nd bathroom is technically called the boys bathroom.  Baby Girl uses the master and the IO uses the 2nd bathroom.  That being said, how is it that 2 males need 6 tubes of toothpaste and 7 toothbrushes?!?!!?  I've sorted and cleaned out and put away.  I left them with two toothbrushes and two tubes of toothpaste.  I'm hoping this will be enough.

 I am pondering... the need to keep opening new tubes of toothpaste when you already have so many available!

A favorite quote for today...

 One of my favorite things   AKA   Hemi's Corner!:
It's my best impersonation of an old man.  Whadya think?!?

 A few plans for the rest of the week:  cleaning.  Sorting.  Yard sale on Friday.  Yard sale on Saturday.  Sleep most of Sunday away.  Thankfully we get an extra hour and I will spend it relaxing!!!  It will NOT be used to pack! 

A peek into my day...
boxes waiting to be filled

my staging area

Who has time to sleep?!?

And so goes the continuing saga of The Great Move of 2013.  If you want to participate in the Simple Woman's Daybook, go here.  If you want to participate in The Great Move of 2013, take a Xanax and lie down until the feeling passes!!!


Dianna said…
Lynn, I love your sense of humor! It is good that you have one while attempting packing and making THE GREAT MOVE! Otherwise you'll go crazy...and you know how I know that. :)

Congratulations on all you have accomplished so far...hope the kitchen leaves you with a whole lot less to pack.

Good luck on the yard sale!
Anonymous said…
Hemi looks like he has his pants pulled up too high. LOL
Sandra Knapp said…
Wow, things are moving along quickly, aren't they? I think you've managed very well so far. Moving is a huge undertaking, so I congratulate you for doing so well, so quickly.

kathy b said…
I admire your moving! we are stuck here since 1983....I love our tiny house...but Fireman says SOMEDAY....

Hang on your getting there
Linda said…
Sounds like your getting things done. Thanks for my Hemi fix.

allisamazing said…
Oh my, I hate it when dates sneak up on me. The meals you are making sound delicious! I always say messes are needed to create beauty! How exciting to be moving into a new home!

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