Taking a Mental Break

While I am excited abt moving, I am NOT excited abt all the work involved with this move.  Yesterday I was in Real Estate Hell.  Dante apparently forgot to add this level when he wrote his poem. Wait I take that back, the last two circles of Hell are for Treachery and Fraud.  So there IS a special place in Hell for bankers and lawyers!!

But I digress.

ANYWAY, nobody (and I mean NOBODY) communicates with each other.  I was on the phone with the bank, the county and the lawyer.  I should have called the realtor but I had no energy left. 

Besides, we had a band thing to go to.  Here is #1 Son playing.

I was chaperoning which meant I got a closer view.  It's hard to find him on the field, esp when they are dressed in full uniforms. 

I've started and restarted some projects.  The newly started kitty blanket has been ripped out and restarted in a different colorway.  I found more black acrylic and I'm adding different colored stripes to it.  I'm only 12 rows in so really nothing to show you there.  I also started the mystery knit a long (MKAL) on Ravelry.  I bought some Caron One Pound yarn and WOW are those guys big!!  Again just started and only on row 6 so nothing to show you there either. 

Wait, all is not lost if you came here to see some craftiness.  I did finish a sock!

I swear the toe to this sock took me as long to do as the foot!!  I just never seemed to have any time to work on it.  Even my time in the car riding area is being filled with phone calls.  The cuff seems a bit short to me, so these might end up with #1 Son after all.  He likes short(er) cuffs.  I'll make my final decision once I finish both.

This makes the second pair of socks that only has one done.  I need to remedy that.  Meanwhile I'll try to make some progress on the other two projects so I'll have something to show.


Sandra Knapp said…
Moving is always a mess, with all the packing, cleaning up, getting ready, and then you reverse it all after you move in. No other word for it, but MESS!! And you are right, communication between agencies involved is horrid. You have to be right on top of everything, or nothing gets done, or done right.

On the other hand, congratulations on the 1 finished sock. That's a start anyway. I always knit my cuffs 6-7" long, and measure to make sure I have that, before moving on to the heel. I personally don't like short cuffs. And yet, after saying that, what am I knitting now? Well, footies, the very short 1" cuff things. I'm using left over sock yarn to make them. Just trying to use up the yarn and make something useful with it, if I can. LOL

Good luck with the moving.
Dianna said…
One thing about moving...it forces us to go through EVERY thing as we are packing, whether we want to or not. SO...once you move, when you unpack you will already have eliminated having to handle things twice! Ask me how I know...living in one place for 20 years and moving was a great experience in that area! Our only regret was that we didn't sell more things at auction!

All of your knitting projects sound great...and like the one sock that you have completed.
kathy b said…
I agree moving is such a hassle. They never seem to close smoothly. I hope your new home is so wonderful that this memory fades quickly!
Linda said…
Hang in there Lynn. Think of the positives. Cute sock.


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