Yarny Goodness!

Everyday I go to the mailbox looking for a squishy envelope.  I was in a Magic Yarn Ball Swap last month and we needed to have our packages mailed out in time to be received by September 12th.  My swap partner emailed me a couple of days before we were supposed to have them, sent me a sock pattern and said she was sorry she would be late sending my package out.  I would get it by Saturday.  Saturday came and went.  I know people get caught up in life so I wasn't worried. 

By the end of Sept I emailed her just to let her know that we would be moving in abt a month and that I didn't know my new address yet.  She emailed back that she's had some health issues and she was SO sorry she was this late.  The package was ready to go and that she only had to get to the post office.  I have yet to see anything.   I'm trying hard not to be upset by this, but each time I go to the mailbox and it's empty, I'm a little bit disappointed.  Baby Girl said I was ripped off.  I will email her a week from our move with our new address.  If I don't get it by the new year, then I will agree with Baby Girl. 

Has anybody else ever participated in a swap and ended up on the wrong side of the skein??

Meanwhile the mailbox wasn't totally devoid of yarn!  Jane from Quiddity was cleaning house and sent us to her Ravelry page.  Any yarn on her sell or trade page she would give away to a good home.  Well that is a deal I couldn't pass up!!!!  So what that I have a huge container of sock yarn and am moving, sock yarn is small and easily movable!!!  Here is what came today!

Such pretties!!!!  This made me VERY happy!!!  And also made me realize the reason the grey sock is not moving along is because I'm sick of grey!!  Plus I haven't cast on yet so whenever I have a second to knit, I really have nothing to knit on.  I plan on resolving that tonight.  Same for the brown sock.  Once I cast on it wont take long to finish that one up.

As of now, I only have one project on the needles. My strictly car knitting came inside today and I made some progress on it.

I knit while watching an episode of Person of Interest.  LOVE this show!  Very entertaining and well written.  It's one of those shows I need a mindless project for so my kitty blanket was perfect for it.  I didn't realize how much I missed knitting until I took the time to do it today.   I really don't know why I don't carve out more time to knit.  Facebook games are mindless but they don't relax me like mindless knitting does.

I'm off to knit!!  I think tomorrow I need to play in my yarn.  For moving purposes of course!!!  ;)


Anita said…
Your post about yarn reminded me that I'd better get back to work on a lap afghan I started about a year ago!
After this comment (hoping Blogger accepts it--sometimes it doesn't) I'm going to look through the past seven years of your posts.
Thanks for commenting on mine: it's nice to know somebody's actually reading them.
Dianna said…
Very pretty yarn...love the colors!
Anonymous said…
The yarn you got from Jane is very pretty! :-)
Linda said…
I love the new yarn you got Lynn. I hope you receive your package soon.

Sandra Knapp said…
Yes Lynn, I too have been on the wrong end of a yarn swap, and I do hope that your swap partner comes through for you. Even late is better than not at all.

As for your new acquisitions, they are very nice. As to realizing just how relaxing knitting can be, I would have thought you knew that well by now. But if you needed a reminder, I'm glad you got it before it was too late. LOL

Happy Knitting!
kathy b said…
THat is one awesome yarn giveaway! I love your picks.
SOrry that they swap ended poorly for you. I dread that happening so I usually keep the participants to those I know very well. SO Sorry

Happy knitting this weekend

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