And now for something a little different

As I slowly unpack boxes I am finding things that I need for my knitting.  I have found my Denise needles and thankfully the ones I needed were in the box (the rest are tied in with other projects that are still MIA) so I was able to cast on for not just one but TWO new projects!

As I was cleaning out a dresser drawer I found I used two cotton dish cloths that I knit up awhile back.  I tried making a few but I don't really use them and apparently I decided to line my one drawer with these particular two dish cloths.  What a great idea!  So while I'm trying to find where I packed my socks, I decided to cast on for a dish towel for one of the bathroom drawers.

I'm using this pattern for the dish towel and I'm using the I Love This Cotton brown yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby a week ago.  I really like this yarn, normally cotton yarn tends to hurt my hands as I knit with it, but this yarn feels more like a soft acrylic than a cotton.  I could see this yarn being used for a light sweater, depending on how it washes up.  A big reason I don't like knitted dish cloths is they aren't absorbent enough for me so any that I've made tend to be used in other ways, ie drawer liners or appliance covers (I use an old knitted dish towel to cover my griddle).  I will be interested to see how this one washes up.

Another project started is a slouchy hat for #1 Son.  He was looking for a knitted hat that he normally likes but found one I made for Baby Girl instead.  He said he wanted one just like it and who am I to ignore a knitted request!!!  Last Friday we drove to JoAnns and I let him pick out some yarn.  This was his choice

and I cast on right away.

We are on Thanksgiving break this week and I told him that by the time they go back to school it will be done.  He looked surprisingly pleased which means I've got to kick it into gear. Its a hat so its not hard, but since it's slouchy there is a bit more material to knit.  He says Baby Girl is a hipster, but honestly he is more of one than she is.  Now the question will be if he can wear it to school or not.  School policy is no hats, but if it's cold enough they've been able to wear them during the day.  At least the knit ones haven't been a problem.  We'll see.

Last but not least I do have a finish!!!  I finished up kitty blanket #3.

I really do love mindless knits and this fit the bill.  There are 3 different black acrylics and three different colored acrylics in the blanket.  Details include:

80sts on size 10.5 needles

20 rows of blue
20 rows of yellow
40 rows of teal
20 rows of yellow
20 rows of blue

finished size is 22 x 17.5

I actually only did 16 rows of blue at the very end.  I ran out of blue, but it was so close that nobody will be able to tell. 

I'm hoping to find the knitted blocks I've been working on for awhile now so I can attach them and actually use them this winter.  We've been getting some cool nights and it would be perfect to have for the next couple of months that is our winter.


Linda said…
I love the colors in the kitty blanket Lynn. Great new starts.

Sandra Knapp said…
I must admit, I never thought of using a knitted dish cloth as a drawer liner, but now that you mention it, I can see how that might work well.

I have both knit and crocheted dish cloths, and of them all, the ones I find to be most absorbent have more to do with how they are made, than the fact they are made of cotton yarn. This pattern -
is my go-to for absorbent, functional dish cloths. They are great for wiping down counters, tables, and anything you need a dishcloth for, and I think it's the way they are knit that makes them so.

Good luck with your unpacking and whatever. I hope you find everything you are looking for.

By the way, every kitty should be so lucky. Very nice kitty blanket you have there. :)
kathy b said…
My son likes me to knit FAST for him too!!!!
I have to say he wears the hats I knit for him ALL the time, so I am honored.

I Love your projects. Happy time off this week!!!!
I am getting some downtime too and it is lovely
Karen said…
I don't think I would be as positive about our move if I had done this 9 times in 11 years like you have. Wow. I can't even imagine. And I'm SUPER impressed that you are knitting your way through this! That's the spirit!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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