Saturday Sky

So I finished #1 Son's slouchy hat.  YEAH!!!! 

The bad news is it's too poofy for #1 Son.   See?

 It is now Baby Girl's hat.

This yarn is different from the other slouchy hat I made and it doesn't drape as much. The back sticks out more and it just doesn't look right on #1 Son. 

So I shopped JoAnn's on Thursday to get yarn 40% off AND free shipping!!!!  Guess what I ordered?!?!?!   

ONE SKEIN OF YARN!  That was it!!!  I was very proud of myself too!  I looked at sock yarn and fabric that was on sale and just kept thinking of all the yarn and fabric I have upstairs and had absolutely no desire to buy any more than what I needed. 

I also came across some yarn that was stuck in a Target bag that apparently had some holes in it.  Amazing what moths can find when they are hungry.  I ended up tossing abt 6 skeins of cashmere/wool blended yarn.   Since I would have only bought that yarn if it was on sale, it made it a bit easier to throw out.  My stash is normally kept in plastic bins or plastic Ziploc bags, but I had pulled it out to make some cowls.  It apparently fell behind a bookshelf and the cats played with it for awhile (hence the holes) so by the time I found it when we moved, it had been thru a lot.    It wasn't favorite yarn so it was a bit easier to get rid of. 


Now that we are in the new house, my goal is to try and find a new view for my Saturday Sky.

I've got a few different places to take pics from.

If I was really ambitious I would drive a couple of miles to the lake to get some gorgeous pics of the sunset.  However I'm doing well to post a picture at all so I'll stick with what I've got. 

One of my favorite blogs is Attic 24.  Not only does she have such cheerful projects displayed, but she has an attic window that she takes pictures out of as the seasons change.  I always look forward to those shots. 

Living in Florida doesn't give you the same feeling of seasons changing like it does when you live in New York or Montana so I always enjoy shots of the passing of one season into the next.

PLUS she lives in England and has the most gorgeous view of rolling hills in the background. 

I cant decide where I want to shoot from so I've offered up five different vantage points.  There are ones I like better than others, and I'll probably just pick the best sky I see, but there is something to be said abt seeing the same area change over time.  Do you have a favorite view?  If you do, post it in the comments.  I'm easily swayed.  And totally stubborn.  Let me know what you think....


Oh my gosh, Lynn! Your daughter has just blossomed into such a beautiful young woman!
Bridget said…
I especially like #4 and #5. For what that's worth!
Anonymous said…
I like the one that shows that little bit of water you have a lake behind your new house? I'm jealous! LOL

Meghan is growing up so fast. I remember that itty-bitty three year old and her love of mama's makeup.

Sandra Knapp said…
I agree, the slouchy hat looks great on Baby Girl, who also looks rather great too. :)

I like Photo #4 and #5. Both are great sky shots. :)
Linda said…
Great hat Lynn. Your daughter is such a great model. I like the middle picture.

kathy b said…
OHhh any view you pick will suit me. I love a west view with the sunset most.

I LOVE the hat you made that fits your girl. ITs awesome
kathy b said…

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