Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.......

......and I'm hoping it's not an oncoming train!

The Great Move of 2013 is almost complete.  Thank goodness!!!  This has been the MOST chaotic, hectic, disorganized move ever!  Before we lived in this house we moved 9 times in 11 years.  However it was just me and the IO and the longest we ever lived anywhere was abt 4 years.  This move came after living in the house for 16 years AND  two additional ppl!  

The good news is that nothing broke, but we did get a few new scrapes on a couple of pieces of furniture.

The highlights of this move?

---My new vacuum of one month died.  I need to find the receipt to return it and get another one.

---NEVER have a yard sale the same day you plan on moving.  WAY too much work in one day.

---We ran out of boxes and had to unload boxes in order to reload.  Garbage bags were eventually used.

---We had the power shut off a few days after we *thought* we'd be done.  #1 Son and I raced to finish packing before it got too dark to see.  The IO had to get a generator just so we could see what was in the back of some cabinets.

---A taco was packed in one of my bedroom boxes.  It was not pretty. 

---I think more food was packed because there is something in the kitchen that is smelly but I can't find what it is.

---Items that lived in the old house was *stuff*.  Same items in new house is now *crap*.

All things considered, we did a pretty good job in getting everything out of the house.  What is left is in the garage and we will get that on Saturday. 

The million dollar question is how the cats reacted.  Hemi was a wreck the first couple of hours.  He shook and would either be on me or under the bed.  At one point he hid so well we couldn't find him (he was under the dresser and he blended right in!)  The first one up the stairs was Lucy.  Princess moaned the first night at the top of the stairs.  The second night she moaned outside of Baby Girl's bedroom.  The third night she was fine.    Everybody has been upstairs so the scary stairs have been mastered.  Cat litter is being used (they are now indoor cats and never used the litter box at the old house).  We've been here 5 days and they have adjusted well.

Now that we have most of the stuff out of the old house, we need to unpack the new.  AND life does not stop because of this.  Today was Baby Girl's A Honor Roll ceremony and tonight she has a concert.  #1 Son has a band thing tomorrow night.  Next week we're heading out to Gainesville for another band thing (do you see a theme going on?!?)  I actually look forward to Mondays when everybody is back at work/school and I get to put the house back together. 

Meanwhile I just want to play with my yarn.

Kitty fix AND Throw Back Thursday! 
Hemi and Lucy 8/07


Bridget said…
YOU DID IT! I'm glad it wasn't any more painful than it sounds. Enjoy the chance to settle in. :-)
Dianna said…
WOOHOO! You are in! Life will slow down...someday. :) I don't know how it is that I have missed it all this time...but I'm giving you a "follow" now. :)
Sandra Knapp said…
My main concern was for your cats, because I knew it was going to be traumatic for them. I'm glad to hear they have adjusted rather quickly. I've had to move a few times, with cats, and it always put them off their feed for a few days, but eventually, they always came round.

Now the work of unpacking, and getting settled in. From the sound of it, you are still in the same school district, so you didn't actually move very far away from your last home??? So all is new at home, and yet everything is the same otherwise. That should make the move easier for your children though. Very good.

Enjoy your new home. :)
kathy b said…
Hooray . Now you can LIVE again. So proud of the kitties.!!!!
I wish you yarn play time
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Glad to hear that the move went pretty smoothly. Very happy to hear that the kitties are adjusting.


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