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Outside my window...
it is dark since it is after midnight, and it is thundering.  We are getting the tail end of that horrible storm that's going across the eastern US which will bring in cooler weather for us.  Tomorrow (tonight?) they are forecasting lows in the 30s in parts of Ocala. 

I am thinking... I am loving this weather!

I am thankful... that we will get cold but not so cold for snow.

In the kitchen...  tonight was the first night that I actually cooked dinner in this house.  It's about time too!  I still cant find all my pots and pans, but I made due with a smaller pan for Grandma's Chicken.  The stove is different plus my big burner doesn't work.  I really need to get my list of issues together for the property manager.

I am wearing... a big blue t-shirt for jammies. 

I am creating...  I have abt 40 more rows on #1 Son's hat before I can start the decreases.  He's already asking for it.

I am going... to work a bit more in my craft room tomorrow.  It's starting to pile up in there and I'm not liking it.  I'm trying to avoid any more chaos than I already have.

I am wondering... if I will ever be fully unpacked. 

I am reading... blogs and Ravelry.

I am hoping... for a quiet mind.  Not sure that's gonna happen any time soon. 

I am looking forward to... the New Year?  Is it too soon to ring in 2014? 

I am hearing.... thunder and totally surprised that Hemi is still on TOP of the bed!

Around the house... my goal is to try and unpack at least one box a day.  So far that seems to be abt all I'm able to do.  You'd think it'd be more, and yet there it is.  At least I am realistic and am keeping up with my goals no matter how small they may be!!!  :)

 I am pondering... how long we will live in this house and how ANYBODY survives the teenaged years.

A favorite quote for today...

 One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's Corner.....

Hey this is a different back yard!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  while most of you will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday with family and friends and a turkey, we buck the system here at Happy Acres and instead we will have a quiet day watching tv.  IF I make anything, it will be a lasagna.  I don't need politicians to tell me when to be thankful for what I have.  I do that daily.  I also don't need them to tell me when to  have family meals.  I do those twice a year.  I will have my sisters over for a turkey dinner sometime in December.  However I'm no fool, I have two turkeys in my freezer.  When they are being sold for $.59/lb, you stock up!!!!  That is WAY cheaper than chicken! 

And while most of you will be shopping on Black Friday, I will be bowling with my family.  Don't get me started on Black Friday, another tradition I avoid.  I shopped twice in the past 4 years on Black Friday and the stuff I bought was either still on sale the following week at a cheaper price ~or~ the deal I ordered turned into an absolute nightmare. 

 A peek into my day... I returned my vacuum cleaner to Sears today (wanted to beat the mad rush of Black Friday)  (btw did you know Sears will be open all day on Thursday?  I knew a lot were opening on Thursday but not the entire day, but I digress) and will pick up my new one next Wednesday.  That's another week of not vacuuming.  Not my ideal way of starting out in a new place.

It is late and I think I need to start shutting things down.  While I'm sleeping in, my body is still used to getting to bed by a certain time.    Hope everybody stays safe and warm this week.


Bridget said…
Slowly but surely it sounds like you are settling in.

Enjoy the long holiday weekend - and don't forget to let yourself take breaks.

Anonymous said…
No Black Friday for me either. I think it is crazy how people will push, shove and kill just to get a $49 laptop the day after they were supposed to be thankful for all they already had. :::rolling my eyes:::

Enjoy your lasagna. We'll be doing the Thanksgiving thing, but come Friday, we'll still all be doing the THANKS giving thing and enjoying some family time AT HOME!
Sandra Knapp said…
Good luck on the unpacking. I don't know which is worse, packing up or unpacking, but neither is fun.

How are the cats adjusting to being "house bound?" Some adjust quickly, some just never do. I tried it with one stray that I decided to feel sorry for and take it. Never again. The cat yowled night after night, and no-one was getting any sleep. So I had to let him out. At least the females were safe, because I did have him altered before turning him loose on the public again. LOL

I hope you are enjoying your new home. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
kathy b said…
Happy Thanksgiving. YOu keep it real!!!

Glad you are all moved in. Hemi looks so cute. HOpe he adjusts easily
Linda said…
Another great daybook Lynn. Enjoy your lasagna. I look forward to turkey day. For some reason I never think about cooking a turkey except on holidays. Love the pic of Hemi. Are the cats adjusting to staying in the house?

Dianna said…
Your boxes are getting unpacked and that is all that matters really. Enjoy your day tomorrow!
Lifesastitch said…
My office is located in a mall. Don't get me started about holiday retailing strategies. Black Friday is now here in Canada to try to lure shoppers back from over the border. It was bad enough hearing about it, now we have to live it, too.

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