The Saga Continues.........

Nine days ago I had over two weeks until my yard sale and another two weeks before we moved.  Seven days ago I found out I read the calendar wrong and I only had one week before my yard sale but two weeks before we were moving. 

Thursday I found out that I will not be having a yard sale this wknd because the house sold sooner than expected and I have to be out by the 13th.  YIKES!!  We call up the property management co of the house we are renting to see if we can move in sooner.  Yes we can!  So we quickly scrounge around to get enough money for the final payments to move in (remember I thought I had 4 weeks before I needed all the deposits, etc) 

Yesterday we drive out to the mgmt. company to sign the new lease and get things rolling (cleaning the house, put in a new lock on the front door, etc).  The original meeting time was 10am, but was then moved to noon to give them time to prepare everything for us to sign.  We  didn't get there until almost 1:30 because they are located in downtown Orlando and my GPS sent us to the wrong area.  As we sit and wait, regular life continues on which means Baby Girl calls to say she's  back early from her field trip (first one I never went on), can I pick her up, and #1 Son had to be picked up from school.  I'm now making phone calls to family to see who can pick them up.  Meanwhile I still haven't eaten lunch and am raiding the Publix bag of half priced Halloween candy.

Got everybody taken care of (sister picked up #1 Son, Baby Girl would wait for us) and we finalized all the paperwork.  We couldn't get the power turned on that day, but we were still going to move some boxes and stuff to the new house. 

Electricity.  It's kind of important.  Something you need in today's lifestyle.  So when we got a call from the power company telling us that there was unauthorized use of electricity prior to us moving in, we knew it wasn't going to be good.  The outstanding balance had to be paid before they could turn it on for us.  The property management had NO IDEA.  Not only did they not know there was an issue with the account to the house, they had no idea that the house had no electricity on!

So as of right now, we wait.  We wait for the property management to get in touch with the property owners (a large conglomerate of money that buys houses for the sole purpose of renting them) to straighten this out.   The IO is worried that there will be issues and that the large conglomerate of money (the owners) will fight the other large conglomerate of power (the electric company) which will leave us without power.  He doesn't want to move in until we know for sure this will be straightened out. 

Did I mention I need to be out by the 13th?? 

With all this going on I still need to pack (yard sale stuff will also be packed and saved for another day) and be ready to move somewhere in less than two weeks.  So what do I do??  I go to a high school football game, of course!!!  It was the last one of the season and I wanted to be there.  After the game we had a friendly battle of the bands!
Those kids had SO much fun!!!  And some of them are REALLY good!

No matter what happens, Annie is right, the sun'll come out tomorrow

and it did!  Here's proof before it went behind clouds for a rainy morning. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some packing to do.  If anybody has any refrigerator boxes or pup tents, hold on to them;  I may need them in a couple of weeks.........


Dianna said…
How exciting that you are moving sooner! Not as exciting as not being sure where it is that you'll be moving to. I'm adding this to my prayer list and trust the Lord to bring you through this with joy! His faithfulness can not be really comprehended in these earthly bodies of ours until we see Him do something like this for us! I'm trusting! :)
Linda said…
Oh my. The only nice thing about the moving date being moved up is, you don't have to think about it for so long. lol
Are you buying a house or are you just renting?
Don't forget to take the furbabies.

Sandra Knapp said…
I assume this rental house is an interim move, before going to the "new" home where you will be living permanently, eventually, right?

How frustrating to have this electrical problem come up, but I know how that is. It happened to me once, many years ago. Thank goodness I was able to get the problem solved quickly, without too much trouble. I hope that goes the same for you too.

How is Hemi taking all this hustle and bustle going on? Does he suspect anything yet? I would think his antennae was up and working overtime by now. LOL

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