A Productive Weekend

I'm slowly chipping away at this house and I'm trying to leave the wknds for my craft room.  Since I seem to have a ton of hobbies that I don't spend nearly enough time doing,  I've decided to attack them one at a time. 

First up was my knitting/yarn collection.  I pulled out all the yarn from my room, the craft room and the garage and came up with this. 

I posted this yesterday.  After two days of separating into classifications (charity yarn, sock yarn, cotton, misc worsted weight, misc other weights, enough yarn for projects but no patterns, projects with yarn and pattern, on going projects)  I ended up with this.

Much better, right?  It looks so organized and I'm rather proud of myself.  Other than the charity yarn, everything else is on Ravelry.  THAT'S what took the better part of the wknd.  Making sure I had it posted AND with a picture. 

This bin is strictly sock yarn only.

Notice the beginnings of a bulging lid.....

I was going to dump it out and make a pretty rainbow like I did a couple years back, but after all the other organizing I lost the desire.  From what I count in Ravelry I have enough yarn to make 65 pairs of socks.  Back in 2010 I had enough for almost 60.  I apparently am not knitting fast enough to get that number down.   

The on going projects and projects with yarn & patterns ready for cast on are in this pile.

THIS still needs to be sorted, but it wont take long.  And I think that some of those projects aren't too far from finishing so hopefully I will have some finishes by the end of the year.


Anonymous said…
How are you liking the new house?

Hope Meghan is feeling better.

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