FINALLY Saturday!

This has been a week where I have been gone more than I've been home.  This does no bode well for cooking or unpacking (even though I have unpacked 5 boxes, yes I'm counting the ones that only had two items in it.  Unpacked is unpacked!)  Baby Girl is sick and they cant figure out what is wrong with her.  She's nauseous and a bit dizzy.  My original pediatrician suddenly got up and moved to NC back in July (ticked me off because we were there in June and there was NO mention of this; not in the office, not in the mail) and I've been trying to find a replacement since.  I was never really fond of her so there is no love lost, but trying to find another dr is a pain.  I've asked around and the one that is a favorite just moved 30 miles away.  I really don't want to travel that far for a dr but two of my friends will still travel that because, as they've both said, "she's that good".  We went to a clinic this past Thursday and the "doctor" (I use the term loosely because she was an idiot) gave us an antibiotic "in case she has a sinus infection" (I think she just gave it to me because she thought I wanted it) plus a script for a Prilosec type med and an anti nausea med FOR THOSE UNDERGOING CHEMOTHERAPY! 

I am not a happy camper because we've just gone back to using pepto bismol and Tylenol.  I'm hoping to find out more next week.  No fever, nothing leaving the body quickly at either end, just a headache that never leaves and nausea.  She had her eyes checked on Wednesday and she does need glasses for school, but not at home.  Since she's been home this entire week and the headache is still here,  there goes my theory that it's from not seeing the board. 

I've also had to shuttle her back and forth to school for band pics, I've had a drs appt for my hernia and baby sized fibroid, had the car worked on, returned and picked up a new vacuum cleaner and had to straighten out some issues with the property mgmt of this house.  

It's been a long week.

So today I'm taking it easy.  It's Saturday and you know what that means. 

Pics of the sky.  I'm using the two views that got the most votes.

Do you think if I called the city they'd remove the power lines so my picture would be nicer??

I'm also playing with yarn.

This is the entire yarn stash.  Not too bad, but each of those boxes has yarn stuffed into them.  I think there is one more box somewhere because there is some yarn I'm looking for and cant seem to find.  It might have been shoved into another non related box that's marked Lynn's Bedroom. The GOOD news is that I have found my sock bag so I can actually start on them again. 

The yarn I ordered for #1 Son's hat came in today.  He was disappointed it wasn't delivered by a drone. And he's already asking me when it will be done.

I really do have a lot of projects going..........

For those of  you who are freezing up north, stay warm.  Meanwhile I have my a/c running......

Have a pleasant Saturday!!!!  ;P


Linda said…
Gee thanks Lynn. I could have went all month not seeing that temperature. Its 34 here and we had about an inch of snow last night. So sorry to hear about baby girl. I hope see gets better real soon. Sending hugs and happy thoughts.

kathy b said…
Oh my goodness Lynn….you have your hands overfull.
Wishing you some CHrismtas peace early and very soon. !!!
As for a good new doctor, I hope you find one soon.

Love your sky pictures. Its cold here in Chicago and snow is forecasted for tomorrow. hope my midnight ride home from work is not slick!
Susan said…
I hope Baby Girl gets better quickly! It sure sounds like a vision problem, doesn't it? At least you're not running around in the temps we're dealing with here in Sask. Right now we have a wind chill of -35 F and there isn't much relief in the forecast. I'm so over winter already and it has just started.
Sandra Knapp said…
Very sorry to hear Baby Girl has been sick. That's never any fun, for anyone involved. I hope this situation improves quickly, for both of you.

Don't be too upset about any unpacked boxes. They are going nowhere either, so they will still be there tomorrow, or whenever you next have the time and energy to deal with them. :)

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