Outside my window...
it's been warm.  Like REALLY warm.  While the rest of the US is in a deep freeze, we are almost breaking heat records.  My thermometer hanging outside said 86 earlier today.  Right now a *cool* front is going thru and we are now at 79.  I do NOT want what you guys are getting up north, but its the middle of December and I'm sweating with the a/c on.  I'll send some heat if any of you want to send some of your cold.  The average should give us something in the 50s and we'd all be happy!

I am thinking... I really should attack that pile of laundry that is sitting next to me.

I am thankful... that this house is starting to feel like a home.  Still lots to do, but we're getting rooms together, and boxes are slowly leaving my living room.

In the kitchen... not much.  I've got one burner that doesn't work and another one that takes FOREVER to get hot.   It takes me almost 7 min to boil a pot of water.  This leaves me with two small burners and a microwave.   I'm working with it, but it's difficult.  Plus that elusive box of spices are still missing.  I did find the box that had my favorite pots in it so that made me happy.  And I need to contact the property manager to have somebody come out and fix my stove!!!!

I am wearing... baggy blue t-shirt and beige shorts

I am creating... I've shown you Bag Ladies and my yarn stash so that has taken the majority of my time.  However I did pull out a Mystery KAL for Castle Fans on Ravelry (yes I should include links but I'm too lazy right now) which I'm trying to work on.  One side is knit (perfect for watching tv), the other side is various stitches of knits and purls.  Once done it will be a pattern (the mystery part), but that means I need to pay attention.  This means it is NOT mindless knitting.  I've worked on it a bit today and I'm almost done with clue #1.  I think we are at clue #8.......

I am going... to work a little more on it tonight to finish off clue #1.

I am wondering... why #1 Son hasn't asked me why I haven't started his hat yet.  Then again it was 86 today so a hat probably wasn't high on the list of priorities.  Finding out about driving school is.

I am reading...nothing.  However I am getting caught up with some tv shows I missed over the months of Oct and Nov.  I love the original programming on USA and I'm finally caught up on Suits and White Collar.  Still loving both shows.  I'm also liking The Mentalist again.  Now that the Red John storyline is over, they can go back to the playfulness they had in the beginning of the series. 

I am hoping... to have this house unpacked by the new year.

I am looking forward to... the new year.  I'm not much for turning over a calendar page, but this has been quite the year of craziness and I'm hoping 2014 will be a bit better.  Most of the up in the air stuff will be settled by the end of December so I have reason to hope.

I am hearing...... some tv show that #1 Son is watching (not sure what it is).  The house is somewhat quiet, which is surprising considering it's not even 7pm yet.  Neither kid feels great so that has a lot to do with it. 

Around the house... less boxes and more order.  Not quite there yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am pondering... the need for stability. 

A favorite quote for today...

I want to find this and hang it in my family room

One of my favorite things AKA Hemi's Corner...

Is that outside??

I want to go outside.

Why wont you let me outside??

Can you tell the boy wants to go outside?!?  Him and Princess have had a tough time being strictly indoor kitties, so we have compromised.  Over the wknd we let all three go outside.  I've done this with other cats of mine over the years after a move and I'm very gradual with it.  We all went out with them for abt 20 min. then we picked them up and brought them in.  Later that afternoon we did the same thing.  Sunday was similar but the kids stayed outside longer with them.  On Monday I let them out in the morning by themselves.  I checked on them an hour later and both Hemi and Princess were close by when I called for them.  I pet them and went back inside.  They've been unsupervised ever since.

Where is the compromise you say??  They are in by nightfall.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  keep at the boxes.  I need to tackle the growing pile of paperwork.  I also have a couple of loads of laundry that need to be folded and put away.  Thursday is the dr appt. for Baby Girl and on Friday I plan on meeting up with some friends for a craft day.  A couple of local ladies and I decided to try and meet up once a month.  It's usually at somebody's house and we bring lunch for everybody.  Nothing fancy, but I did try out a salad recipe on them.  The pasta salad was basic but the buttermilk/ranch dressing was REALLY good.  I have no idea what I'm making  this week.  Last month was a veggie platter and I'd like to try something different again. 

A peek into my day...  don't hate me because I'm warm.....


Sandra Knapp said…
OMG! It's all of 21º, but it's gorgeous, sparkling and white everywhere, so I won't let your 79º upset me, this time. :)

Poor Hemi, I bet he is loving his little supervised outdoor jaunts. When I've moved with cats, I did the same thing. Better than turning them loose, having them panic and then they are lost forever. That would be a nightmare for everyone. They know where they live now, and that's what matters most.

kathy b said…
I think your compromise is purrrrfect.

Here's to some more ORDER in your home and you life. You are getting there!

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