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Outside my window...
we actually had frost on the roof this AM!!!  Number One Son has to be at school early and there is an area that is near the school that is lower than the rest.  Not only was it very foggy (it literally looked like a cloud and you could NOT see the street) but almost every house had frost on it.  Meanwhile Saturday will be a high of 83.

I am thinking... I want to get a lot done by Monday but am also thinking I wont get as much done as I'd like.....  story of my life.  I really want to play with fabric right now but will probably save that for the next couple of weeks.

I am thankful... for the walk I just took.  Sometimes I get stuck inside my mind and I just gotta get out there to clear the cobwebs out.  It's also 62 degrees outside and sunny so what's my excuse NOT to go outside?!?

In the kitchen... I'm trying to cook more, esp since Baby Girl is still having problems with her gut.  Yesterday was Grandma's Chicken (if you've been reading my SWD you know I make this a LOT!) rice, peas and cornbread.  Actually Baby Girl made the cornbread.  She was exhausted afterward but it was good to see her with the desire and energy to do it.

I am wearing... baggy blue t-shirt, blue sweatpants and knit socks

I am creating... with my impending surgery coming up, I have started not one but two hats.  It would have been three, but the needles I need are being used in another hat.  I have pictures to share, but unfortunately I cant find my camera cord.  The pics are trapped in my camera.  I either need to find it or pull out my SIM card and find the right spot in my computer to upload them.  I will also start a couple of more socks.  I want to have easy knitting to work on while I'm recovering.

I am going... to have surgery on Monday.  I have a small hernia that needs to be repaired and a fibroid the size of a navel orange.  I will be having it removed along with my uterus.  It served me well but apparently it's trying to grow something else.  No female issues because of it, but it likes to dig into various other organs or the spot where my hernia is.  It's outta here!!! 

I am wondering... what it will be like to not feel pregnant again.  A navel orange is the size of a 5 month fetus.  I feel like I did when I was 9 months pregnant. 

I am reading... blogs.  Medical paperwork.  Medical sites late at night.  I don't recommend that last one.  No matter what you have, all roads lead to cancer and then a painful death.

I am hoping... that Baby Girl feels better soon.  It's been hard to have her sick while I'm not up to par.  She had an x-ray yesterday and from what the tech showed me her digestive system is a bit clogged.  I know it's from the move.  We ate WAY too much fast food for a month while we were having yard sales and packing in the dark and moving into a new house.  We've cut out all fast food and soda (except ginger ale), we've cut back on dairy and wheat.  I've decided to join her because 1) it always helps to have a buddy when you are watching your diet and B) it will be a good thing for me as well. 

I am looking forward to... 2014.  I'm hoping for a healthier year. 

I am learning...  that family is family and they will always feel comfortable saying what's on their mind.  When I told my sister what was going on, part of her response was, "so is that why you've gained so much weight?"  ~sigh~

Around the house... more boxes are being unpacked.  It's amazing how many there are.  Good news is I found the box with the spices.  Now I just need to unpack the entire thing instead of just digging for what I need and leaving the rest behind.

I am pondering... the different ways to self motivate

A favorite quote for today...
This was what I woke up to this AM.  I was cold and couldn't move because I had Hemi on top of me and Lucy tangled up with my legs.....I got the stink eye from both when I got up to put the heat on.

One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's Corner....

A few plans for the rest of the week: try and get as much done as possible before Monday.  I also have blood work for Baby Girl on Thursday and pre-op work for me on Friday.

A peek into my day...  paying bills, unpacking another box, knitting. 

If you want to play, go here


kathy b said…
Praying for your surgery. That was big one for me. I wasn't prepared, but needed to be in denial until that day. Take it easy. Make people help you for a change. Make someone talk you for a walk every day even if its one block only. It helps.
Trust you will feel so much better…in time.
and Zofran is your friend. It is an antiemetic that keeps me from nausea post op and I love the stuff. You may still vomit, but you won't feel sick…its great stuff
Anonymous said…
Along with the other stuff I said...stay away from the website Hystersisters. They'll have you convinced that you will NEVER recover. LOL

After my hysterectomy I went there to read up.....YIKES!

You have me as proof you only need a uterus if you plan on having more babies. LOL
Susan said…
Wow, things have sure come fast and heavy for you lately! Why just deal with a move when you can deal with a move and a sick child and surgery too? I hope all goes well and you and Baby Girl recover quickly! At least you don't have to shovel snow.
Sandra Knapp said…
Good luck with your impending surgery. I'm glad to see it's nothing major serious, and can be rectified quickly and easily enough. I know you will be a little sore, but I hope no more than that. I'm a big baby, and don't do surgery very well, so I am sending lots of good wishes for your quick recovery. :)

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