When the knitting is hiding......

Last week I really wanted to work on something and since the knitting was hiding I worked on whatever I could find.  Out came Bag Ladies.

Who remembers this one??  If you do, then you've been reading for awhile because the last time I posted this was back in 2010!!!  That's also the last time I worked on it.  I still like it so out it came.  Then I remembered why it's not done.  Those half stitches are horrible!!!  Normally I would say they would be fantastic because you are only doing half the work, but it distorts the fabric something fierce and it can be a bit of a pain to make sure you hit the right holes.  I finished the green bag off and worked a bit more on the yellow bag. 

I still think it's adorable and will try to keep working on her.  I also found Queen Ann's Lace but I haven't worked on her since 2007!  It's a L&L pattern and between the million color changes and the itty bitty 32ct linen I started it on, it really wont see much action.  I think she is my oldest WIP.....


Anonymous said…
Bag Ladies is cute!

I can't do 32 count anymore. 28 is about all I can handle.

I do remember BOTH those projects. That was back in the day when we met at Needle Orts.
Sandra Knapp said…
Adorable! I'm glad you found it. It looks like one you should enjoy doing. :)
kathy b said…
That is an adorable kitty. Looks like a long haired version of my Rosalyn. Beautiful .
carry on

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