Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
it's 80 degrees outside.  It should feel comfortably warm, but I'm cleaning and sorting so I'm feeling warmer than I should.

I am thinking... actually it's more like NOT thinking/losing my mind.  We are moving very soon.  I went over the budget and figured that I have 4 paychecks until we move into the house.  That means I have 4 weeks to move, leaving me 2 weeks to get ready for a yard sale.  Then I looked at the calendar.  One of the paychecks I was counting was the following day.  This meant we were actually moving in 3 weeks and I had only one week to sort and get ready for a yard sale.  As of right now my yard sale is in 3 days instead of 10!

I am thankful... that no matter what happens with this house, no matter who decides to look at it, no matter what the banks decide, I have a new place that we are moving into.  For that I am VERY thankful!

In the kitchen... I actually am still cooking.  I don't want to spend money on eating out so I'm trying to do simple things for us to eat.  Last night I roasted a chicken with potatoes and corn.    Tonight we'll have Grandma's Chicken (stewed chicken thighs) with rice and broccoli.   Tomorrow is my day to sort the kitchen.  I'm hoping to sift thru a lot of stuff.

I am wearing... a 1995 Orlando Magic Championship t-shirt (needless to say it is OLD) and a pair of blue shorts.

I am creating... a mess!  But I'm hoping it will eventually turn into a controlled chaos.

I am going... to continue to sort thru the house once I pick up #1 Son from school.  However once they get home the day gets very choppy and it's hard to focus on a specific thing for very long before I am interrupted.

 I am wondering... how much of my craft room I'll put into the yard sale.  I'm hoping to tackle it on Thursday.

I am reading...  ahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!  I am still watching tv.  It keeps my sanity and I can fold clothes while doing it. (it's amazing how laundry doesn't stop!)  One show that has picked up my interest is The Mentalist.  It is finally winding down the whole Red John storyline and I'm interested in seeing who it is. 

I am hoping... for a little quiet time later tonight.  I'm going to find it too!

I am looking forward to... moving into the new house.  Even though it will be a lot of work once we get there and settle in, it will feel like a new start. 

I am hearing........ the hum of the a/c and the clicking of the computer keys while I type. 

Around the house... boxes, boxes, boxes!!!!!!!  I have gone thru both bathrooms (including the drawers and cabinets) and have thrown a ton out!!!  The IO's closet is gone thru and night stands in my room are done.  The living room and laundry room are done and so is the linen closet.  The family room is almost done.  Tomorrow will be the kitchen.  We may even start Baby Girl's room tonight. 

I also have one complete box packed.  I could be packing more, but right now I'm focusing on the yard sale this wknd and then the packing of items.  One step at a time.   I'll cross the packing bridge when I get to it.  Otherwise I'm gonna jump off of it!

Side note, the 2nd bathroom is technically called the boys bathroom.  Baby Girl uses the master and the IO uses the 2nd bathroom.  That being said, how is it that 2 males need 6 tubes of toothpaste and 7 toothbrushes?!?!!?  I've sorted and cleaned out and put away.  I left them with two toothbrushes and two tubes of toothpaste.  I'm hoping this will be enough.

 I am pondering... the need to keep opening new tubes of toothpaste when you already have so many available!

A favorite quote for today...

 One of my favorite things   AKA   Hemi's Corner!:
It's my best impersonation of an old man.  Whadya think?!?

 A few plans for the rest of the week:  cleaning.  Sorting.  Yard sale on Friday.  Yard sale on Saturday.  Sleep most of Sunday away.  Thankfully we get an extra hour and I will spend it relaxing!!!  It will NOT be used to pack! 

A peek into my day...
boxes waiting to be filled

my staging area

Who has time to sleep?!?

And so goes the continuing saga of The Great Move of 2013.  If you want to participate in the Simple Woman's Daybook, go here.  If you want to participate in The Great Move of 2013, take a Xanax and lie down until the feeling passes!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yarny Goodness!

Everyday I go to the mailbox looking for a squishy envelope.  I was in a Magic Yarn Ball Swap last month and we needed to have our packages mailed out in time to be received by September 12th.  My swap partner emailed me a couple of days before we were supposed to have them, sent me a sock pattern and said she was sorry she would be late sending my package out.  I would get it by Saturday.  Saturday came and went.  I know people get caught up in life so I wasn't worried. 

By the end of Sept I emailed her just to let her know that we would be moving in abt a month and that I didn't know my new address yet.  She emailed back that she's had some health issues and she was SO sorry she was this late.  The package was ready to go and that she only had to get to the post office.  I have yet to see anything.   I'm trying hard not to be upset by this, but each time I go to the mailbox and it's empty, I'm a little bit disappointed.  Baby Girl said I was ripped off.  I will email her a week from our move with our new address.  If I don't get it by the new year, then I will agree with Baby Girl. 

Has anybody else ever participated in a swap and ended up on the wrong side of the skein??

Meanwhile the mailbox wasn't totally devoid of yarn!  Jane from Quiddity was cleaning house and sent us to her Ravelry page.  Any yarn on her sell or trade page she would give away to a good home.  Well that is a deal I couldn't pass up!!!!  So what that I have a huge container of sock yarn and am moving, sock yarn is small and easily movable!!!  Here is what came today!

Such pretties!!!!  This made me VERY happy!!!  And also made me realize the reason the grey sock is not moving along is because I'm sick of grey!!  Plus I haven't cast on yet so whenever I have a second to knit, I really have nothing to knit on.  I plan on resolving that tonight.  Same for the brown sock.  Once I cast on it wont take long to finish that one up.

As of now, I only have one project on the needles. My strictly car knitting came inside today and I made some progress on it.

I knit while watching an episode of Person of Interest.  LOVE this show!  Very entertaining and well written.  It's one of those shows I need a mindless project for so my kitty blanket was perfect for it.  I didn't realize how much I missed knitting until I took the time to do it today.   I really don't know why I don't carve out more time to knit.  Facebook games are mindless but they don't relax me like mindless knitting does.

I'm off to knit!!  I think tomorrow I need to play in my yarn.  For moving purposes of course!!!  ;)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
right now it's cloudy and 75 but they expect us to hit 90 again today.  However by Thursday a cool front will go thru and our highs will be only 80 with 50s at night.  WONDERFUL!!

I am thinking... when the weather starts to get cooler, my mind starts to think abt what I can plant in the garden.  Since we wont be here much longer I'm thinking abt what I can do at the new place, but by the time we get settled in,  I'll need to plant things that will be easily wheeled inside for those cooler nights.

I am thankful... for my new vacuum cleaner.  I had an upright Kenmore for many years.  That thing had great suction and could pick up anything!  Then the belt broke and we replaced it but with the wrong belt (remember the IO doesn't return things, he makes whatever he has WORK!) and it tore up something inside.  We got a new vacuum, a Bissell bagless.  Lots of great reviews, but not a great vacuum.  I had to empty that thing SO often because the cat hair would swirl around the bagless container and clog it up.  I used it for a couple of years, but then it got destroyed when I tried vacuuming up dried throw up (remember that story?)  So when we bought a new vacuum, I went back to my tried and true Kenmore.  Yes I need a bag, but I don't get a thrill seeing what gets sucked up.  The dirt is gone and I have a vacuum that works!

In the kitchen... Last night I made The Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Noodle Bake and this is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  It's easy and very yummy!  I made something similar a couple of weeks ago, but this one uses tomato sauce instead of diced tomatoes, less chunky which is always a big hit with the family.  

Later that night I made cookies.

I took a picture with my Not-So-Smart phone so it's not the greatest of quality, but I wanted to post it on Instagram.  If I had it all together I would have taken pics of the food as I made it, but some days I'm happy I made dinner at all!!! 

I am wearing... a t-shirt that says "If things get better with age, then I'm approaching magnificent!"  It's a shirt I found at a thrift shop and while I use it to sleep in, I've been known to throw on a bra and wear it to Target.  I ALWAYS get a smile when ppl read it.   I'm also wearing blue knit shorts.

I am creating... bags of garbage!!  Normally this would be a bad thing, but I am going thru piles of stuff and it's amazing what I don't need!!!  That clothes basket is not only emptied, but what was in it was put away properly, shredded or thrown out.  I tackled another box that has my filing in it and had Baby Girl shred a bunch of old bills I no longer needed.  One night stand has been cleared out and will be ready for boxing up when the time comes.  This is good!  Then I turn around and see the rest of my bedroom. 


I'm learning I can't think of the move or the yard sale, I just need to focus on the task at hand.  It will get done and what doesn't will get done later. 

I am going... to work on the living room later today.  I need a break from my bedroom and it will give the impression that I'm making progress!

I am wondering... what it will be like waking up in the new house.  I look forward to that time!

I am reading... paperwork.  This makes me grumpy.

I am hoping... the move goes smoothly.   Or go as smoothly as it can. 

I am looking forward to... the sale of this house.

I am hearing..... the bathroom fan.  The rest of the house is quiet.  That will change once I finish this post; then I will hear the dishwasher and the washing machine and the radio.

Around the house... boxes containing yard sale items, ebay items or packed items.  I need to buy some more packing tape.

I am pondering... the reactions of the cats in the new house.  They've never been in a two story house before and I'm already picturing Hemi hiding behind the landing as Princess climbs the stairs!

A favorite quote for today...

I love this man!

One of my favorite things...


I should just call this Hemi's Corner.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Number One Son has two band practices before the game on Friday.  The teacher is ramping up the rehearsals since we are now in competition mode.  We did well in Ocala even though it was really REALLY hot!  They  came in 9th out of 24 bands.  Considering we have a new band director and a LOT of freshman, they did really well.  We're only losing a couple of seniors so they are hoping next year will be a better one. 

A peek into my day... once upon a time I posted about knitting and yarn, now I post about band and boxes!  While I enjoy the band, I really need to replace the boxes with the knitting!

Thanks for stopping by!!  I will try to talk about something other than packing in my next post.  Ok something in addition to packing (just keeping it real).  If you want to play, stop by here.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oh The Things You Will Find!!!!

I'm a pile person.  Always have been.  When you have your own bedroom or have just a husband, those piles are usually left alone and gone thru in a timely matter.

Enter children.

You start out by putting those piles up higher so little hands cant get into them.  After awhile those piles get mixed up a bit because they are looking for something.  Or the piles get added to because it's something that has to be gone thru anyway, what's one more thing??

This system is  coming back to haunt me.

Since we have this move coming up, I'm trying to slowly work my way thru the piles.  Some of these piles are in boxes (because the piles kept falling over and I stuck it in a box "to go thru later") or in some kind of container.  One container that's been sitting in the kids' bathroom hallway is a HUGE briefcase that the IO used to use.  He kept study material in there.  When I lifted the briefcase it was heavy so I figured it had his books in it. 

Last week I sat down and opened it to see what books he would still want and what books I could put back in the bookshelves.  Imagine my surprise when it was filled with cross stitch books!!!!!!!  Now add to the surprise by realizing I have never seen these project books before!   I have NO IDEA how these got in here.  These are patterns/projects that I did not buy stored in a place I would never put my stuff.  The best guess is that it was part of the stuff a woman from ballet gave me and the IO stuck it in there when one of  the bags ripped. 

The briefcase is now empty and the books are now separated into a pile for ebay and a pile for a yard sale (see, more piles.....)

The container I tackled today is one that is kept in my bathroom hallway (apparently a place we like to store boxes) and its been something I've been having to deal with for a LONG time.  I've pulled some stuff out of it, and put some stuff into it, but it's never been completely emptied out for a couple of years. 

It doesn't *look* scary, but I know better.  I put the radio on, pull out the garbage can and get to work.

In no particular order, this is what I found:
  • A sham wow knockoff
  • misc food magazines
  • abt 5 finished cross stitched projects waiting to be framed
  • frames for said cross stitched projects
  • yarn winder
  • fabric markers
  • greeting cards
  • Simplicity patterns
  • note pads
  • thread
  • sewing needles
  • a JoAnn's receipt from 2010
  • old banking info that needed to be shred
  • school t-shirts that will be saved
  • modern dance shoes that I planned on selling on eBay
  • a spinning Mulan toy from McDonald's
  • iron on patches
  • glue
  • fabric scissors
  • elastic
  • pair of socks
  • deck of cards
  • folder for party ideas for the kids
  • golfing glove
  • Kung Fu Panda chia pet
  • a candle
  • plastic toy tea pot
  • a Phantom of the Opera playbill
  • a couple of screwdrivers, a wrench and a pair of pliers
  • word search puzzle book
  • disposable camera that needs to developed! (OMG how did THIS happen?!?)
  • cat toys
  • padlock
  • a flower pot
  • a coffee mug (we used to use it to hold pencils)
  • misc computer parts
  • a pair of Barbie jeans
  • a tire gauge
  • nail clippers
  • Marge Simpson action figure

Unbelievable!  Some stuff made sense while other stuff just had me shaking my head.  AND all of this fit into a clothes basket.  Some stuff I threw away,  other stuff got put in a pile to shred (that will happen once I finish this post) which leaves me with about a quarter of the basket left to sort thru. 

It's amazing what a move will force you to do.  However, if all this was found in a clothes basket,  what will I find in here?!?!!?

*shudders in fear*

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
it's been foggy the past couple of mornings and cool, but warming up by the afternoon.  I'm loving the foggy and the cool, I'm wishing it would not be so hot in the afternoon.  Here is our forecast for the week.

Why yes that IS a high of 90 for Saturday.

I am thinking... I need to make some time to knit more.  I haven't done much of it over the past week and I do feel a difference.  Knitting really is soothing for me and I need more of that in my life right now.

I am thankful... for the quiet time I get when the kids are in school and the husband is at work.  It really is the only quiet I get.  

In the kitchen... I'm trying a new recipe for tonight.  I have a pot roast in the crock pot.  I like simple crock pot recipes and this is an EASY one.  Three pounds of beef roast (mine is like 3.5lbs), 1 envelope of Italian dressing, 1 envelope of ranch dressing, 1 envelope of brown gravy.  Dump all three dry dressings over the roast, add 2 cups of water and you are done!  It needs to cook for 8-10 hours which means my house should be smelling GOOD around 3pm!

I am wearing... blue tee and grey shorts.  Oh and an orange cat is draped across my foot.

I am creating...stability out of chaos.  Or at least I'm attempting it. 

I am going... to sort out the linen closet when I finish this post.  And then maybe spend 15 min in my craft room.

I am wondering...how parents and teenagers survive to the other side.  I KNOW they do, but it's a mystery as to how.  Kind of like turning a heel....

I am reading... "informational" news sites.  I put informational in quotes because there really is no such thing as factual reporting.  Everything has a spin to it, depending on which site you read from.

I am hoping... for life to settle down a bit, but I'm not sure when that's gonna happen.

I am looking forward to... moving into the new house.  At least that will be one thing off my plate.  The thought of unpacking is not fun, but the fact we will move away from some undesirable people is a BIG plus!

I am learning.... that bad associations really do spoil useful habits.   There is a neighborhood kid that ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS gets my son in trouble.  Nothing illegal, but she has encouraged him to lie, post things online that are inappropriate, sneak around rules we have as a family because SHE doesn't get it.  Did I mention she lives RIGHT behind us??  Moving will make that situation MUCH better. 

Around the house... I have some art work in the garage that needs to be painted over.  Some ppl thought it was ok to spray paint the walls of the garage "since we're moving anyway".  One of those ppl will be painting the garage this wknd.  Now reread what I wrote in I am learning.  BTW she is banned from this house.

I am pondering... how quickly I am aging as I type.

A favorite quote for today... This just makes me smile....

One of my favorite things...  today it's the quiet time of when everybody is at work/school and I have a quiet house.  (can you see a reoccurring theme???)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I need to start packing away things we aren't using on a day to day  basis.  I also need to start getting ready for a yard sale.  I think I have all this time and am slowly working my way thru the house, but apparently I'm not going fast enough.  It's already Oct 16 and we are moving in a month.  Meanwhile there is a football game on Friday and a band competition on Saturday.

 A peek into my day... AH HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I almost wasn't going to post because I wasn't sure if I would come across as a complainer, a whiner (which is SOOOO much worse!), or just a typical mom who is slowly going insane from the antics of hormonal teenagers and a husband who is off his meds.   I'm hoping it's the last one because that just about sums it up. 

If you want to play along go here.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Felines


Which do I play with first, the q-tips or the snake?

Snakey, you decide.

Great idea!!  I'll play with both at the same time!!!  Double the fun!!

Wait, don't go in Mom's closet!



At least he's leaving ME alone!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Taking a Mental Break

While I am excited abt moving, I am NOT excited abt all the work involved with this move.  Yesterday I was in Real Estate Hell.  Dante apparently forgot to add this level when he wrote his poem. Wait I take that back, the last two circles of Hell are for Treachery and Fraud.  So there IS a special place in Hell for bankers and lawyers!!

But I digress.

ANYWAY, nobody (and I mean NOBODY) communicates with each other.  I was on the phone with the bank, the county and the lawyer.  I should have called the realtor but I had no energy left. 

Besides, we had a band thing to go to.  Here is #1 Son playing.

I was chaperoning which meant I got a closer view.  It's hard to find him on the field, esp when they are dressed in full uniforms. 

I've started and restarted some projects.  The newly started kitty blanket has been ripped out and restarted in a different colorway.  I found more black acrylic and I'm adding different colored stripes to it.  I'm only 12 rows in so really nothing to show you there.  I also started the mystery knit a long (MKAL) on Ravelry.  I bought some Caron One Pound yarn and WOW are those guys big!!  Again just started and only on row 6 so nothing to show you there either. 

Wait, all is not lost if you came here to see some craftiness.  I did finish a sock!

I swear the toe to this sock took me as long to do as the foot!!  I just never seemed to have any time to work on it.  Even my time in the car riding area is being filled with phone calls.  The cuff seems a bit short to me, so these might end up with #1 Son after all.  He likes short(er) cuffs.  I'll make my final decision once I finish both.

This makes the second pair of socks that only has one done.  I need to remedy that.  Meanwhile I'll try to make some progress on the other two projects so I'll have something to show.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook - Thursday's Edition

I normally try to post on Tuesdays, but this week has been beyond crazy.  More of that as we move thru the post. 


Outside my window...
they said a cool front went thru but I think it died right away because it's after 5pm and the temps are 88 with a heat index of 93.  It is OCTOBER!!!!  Then again we have a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf so we're not out of the hot and sticky hurricane season yet.

I am thinking... the next 7 weeks will be hectic.  Major announcement here at Happy Acres, we are moving.  The house will be put up for sale shortly and we will be moving by the middle of November.  It was a HARD decision to come to, but now that it's made, we are all excited abt the new possibilities!  We will still be local, just in a different neighborhood.

I am thankful... for second chances.  The house we want to move into was available but we didn't go for it fast enough and somebody beat us to the punch.  However I got a call today saying its available again so applications will be sent out in the AM.

In the kitchen...not a whole lot.  We've been eating fast food way too often, but I'm going to try and change that.  Fast food is ok, but not every day.......I also have some Ghiradelli chocolate chips just waiting to be made into cookies........

I am wearing...big blue baggie t-shirt and tan shorts. 

I am creating...I am just about to start the toe of sock #1 and I am also starting a MKAL on the Castle boards of  Ravelry.  It's a silhouette project, when you look directly at it, it looks like stripes but when you look at it from an angle, it has a design.  We are only on Clue 2 but I have yet to start.  I cant decide on my yarns....

I am going...to start packing up items I am not using right now;  books, china, etc (just not in the same box!)

I am wondering...how long this excitement will last??  There is a small part of me that gets sad since I told the IO when we moved in I wanted to be buried in the back yard.  However I think of the new backyard and that will do just as well! 

I am reading... I actually am!!!!  It's a cookbook called The Mom 100 Cookbook.  It's got a lot of cool ideas in it that I hope to implement, esp fix ahead ideas for the crockpot and freezer.  One day I will be organized enough to do this.  Maybe once we move??

I am watching....watched the last episode of NCIS with Ziva.  While I'm happy they didn't kill her off, I feel bad for Tony.  He obviously loves her, but how long does he wait for her?  His private life is back in limbo.  I have the latest episodes of Person of Interest and The Blacklist on my dvr which I hope to get caught up on this wknd. 

 I am hoping...we qualify for this house.  There aren't many in the area I want to stay in so the list isn't too long to choose from.

I am looking forward to... having a house that works!  There is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done around this house (have you heard me mention we have no baseboards?!?) and it's getting to the point where it's just too expensive to stay.  I have a drainfield that doesn't always drain (which means if I do a load of laundry, run the dishwasher, have a kid take a bath, and another one take a shower when it's raining, I cant flush my toilet), no garage door, windows that need to be removed if you want to open them, flooring is coming up, no central a/c or heat (we use window units and heaters and our fireplace) and that's off the top of my head.  If I walked around, it would be worse.

I am hearing.....the kids are watching a movie called Kronk's New Groove.    I love the fact that they will still watch shows like this.  I occasionally see #1 Son watching Full House too.  He's watched the entire series twice already, but will leave on a favorite episode if it comes on.  Same with Boy Meets World.

Around the house...now that we are officially moving, I have motivation to go thru things.  I'm still on the phone a LOT more than I'd like and when the kids get home I don't have as much uninterrupted time as I'd like, but the desire to go thru things is there.  Do I REALLY want to move that huge box of (insert item here)  I wont get rid of it all but I will pare it down a bit.....

I am pondering... the emotional roller coaster I am riding.  The weekend was ROUGH for me.  Then telling the kids we were moving was equally as difficult.  However a positive spin helps make the transition a much better one and once we started looking at houses and  discussing decorating their new rooms, well lets just say Baby Girl went from weepy to already packing!

A favorite quote for today... while this isn't officially a quote, it totally fits my life these past couple of weeks.

One of my favorite things...

I wonder how he'll take this move.  I've moved with cats before and the new house will be a new playground to explore.  However he is a BABY and if I find him clingy now, he's gonna be bad the first couple of weeks!  AND they will all be indoor kitties at the new place.  Another adjustment for them, but I know they will be fine.

A few plans for the rest of the week: communicating with ppl for the  new and old house and a PTO meeting tomorrow.  Saturday we got free tix to see Lost in Yonkers at the local playhouse.  Sunday is a special meeting at my local house of worship.  I don't want to think much further past that.

A peek into my day...this is the one that I wasn't sure how to answer.  I'm going to do Tuesday since it was one of my busiest days this week (but not by much) and one of the happier ones (I refuse to discuss Wednesday)  Here we go......

-Wake up at 6:30am.  
-Wake up #1 Son.  Take him to school. Come home.
-Wake up Baby Girl.  Take her to school.  Drive thru for coffee and oatmeal.  Drive to hospital.
-Stay with my sister until they take her back for surgery (she's had bouts with diverticulitis for the past few weeks and they ended up doing surgery to get rid of a bad infection and dead parts of colon).
-Knit during this time (so glad I have this to do!) I knew she'd be ok, but I dislike just sitting and waiting for news.
-Found out she was in recovery when I had to leave to pick up #1 Son.
-Pick up #1 Son from school.
-Go to grocery store to pick up food for lunch #2 for #1 Son and dinner for that night.
-Make grilled ham and cheese for the boy.  Drop him off at high school for band practice.
-Pick up Baby Girl from school.  Come home.
-Grab some fast food before we leave to look at some possible houses.
-Spend more time at last house than we should and barely made Open House at her school.
-Leave school at 8pm.  Drive home. 
-Warm up dinner that I bought earlier.
-Go get #1 Son from band practice.
-Feed him dinner.
-It is now 9:30pm.  I am done for the day!
-Wrong, the phone starts ringing to see how my sister is doing.  My last call ended at 10:30pm. 
-Start shutting house down.  Get #1 Son to go to bed.  Get Baby Girl to get to bed. 
-It is now 11:15pm.  I watch some cooking show just to shut the brain off so I can go to sleep and start all over again tomorrow!

While not everyday is like this, it's not far off.  Tues, Wed and Fridays are days where we don't stop until late.  I was so excited today when I got to be home by 5pm and could stop!!!  Life is crazy anyway but add in my sister's health issues and this &*@# house and there are times I am on the edge.  However I am stubborn and I refuse to let it get to me.  Plus the occasional Xanax helps.....

SO how are you all doing????  I'm back to not reading blogs again and I'm not liking it.  However if you want to play with a daybook entry, go here.