Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saturday Sky with a Side of Stitching

So after a full day of Facebook games on Thursday and a full day of movies on Friday, I'm getting a bit stir crazy.  However I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing, staying off my foot.  I found a project to work on and made some good progress on it.  Remember this guy??

It now looks like this.

I worked on it while watching episodes of The Chew,  Don't Be Tardy (a reality show that was better than expected.  Kind of like a car crash.  You know you shouldn't look, but you cant turn away.  Plus the husband is a football player and really pretty to watch), The Pioneer Woman and Skyfall. 

I was really tempted to add back stitch her face since she's a bit creepy looking w/o her features.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or maybe I'll pull out another project.

I had #1 Son take a pic of my sky.

It really was a pretty day.  I think we had a high of 70. 

Meanwhile my foot?  No difference at all.  I will be calling the dr first thing Monday morning.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Foot Saga Continues

Back in October I mentioned I was having some foot issues.  And they continue.

Apparently whatever bit me back in September keeps rearing its ugly head.  I went to the dr over a month ago and the nurse practitioner didn't touch my foot.  In fact she barely looked at it.  She told me to soak it in Epson salts (which I still cant believe I didn't think of) and gave me a prescription that had four pages of side effects.  I nixed the meds but soaked my foot.  After one day I noticed a difference and within a week it was almost gone.  Fast forward three weeks and not only is the wound back, it's back with a vengeance!  I saw a different nurse practitioner and what a different that made!!  I had three different people look at my foot, it was cultured, I was put on a new antibiotic (apparently no one could figure out why I was put on the original, esp since it is part of the drug family I react to!) and they want me to see a podiatrist.  I've been told to stay off of it as much as I can.  Thankfully we keep it very low key this time of year, but I WAS hoping to make a lasagna and start sorting the garage.  Needless to say, none of that has happened.  I spent most of yesterday playing Facebook games and today has been movies.  I need to find some unfinished project and work on that as well.

Marching band has also made it harder for my foot to heal.  While I'm not marching, I am walking to and from warm up areas, to the field and back to the holding areas.  It's a LOT of walking (or hobbling depending on the time of day!)  However we have finished the season out with our Semi Finals at State last week in Tampa.  We didn't get called back for the finals but we did finish 18th at State!  Not a bad way to finish off the year!!!! 

We also had our winter concert for the middle school.  It's more of a fall concert with the timing.  Either way it turned out well.

The best part of the night?  Baby Girl won the raffle for the Bath & Body basket.  She has tried for this basket every year for the past five years and we have never won.  I told her she would probably win it in her last year at the middle school.  She was a year early. 

While sitting still has been hard on me, it's been great on these guys.

As I type Hemi is on my lap and Theo is under the breakfast tray that holds my computer.  It's been cold so they are loving the additional warm body to snuggle. 

Hope everybody is staying warm and safe. Post a *HI* just so I know you're all still around!!  :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where'd She Go??

Why yes I AM still alive, thanks for asking!!!  It's been literally a month since I last posted.  In the 7 or so years of this blogging business, I have NEVER gone that long!!! 

I will try and remedy that.

What have I been doing this past month??  Too much.  I met up with Dee for a craft day and worked on a sock.  Nothing to show because it's the same sock I've been working on for months now.  I actually brought cross stitch with me, but I'm missing two pairs of reading glasses and I cant see the holes without them.  So no stitching for me! 

I did buy yarn to make a Jayne Hat.

I also hosted our local ladies craft group and guess what?  I worked on NOTHING!  I was attempting to finish up cleaning my house (I failed, instead I made them feel good abt their houses), made some chili in the crock pot and sat and chatted with them until it was time to get #1 Son.

Marching band is coming to a close next week. 

We have one more competition out near Tampa and we will be done for the year.  The kids have done really well with their marching and have earned either straight superiors or overall superiors in their competitions. 

I will miss it, but am ready for a break.  Concert band is not as busy and I'm looking forward to getting my Fridays and Saturdays back.

I am still working part time, but I've been relocated to a different department.  I walk in one day and somebody is sitting in my seat!  I was expecting to be moved to a different desk eventually so it wasn't THAT much of a surprise, however I wasn't expecting to be moved to a different position!  I was moved to a different department, one that I enjoy but OMG am I busy!!!  Like from the second I walk in to the time I walk out the door (which is usually later than I should).  BUT I still get my flex time which is greatly needed. 
Crazy sock day kicked up a notch by Baby Girl!

Dinners have been hit or miss, While I'm only working part time, it's during the time that I would get the most done at home!!!  The porch hasn't been swept in a couple of months, there are piles EVERYWHERE. 

And I still have boxes.

It is now a year that we've moved into this house.  Granted it's been a hectic year, but COME ON!! 


While I cant bring myself to toss out boxes that I haven't opened in a year, I DO plan on working on the garage during the four days we get off for Thanksgiving.  We keep things rather low key here and I like to buck the system.  I'll probably make a lasagna.  This will give me 4 days in a row to actually get something done.

The garage.  The majority of the boxes in the garage are mine.  And of those boxes the majority of the things IN them are fabric.  I need to see what has survived the year in a non climate controlled atmosphere and of that, what do I still want?  I feel a purging coming along. 

I swear sometimes I think I should just choose an old post from a few years ago and cut and paste.  I see a cycle of subjects that keep repeating themselves.  Kids, school, work, insane husbands, cats.  I'm like the magazines, same subject, same time of year, different words. 

Um, HELLO!!!!  I'm new!!

Ok now that you know I am still alive and a bit loopy, (I blame the cold meds) I am ending here.  I'm rambling on and not sure how to end this in a logical manner.  If I thought abt it, I'd probably delete the entire post, but where's the fun in that??? 

Ok THIS will be my last comment.  If you want to see a part of #1 Son's marching band, go here.  It's only 1:30 long and one of my favorite parts of it.  The theme this year was The Storm, and around :40 you see them do the spiral of death!  LOL  Enjoy!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

What Happened to Fall??

We had a BEAUTIFUL day last week, highs were only in the high 70s or low 80s.  Yesterday we hit 90.  I think we hit 90 again today.  Another front goes thru on Wednesday so we'll be back into the 80s.  Still warm but not center-of-the-sun hot.  I'll take it.

Yesterday's sky was beautiful, but I never took a picture.  I went into town to get a shot over the lake but apparently there was a folk festival going on and I couldn't find any parking close by.   #1 Son and I just got back from a neighboring town to see a friend of his.  She is self published and the local library was hosting a Young Adult genre book signing event.  There were around 12 local authors there.  Very cool to be selling books at 17.

While we were there we took in some geocaching, antiquing and lunch.
I'm happy he still will each lunch with me.  That face of his is reflective of me trying to use technology.

The scary thing abt antiquing?  I remember it all!!!  THAT is a bit strange.  Either I've had it, seen it or know what it is.  I laugh when I point out McDonald's glasses we had or dinnerware or furniture.   However I do draw the line at 80s merchandise.  That is less than 40 years ago and does NOT qualify as antique!!!  We also hit some thrift stores along the way.  My son has a quirky personality and he loves all the cool stuff in these stores. 

Of course it's been another non stop week of not one but TWO girls' nights out.  A friend of ours has been considering moving and she got the word to go.  She leaves in 3 weeks which doesn't leave us much time to plan anything so we just had a small group meet at Starbucks to say our goodbyes.  They aren't officially gone yet but there is just no time left for anything more.

Bye Christine, we'll miss you!

I love that I'm playing hard as well as working hard but OMG am I tired!!!!  I laid down last week around 5pm just to rest and the next thing I know it's 9pm.  I did the same thing yesterday after we got back from our outing.  We played hooky today and cancelled what we had planned because there was no way I was leaving the house.  I really don't know how some people do it. 

Next week is no different.  Band practices have been ramped up for #1 Son while Baby Girl had one of her steel drum practices cancelled.  Oh did I mention she is in Drama club now??  I have sticky notes all over my calendar just to keep track of which kid is where and what time I have to get them. 

I also have a dr's appt set up on Wed to check out my foot.  It is better, but I still can't walk barefooted on it.  It should be dried up by now and it is not.  I will spare you the rest of the details.

Meanwhile I have three loads of laundry on the floor in my bedroom that need to be folded and put away.  Right now everybody is doing the hunt for your own underwear dance.  I have a dwindling pantry since I need to grocery shop and I have no idea how our power is still on since I am very late in paying it. 

All is not lost, however.  I went thru another box from the garage that was mostly clothes.  A couple of things Baby Girl still wants, but the rest will go to Goodwill tomorrow.  One bag out and one laundry basket free!!  I think we'll be seeing a bit more of that now that I have decided not to have a yard sale.  I have probably enough to make $60 and while this is money that I can use, it is NOT worth the time and energy and brain power it will require to set it all up and then tear it all down.  It will be donated instead. 

If you've made it this far, thank you!  I've rambled on a bit (or a lot depending on your definition) and appreciate all your comments.  I have no knitting to share so we'll just stick to what works. Cute kittens in baskets.

No he's not mine, he is my friend's new kitten Sabien.  He is ADORABLE!!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Saturday Sky

I am sitting on the bed with Princess at my feet, Theo between my knees and Hemi on my right hip.  I have a bruised toe on my left foot and a HUGE blister on the ball of my right foot. 

I'm not going anywhere!

Life continues to be interesting and busy and while I can't walk anywhere (which is driving me crazy!) it's forcing me to sit still.  So far today I've watched some tv, pushed some paper around (not in the mood to deal with bills), made the kids work on their rooms for 15 min (not nearly enough time but at least we got rid of some trash and laundry got moved from floor two to floor one) and I got rid of a bag of crap from the craft room.

I am having a bit of a conundrum which I'm sure many of you can relate to. I've been wanting to make a sweater for awhile now, but I haven't been able to find the right pattern/yarn combo. I have the pattern but no yarn. Finally found enough yarn for a sweater back in May. Couldn't find the pattern. Looked everywhere for it. FINALLY a week ago I found the pattern. Now my yarn is missing.  And I cant find it anywhere........

So instead I've started working on an afghan. 

I'm already realizing I don't have enough yarn for it, but I can supplement with black striped between the colored yarn. 

It's October and I'm realizing that if I actually want to use the afghans and sweaters I have in my brain, I need to start working on them NOW!!! I have two socks in progress, but one sock is at the heel (which requires brain cells to count) and the other one is on the foot but I'm not loving the color.  I'm kind of sick of it. 

So I work on the blanket.

And in order to keep this post at a reasonable length, the rest will be presented in picture form.  That's worth at least a thousand words.

Much better hair cut

If they didn't march in the rain, they'd never march this season!

Went to a Maker's Faire in Orlando and they had this!

lousy picture of me

great picture of Baby Girl

it wouldn't be Saturday w/o my sky!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...  rain.  We've had a front sitting over us for awhile now. 

I am thinking... that many of you will be surprised that I'm still alive!!

I am thankful... that I am!!

In the kitchen... ~sigh~.  Not a whole lot.  Tonight's dinner was brought to you by Marie Callendars and Bertolli.  I'm still trying to get some sort of system going.  I am failing miserably.  Here's a hint.  Take stock out in Chipotle.

I am wearing... a peach braided shirt and grey shorts.  I did have on jean capris but once I'm home, I tend to strip.  I only have on this shirt still because I will be picking up #1 Son from band practice. 

I am creating... I knit three rows on my sock.  I'm doing well to have underwear in the drawer.

I am going... to be doing a load of laundry once this post is done.  We are running low on underwear.

I am wondering... why I'm discussing underwear when there is so much more to talk abt!

I am reading... fan fiction and I plan on reading some blogs tonight.

I am hoping... to get myself together so that I have more free time.  (even *I* don't believe that one!)

I am looking forward to... next month.  A friend of mine is hosting a girl's night out at her house.  Everybody bring a dish and no worries of men or kids.

I am hearing... Jeopardy.  Actually it's a commercial for governor, or rather how bad the other guy is.

Around the house... double sigh.  This is becoming the bane in my existence.  If you ask the IO if he helps he would say yes, he does dishes.  Yes he does, but I need them done more than once a week.  (I am NOT kidding).  Again, another reason for the take out food.  No dishes needed.

I am pondering... my schedule and the logistics of keeping it.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's corner....
He's such a good big brother.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  work, football, marching band.  I just looked at my calendar for Oct and there are 4 Thursdays that have nothing planned on them (other than work).  Everything else has something going on.  Hmmmm, looks like my October is turning into what my May is like.

A peek into my day... I'm getting busier at work than I have been, which is good.  I still get busy work, but now the other sales people are utilizing me which means I have more work and less downtime trying to look busy. 
I have realized something since I've gone back to work.  When I left this company many years ago, I was 6 months pregnant with #1 Son.  The people there told me I would be bored.  I knew I wouldn't be, and I haven't been.  I can always find something to do; plant a garden, walk Target, knit, watch tv or a movie, clean the house, stay active with the PTO or Band Boosters, etc.  When I started back up with the same company, the boss asked me if I was coming back to work because I was bored.  I told him no.  I was only going back to work because teenagers were expensive and we needed a little bit of breathing room.  Guess what?  I now get bored.  Apparently the only time I get bored is when I work in an office.  I'm not bored all the time because there are times when it's busy and I have to use my mind, but when I have nothing to do (and still have to look busy) or when I'm doing data entry (how many v-cards can one person make at a time?!?) I am bored.  I am bored at least once a day. 
Go figure.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I haven't done one of these in awhile so I figured I do one today.   I am posting this on Wednesday night, but the answers apply to Tuesday.

Outside my window... we have a hurricane off the coast which is pulling most of the moisture toward it leaving us with less rain the past couple of days.  It's also cooled us down a bit.  I use that term loosely since it's still in the 90s, but the humidity is lower and we've got a bit of a breeze.  You take what you can get.

I am thinking... that I really need to get serious about cleaning out the garage.  The IO left the garage door open after he put in the garbage bins and I saw some stuff that made me wonder why I still had it.  I am also thinking that I HATE garage sales and that unless it will sell on eBay, I will DONATE!  Paying it forward will be it's own reward.

I am thankful... that I have a job (even though I'd rather be home) and that they are willing to work with my hectic schedule.

In the kitchen... Baby Girl asked me if we had any fruits or veggies in the house.  I handed her an applesauce cup. 

I am wearing... blue t-shirt and blue shorts

I am creating... lists.  Lots and lots of lists.  I'm still working on getting everything to move smoothly.  I have laundry at the end of the bed.  Towels are done.  Darks are done.  Yet I have no clean underwear.

I am going... to find some underwear and stick it on the washer.

I am wondering... where I put that new pack of underwear I bought from Target.

I am reading... bills.  Coupons.  Emails. Facebook game scores.  I returned my books because it was just taking up space on the side of the bed. 

I am hoping... to finish up the last band uniform tomorrow.  I took three home to hem.  I've had them for two weeks.  They should have been done in an afternoon.

I am looking forward to... Labor Day.  Part of me wants to plan something fun, but I'm secretly hoping that we do NOTHING that day.  I need to make a lasagna so I have something to pop in the oven that night. 

I am hearing.... a rerun of NCIS Los Angeles and Hemi snoring.

Around the house... I got rid of another box.  I was debating on unpacking it since there was a chance we might have to move AGAIN, but I emptied it anyway.  The box was broken and the stuff would have to be repacked.  Thankfully we straightened out the issues and we are staying put.

I am pondering... how my life has turned into an example of Murphy's Law.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things... geocaching with my son.  We have a good time doing it and it's something only the two of us like doing.  He is 15 and I know my time with him is limited before he goes off on his own.  I'm cherishing this time while I have it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: there is no football game on Friday, just practice so I have a free Friday night.  At least until practice ends. 

A peek into my day... I dropped #1 Son off at school.  Sorted some laundry and went thru some bills.  Fed the cats.  Checked and answered emails.  Tried to figure out what to bring for lunch (oatmeal was the winner).  Made coffee.  Took a shower and got dressed.  Dropped Baby Girl off at school, drove thru McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin (I didn't want to have oatmeal for breakfast AND lunch).  Ran to the bank.  Paid the water bill.  Went to work.  Used brain cells that are a bit dusty but still work.  Left, drove thru the same McDonalds for a second lunch for #1 Son.  Came home, folded more laundry while trying to find the band shirt for practice (score!).  Pick up Baby Girl from school, drop off #1 Son for practice.  Drive to Chipotle for dinner.  Hmm, they were affected by the main water break for that city and they were closed.....Drive to Chili's for dinner.  Run into Target for a return.  Run into CVS for free toothpaste and cheap Tide.  Run into Publix for groceries but forgot list and relied on brain cells to remember what we needed.  I remembered food for the guys to eat dinner and lunch tomorrow.  We still have no fruit or veggies.  Come home and unload car.  Put some of the items away.  Look at laundry.  Play on facebook.  Pick up #1 Son from practice.  Warm up his dinner.  It is now almost 9pm. 
Ok people now you know why I've been radio silent!!!  Hoping to get my life a bit more under control.  Leave a comment on what works for you or just that you are happy to see me alive!!!  And since Hemi is usually my favorite thing, here is a pic to tie you over until the next daybook....
I don't care what she says, I will always be her favorite.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

*tap tap tap* Is This Thing On??

So I've been radio silent for 2 weeks but it feels more like a month.  Too much is going on and I'm really really tired.  Work is good, but it takes it's toll.  It takes up time and brain power, both of which I don't have much of.  We also had car issues (finally fixed) and house issues (thought we might have to move AGAIN, the thought of which literally made me nauseous).  Those are also fixed.  The IO is not well, but he can work so we are thankful for that. 

SO much has happened that it will be easier to show you in pictures.

The only time I can get a picture is when he's asleep.  He's melding in with the rest of the cats very well

Last hurrah before school stared.

First day as a Sophomore. 

First day as a 7th grader.  Princess is ready to join her.

One of the charity blankets I've been working on.  I took a pic just before I mailed it.

It's been a bit warm.

Cats don't care about bills.

LOVE this haircut!!  I can see his face again!

The band is back in action!!!  Went to our first game last Friday.

This lasted for abt 30 seconds.

Mother & son fun while geocaching.  We were happy to not only find the cache but to see the HUGE spider before we walked thru his web.

I have been too tired to knit which is not a good thing.  I need it to de-stress, but by the time I get to sit down and do it, I'm too tired.  I've been playing a lot of games on Facebook.  Hopefully you all have been well and having a great summer.  One day I will read blogs again. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Clearance is my Kryptonite

I love a good deal.  Give me a coupon or a clearance sale and I'm all over it.  Combine the two, well no words can explain it.  Its a great way to save money, but also a hard way to say no to some great deals on things I don't necessarily need.  Then again it IS yarn and that is a necessity in the grand scheme of things. 

Case in point.

I'm working on a charity blanket and amazingly enough I had no soft acrylic to add to it (none that would really match anyway).  So I ran into JoAnn's to get a skein of red.

However they were having a clearance sale on yarn that I can use for hats and kitty blankets and maybe even a blanket for us! 

This is what I came home with.

More than I bargained on but its really pretty

and I have something in mind for all of it.

That was a week ago.  I cast on for a blanket for us and I started thinking that even though I'm using the bulky yarn, there's not much in that skein.  Maybe I need to try another JoAnn's to see if I can get more of it.

After school shopping yesterday I stopped into another JoAnn's to look around.  The yarn that was on clearance that I wanted for my blanket was NOT on clearance at this JoAnn's!!!  UGH!  It's also normally $8 a skein for not that much yarn.  However they DID have yarn on clearance that was NOT on clearance at the other JoAnn's.  I came home with this.

Yarn for hats for both Baby Girl and #1 Son, and sock yarn.  Cuz everybody knows sock yarn doesn't count as stash, ESP when you get it on clearance.  I showed great restrain as well because there was a LOT more I could have gotten. 

If I gotta work, I gotta keep me in fiberly goodness.