It's a Win/Win

Today I had two doctors appts.  I was stressing abt them big time because I knew they were not going to be fun.  My gut dr was first and this made me nervous.  My incision is healing pretty well except for one spot.  I had what looked like a pimple or a blister just below my belly button.  I knew something would be done to it and I was not looking forward to it.  After a procedure that included tweezers, packing tape, IODINE! (modern medicine still uses this stuff?!?) and a bandage, I was free to go.  I go back in two weeks. 

Next up was my OB/GYN.  He needed to check out my internal vaginal stitches.  Ugh.  Good news is I'm healing very nicely, everything looks great and there are no infections.  Bad news is it's still VERY tender.  Not great news for the IO. 

As I leave the medical building with Iodine in my gut and parts of me on hiatus for another MONTH, I decide I needed a treat.  But what do I do??  My sky looks like this

it was a constant drizzle all day

and my weather feels like this

this was at 2pm

so I decide to get something that looks like this!

Alegria by Manos Del Uruguay in Carnaval

interesting how the flip side has no green

There is a LYS near the medical building, but I never stop.  I either don't have the time or I don't have the energy to stop in.  I know the owner from a previous yarn shop and she sort of reminds me of a hyper puppy.  She's very nice, but she's also VERY eager to please which can be a bit much.  Today she was very helpful in pointing out the sock yarn, but there were others in the store so she was distracted.  Honestly I have to say she wasn't quite as *energetic*, which was nice.  This came home with me as well.
Tough Love Sock by Sweet Georgia in Tapestry

notice how this side has hardly any yellow!

I had abt 5 different skeins in my hand and decided on these two.  Between rent being due Saturday and all my medical bills coming in, the last thing I should be doing was buying yarn.  However after the past few weeks, I figured it was worth it!! 

The bright one will be cast on in the next day or so.  After finishing the grey socks and working on my brown ones

I need a break from the neutrals with some COLOR!!

Speaking of color, doesn't this just look yummy????

At this point I pulled out all the stops (did I mention the iodine??  AND the 4 weeks?!?) and stopped at Jason's Deli for my Chicken Salad salad.  While others were getting steaming bowls of soup (40s in mid afternoon is COLD) I'm getting a cool and light salad.   It never disappoints!


Linda said…
Looks and sounds like the perfect medicine! I don't think any pharmacological mix could do you better! Love the yarn colors; and that salad...omg..I would even eat that here at 20 below 0! Glad to hear you're on the mend, even though it's a slow pace. Wishing you a faster recovery and a healthy future.
Sandra Knapp said…
Maybe the IO isn't exactly thrilled over the continued 4 week wait, but since it's for your good, I doubt he really minds that much. I'm just glad to know you are healing well.

I have to agree, some new yarn was in order, and definitely something bright and cheerful. As for the salad, as Linda said, even at -20º, it looks good. I'm one of those that can eat salad year round, with no regard to the weather, be it hot or cold. But then I love hot bowl of soup in mid-Summer as well. LOL

Take care :)
Anonymous said…
Sooooo...was that yarn from Lora's? It is a pretty color, but I still can't make myself go in there. LOL

I did go once to see what it was all about, but I didn't buy anything.

Sorry things aren't healing up as quickly as you would (or the IO) would like. I know's hard. Take it easy on yourself and just let nature do it's thing.

kathy b said…
I remember that tenderness well. You will feel great again, I promise. It takes time.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you bought yourself yarn. I love your choices. Yummy!
I also love chicken salad….I am thrilled you treated yourself. Well deserved. Keep healing
Linda said…
Glad to hear that your still mending, although a little slower than you would like.

You are so funny. When I read about the IO having to wait another month, I sat here and laughed until I had tears rolling down.

Lovely yarn and yummy looking salad. Love the furbaby pic.

Melissa said…
Glad to hear that you are on the mends! It sounds like you are taking things slow and allowing yourself to heal. It can be disappointingly slow sometimes but it will be worth it in the end when you are fully well. And I love the Sweet Georgia sock yarn! I was just looking at some of her stuff on the Loop Ewe website just yesterday!
Susan said…
Seriously, you know you aren't ready for THAT anyway and that the IO doesn't really mind waiting until you're healed, right? And yes, sock yarn is the best remedy for what ails you so don't feel guilty. You deserve it after all you went through.

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