Progress is Progress No Matter How Slow

Every winter I think the same thing, I wish I had a hand knit cardigan to wear to keep me warm.  EVERY. WINTER.  Do I HAVE a nice warm hand knit cardigan to wear to keep me warm?  Of course not.  When it's super hot outside all I want to work on are socks.  When it's this cold (and we've been quite cold this winter) I want to knit thick wooly-ish items.  My problem is I cant decide on a pattern.  I want a cardigan that is drapey and loose fitting, not something so snug I feel like a stuffed sausage (no matter what my size)  I have some nice wine colored yarn, but I just need to find the right pattern.

As my title says, progress *is* being made here at Happy Acres (even though our address may have changed, our family home will always be Happy Acres).  I had a Xerox box of papers that was filled to the rim.  If I wasn't careful, stuff could fall out.  This box contained bills, coupons and sales ads from Sunday's newspaper, coupons from Sunday's paper dating back to Nov 2013, school info, house info, and filing.  That was my goal today, to sort and organize that box of paper.  (btw, weren't we supposed to have LESS paper in the 21st century??)  and I succeeded.  The coupons and receipts are contained in its own box, the filing and other misc items are in another box.  The school info, the house info and medical info are in individual piles.  The bills are sorted and organized and in a time out because they ticked me off.

While I'm slowly working my way across my bedroom, I am also working my way thru knitting projects.  I actually have my first finish of 2014!!

My socks are done!  I started them back in Sept and finally cast off the last stitch on Monday.  SOOO happy they are finished!!!    Yarn is a sport weight, the grey is a Regia 6 ply and the red is some Knit Picks Stroll in Hollyberry.   I started sock #2 of another pair I cast on for back in July (!) and am almost 2" into the cuff.  It's thick yarn so I'm hoping I can get thru these by the wknd as well.  I was going to start another pair of socks with a bright colored yarn, but I couldn't decide which one so a WIP won out instead.  I keep thinking abt that yarn I posted a couple of days ago.  I may have to get it.  It can be my I Survived 2013 and rewarded myself with this yarn yarn.

I am still missing those three projects I started before surgery and I was really hoping they'd be in that box.  Makes me nuts with how many things I can't find.  Never move and have surgery a month later.  SOOO not a good idea!!!

Everybody keep warm!!

I agree Hemi, paperwork puts me to sleep, too.


Linda said…
I tell ya Lynn. I could look at your cat pictures all day. Thanks for the adorable Hemi fix. Congrats on finishing the socks.

Sandra Knapp said…
Congrats on the finished socks. They look great, and I'm sure they will be loved appreciated.

I'm sure you will eventually discover the whereabouts of your "mislaid" projects. They have to be there somewhere. LOL
kathy b said…
HI Hemi

I Love the knitpicks berry with grey. LOVELY and traditional. Happy first FO. You are doing so well !!!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh look! You have a furry paper weight. LOL
stitcherw said…
Congrats on the sock finish, they look wonderful, and nice and warm. I'm really into warm lately with the nasty winter we are having. Hemi looks quite comfy napping on the papers. Not sure what it is about papers, but my cats love to take naps on them as well. Good luck finishing straightening out everything and finding things from the move, it does take time. No matter how organized you try to be it just doesn't seem to go as planned. Glad you're feeling better from surgery, keep giving yourself time, it takes a while for the body to finish healing. Sue

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