Saturday Sky

So here we are 19 days after surgery and I'm still moving forward (though not as fast as I'd like).  I saw both surgeons on Thursday and they have removed the rest of my stitches.  I am still oozing a little bit, but not much.  I don't have to see either one for another 3 weeks.

This is good.  However mentally I still feel all over the map.  AND with my ovaries still intact, this means I can still experience PMS.  NOT happy abt that.  I felt like I was PMSing yesterday, very tired (yes I know, recovery, blah blah blah) but it felt different, and I felt like I wanted to rip somebody's face off.   Both the IO and #1 Son were making me crazy. 

In my defense, my house is making me nuts.  Not everything has been unpacked and there are things that are missing, so when ppl ask me where things are, I have no idea.  Also pens and paper and other items that I've put away in the kitchen for future use are missing the next day.  I now put my good pen back in my purse after I use it.  We will not discuss the last time my floors were swept. 

On top of it all,  the IO is starting to have a bit of PTSD.  He processes events a couple of weeks after they've happened.  It's all becoming a bit overwhelming for him. 

On the plus side he is making a chicken tonight with steamed corn on the cob and either rice or pasta.  I have a load of whites in the dryer that are clean.  I am trying to focus on these positive thoughts.  

I am also focusing on March.  I have been told that it will take 3 months for all the soft tissue to be healed.  I will feel better before those three months are over, but three months is when I'm at optimum recovery.  That is also the length of time it will take for me to build up my blood count.  This is when the kids will be out for spring break.  I'm hoping for a couple of quiet days, and a few unpacking days.  My inlaws will be out and I plan on making a turkey dinner for the family.   This is my plan, but it will all depend on how *recovered* I am.  I will NOT go backward, that I can guarantee!

And I want to thank all of you who took the time and either commented or emailed me with your own experiences.  It helps a LOT! 

SO lets move on, shall we??  I'm trying to go thru piles (which all got destroyed and put back into one giant pile last night, but I digress) and I'm trying to organize my knitting notebook and my virtual notebook on Ravelry.  I have 7 WIPs that I have brought into the new year, 3 of which I am looking at and 4 that are MIA.    Those 4 are the ones I started so I would have easy knitting to do after surgery.  I have no idea where they are.  BUT this is ok since I am finishing up a pair of socks.  I just finished up the gusset and am on the main part of the foot for sock #2. 

I'm hoping to have them done by tomorrow night, but next week is probably more realistic.

Have you looked up today?

As you can see I did and boy was it a beauty!  Our weather has been all over the map, deep freezes for a couple of days and then highs in the 80s a few days later.  Today it was a high of 84, but there was a gorgeous breeze and it was just wonderful walking thru the neighborhood today.  Usually I can only walk to the mailbox (at the end of the block) and back, but today I walked around the cul de sac as well.  I can hear thunder as I type because we have another front passing thru.  This will bring the weather I've been waiting for, highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.  Perfect for walking and airing the house out. 

Hope everybody is having a fabulous wknd!!


Linda said…
I pray your recovery goes well and stays on schedule, that your improvement day by day will bring you comfort and some happiness. I'm so sorry you are going through all this. Please try to stay calm, all will work out with time. And that's the's going to take time, albeit, more than you would like. So glad you're focusing on your knitting. Even a bit a day helps soothe frazzled nerves. God bless; stay positive and keep planning for the future months. Keeping you in my prayers.
Sandra Knapp said…
I think the older we are, the longer it takes to heal completely. Add to that your surgery was no walk in the park. So it's going to take time, and I hope that the rest of the the family understands and help out all they can, for you.

It sounds like you are recovering well, and you are getting around very nicely, if you are able to walk, comfortably, about the area. Just don't try to do more than you are able. Don't push too hard. I tried that after surgery once, and let me say, the consequences can be horrid. So give your body the time it needs to heal, and do what you can, but don't rush it. Your good health is worth the effort and time necessary. :)
Linda said…
Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better Lynn. I'm still now feeling 100% yet.


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