She Lives!!

What a way to end the year!! 

**WARNING**  I may get a big graphic with use of body parts so if you are a bit squeamish, proceed with caution.  I'm pretty sure all my readers are girls, but be forewarned.

So the last I post is abt yarn and finished hats and, oh yeah, a simple surgery.  Simple and surgery really don't go hand in hand. 

I went in for a hysterectomy a week and a half ago that was going to include an overnight stay.  I was supposed to be home on Tues.  I figured with the hernia fix as well, I'd be home by Wed. 


I have stitches in my vagina, notches in my abdomen and a BUNCH of staples from my belly button down to my pelvic bone.

Here is the IO's email out to the family:

I’ve been waiting a while to give you the details until Lynn was comfortable with letting everyone know.
Unfortunately she went into surgery expecting it to be like the c-section with B (#1 Son), which was an epidural and a baby.  The surgery was for a fibroid on her uterus and a hernia below her belly button.  It was supposed to be from the pelvis and normally would be pretty straightforward thus allowing her to be discharged the next morning.
When he started the surgery she began bleeding heavily so he moved to a laparoscopic procedure.  She continued bleeding heavily thereby forcing him to move to an open procedure with an abdominal incision.  The fibroid ending up essentially encasing her uterus and was the size of large grapefruit.  If your not squeamish, I’ve attached a picture.   (if you want to see it, comment with your email, I'll send you a copy)  Dr. D said she lost 1.5 liters of blood but thankfully he is very reluctant to use blood transfusions because of complications and extended recovery time.  As soon as he realized that the procedure was more complicated, he slowed down and made sure to cauterize as he went along to minimize the bleeding.  He spent additional time making sure that everything was done properly before he closed.
The worst part, other than thinking it would be like having a baby, was that she overhead the nurses talking in the recovery room.  They said she lost a lot of blood and after someone asked if she had a blood transfusion, someone replied that they didn’t know.  Needless to say when she got to her room she was very overwhelmed and especially concerned about how I was reacting.  Fortunately D stayed with me in the waiting room so it wasn’t as stressful as it could have been.  I do need to tell the IT department that the program that displays the status of current operations is very poorly written or at least needs to be updated more frequently.  The monitor didn’t indicate that the operation started until two hours into the procedure.
Lynn’s blood count pre-op was 12 which was a good thing because she is currently at 7.  Apparently that is the reason why she is so tired.  She is getting iron via IV and has started to drink apple juice and jello.  The doctor says she can go home once gas has moved through her system.   I’m hoping for tomorrow but expect it to be Friday.  I’m taking this week and next week off so she won’t have to worry about anything and the congregation is going to provide meals.  The kids have been staying at G’s and playing cards at night so hopefully it wasn’t too stressful.
She is still to tired for phone calls but she might be ok later tomorrow so I will let you know if anything changes.
Bill (the IO)
So there you have it.  What was supposed to be an overnight stay turned into a 5 day ordeal.  I'm doing MUCH better now, we've had friends bring by dinners, the IO took time off of work so he's been taking care of me.  I've got more stitched than the dr knew (because after he was done my other hernia dr added more staples to fix the hernia and reinforce the area), but honestly I don't mind.  I was in a war and I came out the winner!!   Now I heal. 
I'm being very good abt what I'm doing,  both drs just want me to walk so that's all I'm doing.  We've had some lousy weather so I'm walking the house and using the bathroom furthest from the bedroom.  I cant vacuum for 4-6 weeks and I cant go upstairs for another week.  The house is becoming a mess but that's ok.  I'd rather have my health and get better than repeat ANYTHING I just went thru.
The worst part of it all??  I started three different knitting projects and I can't find one of them.  I need simple stuff because patterns + percoset = rip it all out later!!!
Here is a picture of my first day of January 2014. 
Hope you had a very safe holiday!   I've never been one to look forward to a new year but 2013 kicked my butt and I'm looking forward to a slower pace in 2014. 


Linda said…
Oh Lynn, I'm so sorry to hear that you had complications. But, ever so happy to hear that your doing better. Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way.
My leg continues to heal but is still a little painful.

Happy New Year,
Sandra Knapp said…
I am so sorry the surgery did not go as planned, but so relieved to know you were in such good hands, well cared for, and now on the road to recovery. I'm sure between the IO and you two children, ypou will have lots of help with the housework, so you should have no concerns there either. Take your time, and give yourself the chance to heal well before forging ahead. I too hope 2014 is a much better year for you. Best wiahes always. Happy New Year
Um... I am so happy you are okay! Wow!
kathy b said…
You've been in my thoughts and my prayers. ITs never easy. My hyst and transfusions etc left me weak for awhile. Get lots of rest. More than you think. Keep those meals from friends coming. Don't lift more than a knit finger

Love to your family as they take carer of YOU
Susan said…
Well, good grief! I'm so glad to hear that you are on the mend after all that! Take care of yourself.
Vivian said…
Oh wow, that's a lot to go through! I didn't know about your surgery until your husband posted on Facebook. Hope you'll continue to heal. take it easy :-)

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