This is a LOT harder than I thought......

It's been 15 days since my surgery.  That's only 2 weeks.  I feel like it's been a month.  Since I ended up having three different incisions and two different surgeries, it's gonna take some time to heal.  I KNOW that!   Yet I'm getting really frustrated with my recovery. 

Yesterday was the first day back to reality.  The IO went back to work and the kids back to school.  The IO took #1 Son to school and I went back to bed until it was time to get Baby Girl off.  I also had a drs appt.  No biggie.  I felt fine.  I dropped her off and headed to my drs appt.  Got an egg mcmuffin and ice water on the way (was really craving the protein and had no time to make anything before I left). 

I arrive at the drs, park and walk in.  They are in a medical building on the second floor.  I'm allowed to walk so I did.  I get to the drs office and wait my turn.  They say I'm looking good and walking well.  I get into my room, climb up on the table and wait for my dr.  I start to feel a little light headed but no big deal.  I thought of lying down but I knew I'd have a hard time getting up so I just sat there with my eyes closed.  I started to feel really light headed (like I was going to pass out) so I moved to the chair.  I figured if I fell off the table it would be worse.  The chair would at least contain me.

The dr came in, put my feet up, got me some ice packs and asked me how I was doing.  I said up until 5 min ago, I was feeling great!  Apparently I did too much.  He asked me if I did the (free) valet parking, I said no.  I found a close spot and walked it SINCE ITS THE ONLY THING I'M ALLOWED TO DO!  Did I eat.  Yes. Did I drive myself.  Yes.  I get these heat waves that make me a little woozy and normally if I'm home I just lay down and they pass.  Since I was at the drs and propped up too long, it made me feel worse than I normally would. 

I love my dr.  He is very concerned but never makes me feel bad.  I love his nurses.  They were very concerned but set me straight.  FINE!  They totally understood my frustrations, but told me to go home and since I cant do much of anything right now I should catch up on movies, knit, nap.  You know, all the things I wished I had time for in the past.  I agree.  I'm feeling MUCH better and they wheel me to the car (my dr wont let me walk out).  I feel much better now, if I didn't I wouldn't get behind the wheel.  I may be frustrated with what I can do, but I wont put somebody else in harm's way and I DONT want to go back into the hospital.  I drive home, no issues.  I WAS going to stop at the bank and Publix to get food for dinner (I was going to have baby girl make it while I supervised) but I went straight home.  I call the drs office and let them know I am fine.  I call the IO and let him know of my misadventures that morning.


He is NOT happy.  I could have passed out.  I could have passed out on the tile at home with nobody there and be bleeding.  He tells me he's coming home.  We talk twice before he goes to his boss to see if he can work from home (remember he's only been here since July and there is NO reason for him to be home.  I don't want him pushing it with this job).  However I'm too tired to keep fighting and tell him that I don't agree with his decision, but to do whatever he feels is best.  He talks to his supervisor and when they all find out what happened they tell the IO to get home NOW and of course he can work from home. 

While I still feel he's overreacted, I have to say (and I did tell him this) that it does make my life easier.  He takes the kids to school (I don't even wake up for it) and works from home so he can still make me my scrambled eggs in the AM.  I'm binge watching Mystery Diners and I am working on a sock.  The cold is killing me today and makes me hurt more than usual (we are expecting a high of 49 today which is frigid for central florida), it was 32 this AM with wind chills in the teens.  VERY cold for us. 

Overall I'm where I'm supposed to be in my recovery.  It's only been 15 days.  I had two surgeries.  I lost a lot of blood.  While I usually cut myself a break in day to day life, I really need to do the same thing in my recovery. 

And enjoy the quiet time while I can.

and it means more snuggle time for us!


Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Sorry to hear that your recovery is slow. Hang in there, you will get better. I have been sick for over a month. Love the pic of Hemi. Hugs to both of you.

kathy b said…

You are really ahead of the track I think. IT was a long hard haul after my hyst and I had transfusions.
LEt people help you. I know it is soooo hard to be halted in all your normal busy activities, but you will get stronger. Nap nap nap. Cereal is a fine family dinner.

Hemi is loving the company I'm sure.

Im reading Dad is Fat and it is funny if you need a laugh!

Email me if you wish:
Bridget said…
Yep, recovery takes a long time. You will soon learn the difference between being tired and being REALLY tired.

Take it easy!
SusieH said…
Sweetheart!!! You would be a hurting camper still at this point wihtOUT having to regenerate so much blood loss. IO's right, and so are the medical folks. Rest, sleep, eat, drink, and HEAL. Love, and prayers, from here,
Susan said…
I learned after my burst ectopic pregnancy that you really can't fast-track healing. Your body has a lot of recovering to do after a lot of physical trauma.
Take it easy and ENJOY your knitting and smuggling time!

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