Outside my window... it's dark.  I have been a busy girl today!  Laundry and grocery shopping and more laundry and closet organization. 
And more laundry.

I am thinking... I'm making a mental list of all that I want to do in the house.  It is a long list.....

I am thankful... for good friends who also craft.  I met up with some local friends on Friday.  We try to get together once a month to either knit or sew (depending on your craft of choice) and then we have lunch!  Everybody brings something and we talk until we have to leave.   On Monday I got to meet up with Dee.  This was LONG overdue!  We were trying to figure out when we last got to meet up and the consensus is it's been at least a year.  WAY too long.  We have such a good time together, we *try* to stay quiet in the book store, but we're usually having such a good time, ppl leave us alone!

In the kitchen... I tried a new recipe today for dinner, a chicken carbonara.  Meh.  Not the best.  Wont be making it again.  I'm dying to make more banana muffins. 
*start rant*  One of the hard things of this house is my fridge.  I'm used to a top freezer/bottom fridge unit.  That's what I've had all my life.  I LOVE them.  This house has your typical side by side.  Hate it.  I cant fit much in it!!  When we first moved here I had used up most of my freezer stuff and it was mostly empty.  I move it here and BOOM my freezer is full!!!  Makes it very hard to stock up.  *end rant*

I am wearing... blue t-shirt, grey knit shorts.  HOWEVER I also organized my closet today and tried on some clothes I haven't worn in a year.  The fruits of this horrid surgery are finally coming to fruition!!!  I no longer look 5 months pregnant which means that clothes that were tight in the belly before actually fit!  Best part of my day.

I am creating... working on another slouchy hat and am abt to start the decreases.   I'll be posting when its complete.  I still need to cast on for sock #2 in my new crazy sock yarn.  I received two different charity blankets in the mail that I need to start working on.  One I already have the yarn for, but the other will require a trip to JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby.  Oh the sacrifice one must make for charity.........

I am going... to take it easy tomorrow.  I did quite a bit today and now that I've stopped, I'm starting to feel it.  I'm tired.  Not exhausted, just tired.  This is a good thing.

I am wondering... about the price of food.  I went to my local Publix last week to get some milk.  I literally, audibly sucked in air.  It was $4.09 for a gallon of Publix milk.   I put it back.  I could not bear to pay that much for milk.  Target was $3.99, not much better.  I went to Walgreens and got TGLee milk for $2.99.  It was on sale.  Food has gone up so much AND product amounts have shrunk (yes I have noticed the size go from a 12oz to a 9oz bottle of dish soap, Dawn!)  Cereal is another culprit.  I got cereal today because it was a BOGO.    How much are you guys paying for milk?

I am reading... bills and school field trip forms.  I was watching the Olympics.  I am glad that new shows are back. 

I am hoping... to sort thru bills and miscellaneous paperwork tomorrow.  I need to get a handle on where we're at with bills and money.  It's a constant battle.  I may need yarn to soothe my budget stress.

I am looking forward to... a couple of band trips are coming up, one in March and another in May.  It's hard to believe that February is almost over. 

I am hearing......  nothing.  The kids have their faces in various forms of computer apparatuses (apparati?) and the IO is already in bed.  And it's not even 7:30.

Around the house...  laundry is pretty much caught up; my side of the closet is organized; old dishes were washed and are now drying;  new dishes are soaking in the sink (dishes NEVER go away)

I am pondering... the news.  I used to be such a news hound but lately I just cant seem to stomach it.  It's either a new disease that running rampant (H1N1 seems to be hanging around, a new disease in CA that mimics polio is making it's rounds), or some extreme group hating on somebody else, or some country rioting.  I don't have the strength for it all yet. 

A favorite quote for today...
Normal is relative

One of my favorite things aka Hemi's Corner......

A few plans for the rest of the week:  We've joined the gym again and we are meeting with a trainer on Thursday.  I cant do anything but walk so this will be more for Baby Girl.  I mostly go for the treadmill and the classes, but if Baby Girl wants to work the circuit, she'll have an idea what to do.  I'm also doing Parade of Homes with my sisters on Saturday.  I'm hoping for a few ideas for my windows and my walls; both seem to be a bit sparse. 
There's my update!!  If you want to participate, go here. 


Linda said…
I so love reading your Day Books Lynn. Sounds like you need a rest day. Thanks for the Hemi pic.

Linda said…
You have been one very busy lady! Glad to hear you're recovering from the surgery and its after effects nicely. Good blog...I think you covered just about everything...the news, the fridge (I hate side by sides too), the kids, the knitting, the housework, the out-and-about...yikes! Now I'm tired! Wishing you happy days, happy knitting, happy family! P.S. We usually get our milk at the gas station; they send out coupons once a month...a gal. for $2.99/limit 2 per coupon..3 coups per month.
Anonymous said…
I am so glad we could get together. I can't believe we didn't come up for air (i.e. lunch) until 2:30. LOL

I don't remember what I last paid for milk, but I heard a story on the news that it may go up as high as $6.00/gallon. CRAZY!

See you soon ---- and I MEAN that! ;-)

Sandra Knapp said…
I believe we have been paying about $4.50 per gallon for milk here, and we are surrounded with dairy farms. LOL If you are getting anywhere for $2.99, that's a steal.

Glad to see you are more and more able to function better and getting stronger. One of these days, you won't be struggling any more, and it will all just feel normal again. I'm sure it's comeing soon, so enjoy this time while you can. :)

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