Simple Woman's Daybook - Wednesday's Edition


Outside my window... it is rainy.  We had some HEAVY rains and a tornado watch, but that seems to have passed.   It's bringing with it a cool front.  Tomorrow we have a high of 62.  I will take it!!!   While I would love to be in all that snow everybody seems to be getting, I'll keep my cloudy 62 than have to deal with the ice that seems to be coming with this storm. 

I am thinking... that I actually might be back to my old self by the end of March.  I'm seeing some extra movement that I didn't have a couple weeks back.  I have noticed that my energy level is much better.  Yesterday I was able to drop Baby Girl off at school, come home and walk a half mile, take a shower, make breakfast and get back to the school in an hour.  I helped with the separating of the current fundraiser, left to get #1 Son, make him a grilled ham and cheese, take him and Baby Girl to the library, the gym (to sign us up) and Target.  Dinner was Chick Fil A and  I was in bed by 8pm, but I am really impressed with myself!!  It's been a LONG time since I could do all that in one day!

I am thankful... that I'm starting to see the old me coming back.  I've got a ways to go, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the kitchen... tonight's dinner was pork chops with stuffing and baked apples.  VERY good.  I also made some banana muffins.  I specifically got ripe bananas just to make these!!

I am wearing... a red San Diego Zoo t-shirt, tan capris and some hand knit socks. 

I am creating... socks!!!!  Sock #1 is done for this pair.
and sock #2 is done for this pair!!
I don't know what went wrong with this pair, but one foot is abt a 1/2 inch shorter than the other foot.  Instead of adding it to the charity bag, I added it to the IO's drawer.   He'll never notice the difference. 

I am going... to get another muffin once I publish this post!

I am wondering... why Subway feels the need to add yoga mat filler to their bread. 

I am reading... #1 Son wanted to stop at the library for a book which meant I had to peruse their new release section.  In true form, I found a few I wanted to read...
I went thru a few last night and three of them went back to the library today.  While I would love to have a yard with a ton of birds, I also have three cats.  Cats are listed as the #1 predator of local birds.  Hmmm, think I'll have to stay with the high bird feeders we used to have at the old house.  I also returned Meals in a Jar and DIners Drive-ins and Dives.  I like my cookbooks to be in color.    I'll go thru the other two cookbooks to see if anything catches my eye and I'm hoping to start reading Heist by the wknd. 

I am hoping... to start unpacking the back of the van.  It is still full of stuff from the move.  From the old craft room.  And the bookshelves.  ~sigh~  I should probably just bring in a book every time I pick somebody up or bring somebody home.  THAT would get that backseat empty in no time!

I am looking forward to... meeting up with some girlfriends on Friday.

I am hearing...... it's only 7pm and the house is unusually quiet.  Everybody is tired and it's only half way thru the week!!  The IO is already in bed and Baby Girl is not far from it. 

Around the house... not much is going on.  I'm trying to keep up with chores but nothing extra is happening. 

I am pondering... the logistics of what I WANT to get done vs what I ACTUALLY get done.  This has little to do with my surgery as it has to do with me.  I get SO much more done in my head than I do in real life.  It's worse now, but at least I have an excuse!

A favorite quote for today... Saw this online the other day and thought it was very interesting. 

One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's corner:  I took this a couple of days ago when he was just enjoying the weather.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I've got my final appt with my gut doctor tomorrow.  YEAH!  I was told I can lift around 20-30 pounds now and while I can lift a laundry basket, the baked ziti I made over the wknd seemed really heavy!!!  I think it was the twisting and bending along with holding that did it.  I had the IO take it out once it was done.  It didn't do any damage because I don't feel any worse because of it other than being a bit sore for the next two days!!!   Baby Girl and I joined the gym again, and while I cant do anything other than walk, Baby Girl can take yoga and pilates and zumba and a spin class.  She's been wanting to do it for a long time now and I view the expense like her ballet class.  If it gets her moving and exercising we're all for it! 

A peek into my day... I was able to walk  .7 miles today!  I've been trying to walk a half a mile a day but with the weather being so bad, it's been hard to be consistent.  I was able to walk that half mile yesterday and today I figured I'd try to go a bit further before I turned back.   AND I didn't feel like I was going to fall over when I got home either!!!  I was going to try for a full mile, but then decided I didn't want to push it too far.  It's amazing how much better I feel when I go for a walk in the AM.  I also went grocery shopping and made dinner including those muffins.  Baby steps forward.....
Ok so if you all want to play and ramble on like I do, go here!


Sandra Knapp said…
You are really putting out the socks since your surgery. I'm glad you are enjoying it. The socks look great too.

You sound really well, and it's wonderful that you are gaining strength and energy each and every day, and really able to see and know that you are recovering well.

I am one of those "lucky" folks in for one heck of a snow storm today. They are predicting up to 12" for here, and that is go to on top of the 12" we got just a week ago. Oh well, nothing new for this area, really. When I moved into this house, 27 years back, it was April, and we had to have the driveway plowed out to get up to the house, because the snow was so deep. LOL

Take care and keep well. :)
Linda said…
So happy to read that your finally feeling better Lynn. Love the new sock color. Thanks for the Hemi pic.


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