Saturday Sky

Today #1 Son had a band competition and his school got straight superiors!!!  This means we are going to State sometime in May.  I'd be sharing pictures of the event but I didn't get one.

However I did get a picture of my Saturday Sky.

We were headed home after dinner and I made a U-turn once I saw the sun setting over the lake.  Gorgeous!!!

I also have a finish to share, a charity blanket from The Eastern Regional Oddball Blanket group on Ravelry.  

Mine is the top light blue.  I'm almost done with blanket #2, and I got two more waiting for me!!  I signed up for a few blankets over the past month because I wasn't getting any in the mail, so of course they all show up at once!! 

Hope everybody is having a great wknd!!


Sandra Knapp said…
Your sunset shot is great!! Well worth a U-turn to capture. LOL

Now, on this blanket, if I am understanding you correctly, they are started by other people, and passed on to another person, and each one contributes a section of the blanket? Is that right?

It would certainly make the creation of such a blanket easier that way. Take it from one who now knows, doing the entire thing by one's self, is quite the commitment. I'm not sure if I'll ever make another, after the one I just recently finished. The weight of it alone, was enough to warn me off making another one. LOL

But for your part of the blanket, good for you. And if you have a few more there to contribute a section to, have fun with it. I just hope you don't have to do the same color for all of them, or that could get just a tad boring before you are finished with them all. :)
Anonymous said…
I didn't know you were working on that project. That's pretty cool.

Your blanket looks great.

Linda said…
Great blanket Lynn. Congrats to the band.

Wendy said…
Nice projects. The sun set is beautiful.
Beautiful sunset - I love those pink ones. What a cool idea for a charity KAL. Figures they would all arrive around the same time :o)
kathy b said…
Thanks for the turnaround shot for us! I appreciate it!!
Still snow on the ground here as is the norm on St. Paddys' day. Usually spring warmth comes intermittently enough for hope after this date!

Weekend: Too busy. Happy to stay in and knit tonight

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