The Home Stretch

So how is it possible that we are about to start April?  I just spent some time getting myself organized for the final 9 weeks of school and I just kept shaking my head.  I can't believe we are already at the end of the school year.  And I KNOW it will go fast since this is when we have all the concerts and competitions and field trips.  Fun and exhausting times are ahead! 

Today is also the last day of Spring Break.   We've had a busy week with only one day of doing nothing.  Oh wait, that one day was for ME!  I hadn't stopped for over a week so I took Saturday off.  That meant I did not change out of my pjs.  I did not cook.  I did not  clean.  I did not take children anywhere.  There was food in the house and Baby Girl went off to see a friend where the IO dropped her off and the mom brought her home. 

It was wonderful.

Since I didn't do any mommy duties that day, I had time to work on Too Pooped. 


It is completely stitched, but not yet complete.  I have the backstitching to finish.  There is quite a bit to do, but not so much that it's going to take me a month to finish it.  I'm hoping it will be done by next week, but realistically it will be more like two.  I will post a final pic of it complete.  I'm not a big fan of backstitching but I LOVE the way it makes it look.  Makes the piece really pop!!

I did take the time to take my sky pictures and it was rainy all afternoon.  Another reason why I took the day for me.  Perfect lounging weather.
It was hard not to do the same on Sunday even though it was nice and sunny. 

Hope everybody had a great weekend  and stayed warm and dry (hard to do in some places).


kathy b said…
Ahhh so happy for your perfect ME day We need those!!! Hooray . Happy Happy you enjoyed it thorougly. THat lazy cat is just the best stitching ever
Linda said…
Congrats on finishing the stitching on Too Pooped Lynn. It looks great. We all need a me day once in a while.

Anonymous said…
Congrats on finishing the stitching on Too Pooped. Will you frame it yourself?
Sandra Knapp said…
Every Mom deserves a ME day, at least once a month, so I'm glad you claimed yours for March.

"Too Pooped" is looking great. That back stitching might be annoying, but in anything, those "finishing touches" are what really set the whole thing off.

I see from your Saturday sky photo that you are in a very nice, tidy neighborhood, with great sidewalks for walking. Now I know why you enjoy your walks so well. :)

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