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Outside my window...If I could bottle today's weather, I would.  It was the perfect day.  It was VERY rainy this AM, but by the afternoon it was gorgeous.  The thermometer said it was 78, but it must have been very low in humidity because it was VERY comfortable, plus we had a cool breeze thruout the whole house.  Absolutely beautiful.  The windows are still open and the cats are enjoying the cool breezes from the yard.

I am thinking... that it's been awhile since I've taken the cats to the vet.  I need to double check when they last went, plus Princess REALLY needs her teeth cleaned.  Her gums tend to get inflamed and she can get really bad breath!

I am thankful... that I am really starting to feel better.  I still get twinges and my scars irritate me thruout the day, but for the most part I am starting to feel like my old self.  My energy level is almost back to normal, I can almost bend and grab something from the floor (I still have to squat, but not as much).  I will do it automatically and afterward realized what I had done!  LOVE that part!  One thing I have noticed is that walking really makes a difference for me and how I feel.  If I let too many days go by w/o walking, my body feels it.  It gives me incentive to move!

In the kitchen... I'm kind of sick of chicken (we eat a LOT of it!) so yesterday I made some burgers (SO good) and tonight's dinner is beef stew, rice and corn.  Simple and yummy.

I am wearing... a big blue t-shirt and grey shorts

I am creating... I have switched gears to working on my charity blanket.  Another 18 rows of garter and it will be done.  I plan on working on it tonight while I catch up on my dvr'd shows.

I am going... to start cleaning out the garage.  Even if that means breaking down the extra boxes and putting them in the recycling bin.  It's time.

I am wondering... what to make that's a gluten free main meal.  We are having some ppl over for lunch and the wife is gluten free.  Any suggestions? 

I am reading... blogs.  I miss reading them.  Honestly I spend way too much time on Facebook, esp their games.  They SUCK me in and it's hard to get out.......

I am hoping... to eventually tackle the bins of fabric that are stashed in the garage.  The weather has been good, but once it gets really hot and muggy, I don't want the stash to get ruined.

I am looking forward to... Spring Break.  Ours will be at the end of March.

I am hearing.... right now, not much.  No tv, no radio, no talking. 

Around the house... we've needed to have some things fixed ever since we've moved in back in November, but I'm just now getting around to calling it into the property management ppl.  This is the PLUS of renting instead of owning.  I make a phone call, a plumber shows up at 8pm and I don't have to pay for it!!  I'm waiting for them to send somebody out for my stove.  The biggest burner doesn't work and there are some pans I cant use because of it.

I am pondering... the wisdom behind Daylight Savings Time.  I don't care for it.  Actually it's the losing of the hour I despise.  It really has an effect on me.  Yes I could go to be earlier, but I'm a night person, this does NOT work for me.  So Monday night I'm staring at the clock and it's staring back with 12:23AM as the time.  My mind is saying I need to get to bed, but my body is saying I have another half hour to go.  I'll be fine by next week, but my thing is, pick a time and leave it.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's Corner....
They both think they are up against me!! 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  #1 Son has a band competition on Saturday that I will be chaperoning.  It will be my first one since the surgery and I'm thankful that it's a short day.  We need to arrive by 11am (which means some decent sleep) and we'll be  home by 6pm (which means I shouldn't be dead).  

A peek into my day... #1 Son stayed home today, not sure if his allergies are REALLY or if he's fighting a cold, but he hasn't been feeling well today.  AND the IO decided to take a mental health day.  This means in order for all to rest, I had to be quiet.  No cleaning, no going thru boxes, no nothing.  Normally this would be fine, but I was *ITCHING* to work on the kitchen which would be really noisy so I didn't do it.  I finally left the house to go to Target.  After walking around a bit, I could feel myself de-stress and I felt much better.  I got home when Baby Girl did and by then everybody was up.  Still a quiet day, but by the afternoon, I didn't mind.
So there you have it, Wednesday's version of my daybook.  If you want to play, go here.


Anonymous said…
What would happen if the cats realized it was each other??? LOL
Linda said…
Love the kitty pics Lynn. So glad to hear your feeling almost 100%.

Sandra Knapp said…
I'm so happy to hear you continue to improve, and I'm sure you are pleased about that too.

kathy b said…
I love to peek into your day. Im such a snoop. I see you getting stronger!! Hooray .The lights is so at the end of your tunnel post operatively!!!
Vivian said…
I love reading your Daybook. For the food, Chinese food is pretty much gluten free, so think rice, rice noodles, fresh veggie, fish; no funny sauce since you never know how they make it. Fresh fruits for dessert, super healthy.

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