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Outside my window... it was another gorgeous day.   It was supposed to be rainy and it started out cloudy, but it turned into a nice sunny day, cool enough to open the windows to air the house out. 

I am thinking... that this is turning into an expensive Spring Break!  So far we have been to two plays (one play twice to be more specific), one movie (our movies are $10 a pop and that's before snacks!) out to dinner three times, grocery shopping for the week, and clothes shopping twice.  Oh and we got a saucer chair for the family room.  This is when I miss that double income....
I am also thinking that I've hit my 90 day mark from my surgery.  I'm definitely feeling much better, but I'm also realizing that me feeling normal is a new type of normal.  Some things are better, others will be an adjustment. 

I am thankful... for my family.  No one can make me crazier, but I'll never give them up.

In the kitchen... I actually made up a menu for this week to follow since the kids are out on spring break and I have yet to follow it!!!  I've made dinner yesterday and today, just not what I originally planned.  However I still made dinner so I consider that a win!!!  Cow yesterday and Pig tonight.  Tomorrow is chicken.  That will be the extent of the farm.  I've never been a big sheep person unless it involved their wool.

I am wearing... a big blue t-shirt.  I'm already in my pjs.

I am creating... I finished two more charity blankets for the Ravelry group Eastern Region Oddball Baby Blankets.
Lovely Layers

Yikes Love Those Stripes!
Now that these are done I need to figure out what to work on next. 

I am going... to get rid of one more box tomorrow!

I am wondering... if I'll ever be unpacked.  Maybe when the kids move out....

I am reading... phfttttt!

I am hoping... I am doing the right things for my kids.  Parenting is a lot harder than I expected and some days it feels as if I'm failing at it.  The problem with parenting is you never know how poorly you are doing until much later on.  I know I'm a good parent, but there are areas that I feel I lack in.  I know, I'm your typical mom who worries, but it's still something I hope for.

I am looking forward to... Friday.  I have friends coming over during the day.  Plus it looks as if we might get another date night Friday night.

I am hearing..... the hum of the bathroom fan.  Everybody else is in bed so it's quiet.

Around the house... hmmmm.  I have yet to plant my tomato plants or my petunias or my bougainvillea.  I DO have a welcome mat with an owl that says WHOOOOO goes there!   It makes me smile every time! 

I am pondering... how it's not my mother's voice or my grandmother's voice that I hear in my head these days; its my grandfather's.  And it's always when I'm at the grocery store.   I have turned into him.  It makes me nuts when I go grocery shopping and the prices keep going up.  The gas would give him a heart attack.  Remember how I complained abt the cost of milk a month ago?  It was $4.09 and I abt had a fit.  This past Monday it was up another dime to $4.19.  From the comments I got from that post, my milk is cheaper that some, but it still makes me nuts to pay that much. 
OMG I sound like my grandfather..... 

A favorite quote for today...
Which is why when I woke up at 7am I rolled over and slept in until NOON!!! Apparently I was tired.

One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's corner....
How you doin'!
A few plans for the rest of the week: well I will be redoing a load of laundry since I'm just now remember it's still in the washer.  More laundry and getting the house pulled together for company on Friday.

A peek into my day... it's been a busy 4 days.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday were FULL days.  We were going from mid morning until late that night.  I really wanted today to be quiet, but I got a coupon emailed to me for an additional 50% off clearance stuff at Beall's (a Florida dept store).  I just bought stuff there yesterday so we went back to get our 50% off of that stuff AND of course we bought a few more things today.  Kids have new clothes and I saved money while doing it! 
So there you have it, another SWD for the books!  If you want to play, go here.


Anonymous said…
The oddball blankets are cute. They certainly have some happy colors.
kathy b said…
90 day mark! GOod for you. You have healed well and unpacked to boot! I recall spring break being very costly even if we did not travel during that week.
Yup kids are costly. But the day in and out that you spend with them will turn them into wonderful adults….promise
Linda said…
Another fun daybook post Lynn. Thanks for the Hemi pic. To cute. The blankets turned out great.
That first kitty pic looks like me trying to get out of bed.

Sandra Knapp said…
The blankets look great. I'm sure it's much easier doing something like that, when you only have a few rows to do, instead of the whole thing. LOL

As to your recovery, you got that right. Definitely it is a new "normal" for you now, but in time, you will adjust and it will begin to seem as though it was always that way. :) I think you are doing great!

I loved your little kitting unable to get out of bed, so I am going to post it on Facebook. I hope you don't mind, as it fits my feelings so well too. LOL

Have a wonderful day. :)
Lifesastitch said…
I'm appreciating how simple my life is at this moment. I know it will change, but thinking about my co-workers and spring break it's two weeks here, it boggles me. It was hard when I had three kids off for a week.

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