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The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... right now it's very overcast and threatening to rain.  I'm hoping it does since I never got out to water my plants today.  It's almost 5pm and the temps are 89 with a heat index of 98.  This morning was the first morning in MONTHS where it was warm and humid when I left the house early this AM.  This does not amuse me.
I am thinking... that I need to keep working on the piles of stuff around the house. 
I am thankful... for the quiet time that I try to carve out in the day.  It helps to keep me sane.
In the kitchen...I'm trying to keep our food bill low so I'm making a conscious effort to shop sales and ONLY buy food we need for the week.  It's always good in theory, but we blow thru food so quickly it's hard to keep the teenagers full.  However it does force me to have a meal plan for the week.  Yesterday was spaghetti and meatballs, today I am roasting a chicken (I'm ALWAYS roasting a chicken!!) with leftover spaghetti sauc…

Feline Fridays

The Gatekeeper

Thursday in the Garden

Quick update:  everything is still alive!  (remember, with me you just never know....)

The one thing I like abt these updates is it helps me to see how much my plants have grown.  Seeing them every day, day after day, makes it seem as if they aren't doing much at all.  However I was organizing my pictures this AM and I could see how much they've all grown!!  Makes me so happy. 

And apparently all I needed to do was some trash talk to get my tomatoes to move along.  Tomato plant #1 is coming along quite nicely.

There are still two tomatoes on the bush

with friends expecting to arrive shortly.

Tomato plant #2 has filled in

and I see the beginnings of blossoms starting to form.

Tomato plants #3 and #4 have just shown me up!! 

#3 has really taken off!  And while #4 is still lagging behind, there's all kinds of new grown on it!! 

We had some good soaking rain during the week and I think the nutrients in the rain made the difference.  City water just isn't the same.

My wh…

Leftovers can be good!

When we go out to dinner, we usually have leftovers to bring home.   I love this part; it's like two meals for the price of one.  Yes this makes me cheap, but it also makes me lazy.  If I bring food home, the most I have to do is nuke what's in the package.

Unless I want to change it up.

Baby Girl got fajitas at Chili's last Sunday and she had a lot of the condiments left over.  We bagged them up and took them home.  There were a couple of strips of steak, some pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream.  As I dig into the rest of the fridge I found some mushrooms and some more cheese. 

And I found this on the table.

I bought this onion from a farmer's market a couple of weeks ago.  A couple of days ago I see it growing shoots out of the top!  How is it possible that I struggle to grow herbs from seed and yet I can have an onion that I ignore, absorbs water from the air and sprouts!  Go figure. 

I decide at this point I should cut up the onion and add it to the mix.  Scram…

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... sunny and warm.  We had a high of 80 I believe.  Yesterday was another day I wanted to bottle, but not the kind you would think of.  It was cloudy and cool, we barely hit 70.  In the middle of hotter-than-the-sun-scorched-and-blinding days of summer, I'd like to pull it out and enjoy the break.  I'm weird like that. 
I am thinking... that with all the organizing and cleaning I've done today, my house should look better than it does.
I am thankful... for my health and the ability to get a lot done today.
In the kitchen... tonight's dinner: cheeseburgers with mushrooms and provolone cheese and Alexa seasoned fries.  Yum!!  We had some leftover brownies for dessert.  Tomorrow will be a roasted chicken with rice, corn and peas.  I pinned a recipe for a broccoli au gratin that I really want to try and if I get to the store tomorrow, we will have that instead of the peas.
I am wearing... my old Orlando Magic t-shirt and tan capris
I am creating... H…

Thursday in the Garden

Great news, nothing has died yet!!! 

Here is what the little patch of green looks like.

The flowers are doing well.

I still have two tomatoes that are getting bigger each day.

The interesting thing I'm seeing is the differences in the tomato plants.  The one in the left beige container was a bigger plant when I bought it which explains why it already has fruit (fruit/veggie vs tom-A-to/tom-AH-to) (whatevs).  However the other three were the same size when I bought them, yet the one in the beige container is doing much better than the black container.

The ones in the black container are still alive and well, but not growing.

The ONLY thing different is the container.  The IO thinks it's drying out too fast, but the moisture is the same.  Maybe the black container is heating up more??  I have no idea. 

Apparently my tomatoes have turned into a science experiment......

Other things around the yard are the bougainvillea

and the geraniums.

I'm not worried abt the bougainville…

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... it's another hot and sunny day, for now.  We are expecting some rain later on to usher in another cool front.  Right now it's 84 with a heat index of 90.  It was nicer this AM when I was watering the plants.  If you were in the shade the breeze was nice and cool!!!  High tomorrow is 73 so I'm happy for that.
I am thinking... that I really need to use my calendar more.  I have info in it but I need to keep it on my dresser.  We are entering the busy zone and so far I've missed two payments for a field trip and a banquet!  It was already a tight week financially, but then I had to come up with $80 for a field trip and $100 for a banquet.  I am also thinking I need to find a part time job.......
I am thankful... that even though it's tight, I was able to figure out how to pay for the above.  Let's hope nothing else drops in my lap before Friday!
In the kitchen... I'll be buying two roasters later on today so I'm thinking roasted …

Thursday in the Garden

Thursday in the Garden.  Doesn't that sound nice?  Makes me think of meandering thru an English garden as I sip on Earl Grey. 

In reality this is more of a Central Florida yard with some flowers and plants that are being kept alive by a wanna be gardener with a partially black thumb.  Plus I'm more of a coffee kinda gal.

Good news! Everything is still alive!!

My bougainvillea
Hard to tell in this picture, but it has new growth with some flowers on it's way (click on the pics for a better look)

My chives
A favorite with the cats!

My geraniums are not only still alive
but I see new growth which means those measily little roots have taken hold!!

The main area is looking good

Some workers dumped those concrete tiles off next door for the trash so we brought them over to our house.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but those are going to be fantastic somewhere in my yard.

The flowers are doing well

and the smaller tomato plants are growing new shoots.