Container Gardens

Know what my favorite part of container gardening is???  It's mobile!!  Yesterday after I planted my tomatoes I watched to see how much sun it would get.  It didn't get sunny until almost 2pm.  By 5:30 it was shady again.  Hmmmm.  Even *I* know tomatoes need more sun than that!!!

So this morning after Baby Girl was off to school I went outside and moved my containers to the middle of the back yard.   I also decided to finish planting my petunias.   This is now what I see when I open the back patio door. (objects appear closer than in my pics)

I wasn't sure if it would look weird being stuck in the middle of the yard, but I kinda like it.

Depending on how it goes, I may end up putting down mulch and stone to finish it off.

Or maybe not.  I don't want to do anything until I'm sure I want them to live there full time.

Right now all I know is that everything is still alive.  THAT makes me happy.  Check back next Thursday to see how it's all going.  I'm going to try to make Thursdays my garden updates.  Meanwhile enjoy the virtual spring.  And while you may still be cold and wishing for spring, my high for Sunday is expected to hit 90.



Anonymous said…
I like the look. It gives you something interesting to see right there in the middle. The petunias are so pretty.
kathy b said…
Im looking forward to your THursday gardening updates!!!! hooray. Go green thumb
Linda said…
I think the pots look great out in the middle Lynn. You can just keep adding more.

Sandra Knapp said…
The pots look just fine there. It breaks up the manotony of all that space, adding color, form and beauty. I hope they all do well for you. Much easier keeping containers weed free too. :)

As for your 90 degree weather, you are welcome to it. We had a gorgeous 56 degrees yesterday, which was perfect for me. LOL

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