Leftovers can be good!

When we go out to dinner, we usually have leftovers to bring home.   I love this part; it's like two meals for the price of one.  Yes this makes me cheap, but it also makes me lazy.  If I bring food home, the most I have to do is nuke what's in the package.

Unless I want to change it up.

Baby Girl got fajitas at Chili's last Sunday and she had a lot of the condiments left over.  We bagged them up and took them home.  There were a couple of strips of steak, some pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream.  As I dig into the rest of the fridge I found some mushrooms and some more cheese. 

And I found this on the table.

I bought this onion from a farmer's market a couple of weeks ago.  A couple of days ago I see it growing shoots out of the top!  How is it possible that I struggle to grow herbs from seed and yet I can have an onion that I ignore, absorbs water from the air and sprouts!  Go figure. 

I decide at this point I should cut up the onion and add it to the mix.  Scramble some eggs and this is what you get.

Those onion shoots make the top look pretty!  Add coffee and you've got breakfast!

Lunch was leftover Chinese food.   I love leftovers!  Makes breakfast and lunch so much more exciting than a bowl of cereal or a baloney sandwich!

What about you?  Do you like leftovers?  Do you nuke them later on or do you change it up and make something different out of them?


Anonymous said…
The egg dish looks delicious!

Steve usually takes any leftovers to work. Sometimes he eats them "as is" and sometimes he adds to it with stuff from the fridge.
Bridget said…
I love leftovers, and some are better the second time around, in my opinion!
kathy b said…
I love leftovers and often bring them to work with me.
They taste so delicious. I cannot eat frozen pre made meals like lean cuisine etc. THey all smell plastic y to me.
So i love leftovers

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