So back in March I went to Lowes and bought some plants.  I put them on the back porch, and there they stayed.  And stayed.  And stayed some more.  Thankfully there was some rain so the poor things didn't die.  At least not all of them.  Today I finally went out and did something with them. 

I planted my bougainvillea back against the chain link fence.

I originally planned on putting it here
but this area gets no sun and bougainvillea NEED  at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.  The IO suggested planting it along the back wall, and while it would look really pretty as it grew up the sides of the wall, I nixed the idea.  The development we live in is responsible in keeping the outer walls in good shape and whenever they would have to paint it, my bougainvillea will be cut back GREATLY.  The fence will provide something for it to climb on and it gets direct sun from sunrise to around 1:45pm.

I also planted my tomatoes.

This area gets sun from around 1:45pm until 7pm.  I'm hoping that will be enough.  I could move it to the side of the house but there isn't much room there and I'm afraid the reflective heat from the sun to the house to the plants will be too much for them.  We'll have to see.

I also planted these guys into a pot.

Chives are on the right and I believe geraniums are on the left.  It hitched a ride with the bougainvillea and I didn't notice it until I was pulling the plant out of the pot.

It only had abt 5 roots attached so I'm hoping it will do ok.

You can see some of my petunias have died, but the others are doing really well.  I need to find more containers to put them in.  There is an old coleman cooler with a broken lid that I might have the IO drill holes in.  I love off the wall containers!!  I just need to get them in something before the rest of them die off!!!

What do you like to plant once the weather gets nice??


Anonymous said…
I'm not much of a gardener, but I have been considering some African irises around the palm tree in the back yard.

The light has changed so much in our yard since we moved in 20 years ago. The big oak in the front shades most of the side yard now.
Linda said…
Pretty flowers Lynn. I like petunias. But actually, I go to Lowe's and just pick one of those and one of these etc. Whatever jumps out at me. lol

I went to the nursery one year and asked for something I could forget to water for window boxes and the employee looked HORRIFIED ... hahahaha! I typically plant imaptients in there, those are ones that bounce right back if you forget to water them until they get all wilty and look half dead. I also LOVE pansies and usually plant many of those in pots around the front stairs, those are pretty hardy too.
kathy b said…
Lovely garden plantings Lynn!!

I love to plant flowers but not by seed. I'm too impatient (pun intended) to start with seeds.

I love planting rose bushes too..
Sandra Knapp said…
Just in case you didn't know, but tomatoes should get 10 hours of sunlight, if at all possible. And I think you might need to find another place to hang that plant that is over the tomato, because if they do thrive, that poor plant is in danger of being overwhelmed. I'm sure you would have noticed that in time though. LOL

I think you chose the perfect spot for the Bougainvillea too. It should do very well there. They are gorgeous plants, so I wish you all the best with it.

I think it was great you ended up with a free Geranium too. Also, very pretty plants, and very hardy too.

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