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Outside my window... another day I'd like to bottle.  After Monday's high of 90 (with a heat index of 96) I am enjoying the sunny day with the cooler temps.  We are around 64 or 68, depending on which thermometer you look at.  Plus the humidity is low so it is LOVELY!  It will warm up into the 80s by the end of the week, but I'm ok with that.  It's those 90s that make me cringe.

I am thinking... that Princess needs a dental appointment.  I can always tell she needs her teeth cleaned when I can smell her breath from across the room!

I am thankful... for the quiet house that I have right now.  It's calm and cool and soothing.  I have much to do in the house, but I'll get to it later.  Right now I'm going to savor the quiet.

In the kitchen... I got a new stove!  The one we had when we moved in had a burner that didn't work.  It took me almost three months to report all my issues with the house to the property manager, but it finally went in.  And after three weeks of waiting, they finally approved the purchase of a new stove.  It was delivered yesterday and I'm SO happy!!!  I tested it out by making some baked ziti.  Stove top and oven work great!  And dinner was yummy!!

I am wearing... my San Diego Zoo red t-shirt and some tan shorts.

I am creating... I finished off my Basket Rib hand towel. 
This is more in line of the correct color.
It's in the wash as I type.  It will go into one of my bathroom drawers as a liner. 
I also pulled out Too Pooped so I can start the back stitch AND I'd like to start sock #2 of the bright sock yarn I bought after my surgery.  Once I start it I will get a lot done on it, but I need to cast on when I have the energy, the light and the eyesight.  I am also on the decreases of a hat.  I am decreasing in pattern which means I have to work on it when I have a brain. 

I am going... to pick up my hat once I finish this post.

I am wondering... what project to start next.....

I am reading... some blogs and the newspaper. 

I am hoping... to visit our cousins in NC this summer.  The trick is going to be scheduling a time when all of us will be available....

I am looking forward to... May.  While it will be busy, there are a lot of fun field trips coming up.

I am hearing...... whenever I post this part of SWD, I think of my high school psych class.  One of our assignments was to sit outside for 15 min and record everything we hear.  At first we were all "are you kidding me?!?!  HOW boring!"  but when we had a discussion in class the next day, it was amazing what we actually heard in those 15 min.  I will occasionally do that exercise and again I am always amazed at what I hear. 
My house butts up against property owned by the city. 
There are lots of birds that live in this area.  Today I stood outside and heard a TON of birds just singing and chirping.  I also heard a woodpecker. 
Too cool.

Around the house... I sorta unpacked another box, but ended up refilling part of it with stuff from another box that was overflowing.  I was telling a friend of mine that I unpacked another box and she was so surprised that I still had boxes left!  Apparently I'm not moving fast enough!  :)  I also went thru some old costume jewelry and got rid of a lot of stuff!  Anything broken got thrown out and now I just have a small box of what I wear.  Baby Girl was the recipient of some dangly earrings I no longer wanted so it was a win/win for both of us! 

I am pondering... what my health was before my surgery.  I have had more people tell me that they see such a difference in me.  While I haven't gained back any of the weight that I've lost since the surgery (which I consider a PLUS!) I haven't really lost any more either.  However the IO said that I carry myself differently now.  My posture is better and my gait is stronger.  I consider it a new normal.  While my leg still bothers me at night, I do have more energy and feel more mobile that I did before. 

A favorite quote for today...
While not your typical quote, I thought this was a really cool idea!!! 
One of my favorite things AKA Hemi's Corner.....
Making sure the laundry is sufficiently pressed and furred.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  It's going to be a busy wknd.  We have a religious convention on Saturday and Sunday, plus we have our Memorial for Christ's death on Monday.  Definitely a feast of spiritual food this wknd!!

A peek into my day... This guy has been a huge part of today! 
Whenever I sit down, he plops on top of me.  And he's been getting mad when I stand back up.  I cant spend too much time sitting, there ARE things I need to get done, but he seems to have his own ideas of what I should be doing.  Like being a cat bed for his body.
So there you have it.  Another SWD for the archives.  If you want to play, go here.  Make sure to come back tomorrow for my gardening update!  Spoiler alert, there have been NO deaths!!   


kathy b said…
I love your QUOTE I may have to try that with my herbs. Love your peek into the day!!!!
SO glad you are healed and feeling better.
hemi is so darn cute SO SO darn cute.

We have a busy few days too. Not without room to knit however. Al is home for my niece's wedding on Friday! She brought a friend who is looking to live near this area .
tomorrow night; much needed comedy at Second CIty

Linda said…
Thanks for the Hemi pictures Lynn. Cute as always.

Hilary Cook said…
When I moved back to my hometown in 2002, I still had boxes sitting in my Mom's garage since then. I finally unpacked them at the end of 2013. If you haven't waited that long, you are doing well. My cats are the same way. I think it is just their way. When I am home in bed sick, they take up position on either side of me and don't leave me until I get up for the bathroom or eat. Cats are so in tune with their owners. Loved your post.

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