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Outside my window... it's another hot and sunny day, for now.  We are expecting some rain later on to usher in another cool front.  Right now it's 84 with a heat index of 90.  It was nicer this AM when I was watering the plants.  If you were in the shade the breeze was nice and cool!!!  High tomorrow is 73 so I'm happy for that.

I am thinking... that I really need to use my calendar more.  I have info in it but I need to keep it on my dresser.  We are entering the busy zone and so far I've missed two payments for a field trip and a banquet!  It was already a tight week financially, but then I had to come up with $80 for a field trip and $100 for a banquet.  I am also thinking I need to find a part time job.......

I am thankful... that even though it's tight, I was able to figure out how to pay for the above.  Let's hope nothing else drops in my lap before Friday!

In the kitchen... I'll be buying two roasters later on today so I'm thinking roasted chicken tonight and maybe some soup tomorrow.  Baby Girl made some snickerdoodle cookies out of a boxed cake mix that were ok.  She did a great job making them, but it's weird when it looks like a cookie but tastes like a cake.

I am wearing... an old Orlando Magic t-shirt and tan shorts.  I'll need to change before I leave the house. 

I am creating... a mess!  It seems the more I try to organize, the more of a mess I'm making. 

I am going...  to make a ton of phone calls this afternoon.  The property managers to this house are seriously lacking.  I keep getting HOA bills in the mail that are not being paid.   While I could care less abt the lien attached to the house (they cant do much more than that), until the HOA is paid I cant get a key to the pool. 

I am wondering... when I need to defrost one of the turkeys in my freezer.  My inlaws are coming out and I'm having some mutual friends over.  I just need to find out from them when they can make it here....

I am reading... blogs and the newspaper.  I do have a gardening book at the library which I need to pick up later on today.

I am hoping... I'll be able to fix my shredder.  I'm not the most mechanically inclined person. 

I am looking forward to... some quiet.  It was a hectic wknd with a crazy Monday so I'm looking forward to a day of quiet.  Ok a few hours will probably have to do.

I am hearing...... the bathroom fan and a snorting orange cat.  He is sleeping on my legs as I type this post.  I have an old episode of Castle on in the background but I've paused it while I write this.

Around the house... I'm working on shredding a box of old paperwork and it seems as if I'm making more piles than I started with!!!  I've also jammed my shredder so badly that I'm going to have to take it apart to get the paper out. 

I am pondering... the thought process of the local school system.  It's too long of a story to get into here, but I will say what looks like a way to keep kids in school is really just a way to get more money from the state. 

A favorite quote for today... this has been making quite the showing on Facebook,  which explains how accurate it is!!!

One of my favorite things AKA Hemi's Corner....
Do you mind?  I'm trying to bathe over here!!!
A few plans for the rest of the week:  nothing specific, just phone calls, library runs, grocery shopping, etc.  I really want to get into my yarns to play.  I need to schedule THAT in!

A peek into my day... so far today is looking better than yesterday, but I do need to get out to Publix before it starts to storm.  And maybe take the shredder apart so I can finish up the pile that I have left.  Once I finish the shredding I will be able to get rid of another box!! 
I do want to share a picture from yesterday.  We had our Memorial and I took a pic of the kids in our congregation. 
They are all growing up so fast! 
Here is one of me with some of my girlfriends.

I really should have put down that napkin......

Thank you for reading my latest TSWD.  If you want to play, go here


Anonymous said…
Your kids have grown into such nice young adults. And ... that is a great picture of you too.

You know I love that picture of Hemi. He is so photogenic.
Linda said…
Love my Hemi pic Lynn. You get the most amazing kitty pictures. Love seeing the picture of you.

Sandra Knapp said…
Being a Mom means it's always a busy time. Make sure to take time for yourself, so you have more of yourself to give to them later. Loved the photos.

kathy b said…
What a lovely image. YOU look so pretty!!!
DOnt worry about the napkin!
Hi hemi
Thank you for the thoughts and pictures, it's always nice to see people like they are in real, not only avatar-style ;)
Kim said…
Oh goodness, I'm with you on the making messes while trying to organize! Must be part of the process.
Your picture with friends is great. Didn't even notice the napkin until you mentioned it.
Have a great week.

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