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Outside my window... sunny and warm.  We had a high of 80 I believe.  Yesterday was another day I wanted to bottle, but not the kind you would think of.  It was cloudy and cool, we barely hit 70.  In the middle of hotter-than-the-sun-scorched-and-blinding days of summer, I'd like to pull it out and enjoy the break.  I'm weird like that. 

I am thinking... that with all the organizing and cleaning I've done today, my house should look better than it does.

I am thankful... for my health and the ability to get a lot done today.

In the kitchen... tonight's dinner: cheeseburgers with mushrooms and provolone cheese and Alexa seasoned fries.  Yum!!  We had some leftover brownies for dessert.  Tomorrow will be a roasted chicken with rice, corn and peas.  I pinned a recipe for a broccoli au gratin that I really want to try and if I get to the store tomorrow, we will have that instead of the peas.

I am wearing... my old Orlando Magic t-shirt and tan capris

I am creating... HA!  I'm attempting to felt a cat bed for the shelter.   This is my second attempt.
pre-felting, worn as a hat
felted twice with towels and drying on my washing machine
It's better than my first attempt, but I'm not thrilled with it.  Felting just isn't for me.  I think I'll stick with my usual kitty blankets.

I am going... to bed early tonight!

I am wondering... why I waited so long to shred some of my files.  I went thru my filing cabinets to pare them down and I suddenly had a HUGE pile to shred.  To give you an idea of what I'm talking abt, I'm shredding bank statements from 2003.  2003!!

I am reading... well I attempted to go to the library last week to pick up some books, but it never happened.  If I can get there tomorrow, I want to get a couple of books by Carol Higgins Clark. 

I am hoping... to fix my new shredder.  I had an old one from a long time ago that got lost so I bought another one.   This of course meant I found the old one!  I was using the new one and while I was shredding a particularly thick piece of paperwork, it not only jammed but overheated.  I now cannot unjam it.  It's cooled down but it's so wedged in there that I cant undo it.  I'm now back to my old model that can only shred 3 sheets at a time.  I'm gonna be in 2003 for a LONG time!

I am looking forward to...  some quiet time.  Not sure when I'm gonna get it, but I'm looking forward to it!!

I am hearing......the IO talking to one of the kids and the hum of my bathroom fan.  I have Mike & Molly paused while I finish this post.

Around the house... I have been a busy bee today!!!  The kitchen was a mess so I've been in there cleaning, scrubbing pans and running the dishwasher.  Twice!  I also tackled Mount Washmore.  I have folded one load of towels, two loads are in baskets to be folded, another is in the dryer and the last one is in the washer.  I have three more loads after that.  They will be tomorrow's project.   I also shredded one garbage bag worth of paper. 
Oh and I got rid of two more boxes and two more bags from my closet which I then vacuumed. 
I am tired.

I am pondering... if the upstairs toilet will ever work correctly.

A favorite quote for today...
If you're a fan of the show, you completely understand.

One of my favorite things AKA Hemi's Corner...
A few plans for the rest of the week:  Finish up laundry and get it put away (that is always the hardest part!)  Finish cleaning the house.  Wait for the guy on Friday to change three doorknobs that don't work.  I'm hoping to make that day one where I'm crafting instead of cleaning.
I lead such a glamorous life!!

A peek into my day.. if you've read this far, then you know what I've been up to.  I've done more cleaning today than I have all week!!  And I'm not even expecting company. 
So there you have it.  Go here to play.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get some brownies!


Anonymous said…
Oh my golly----what a cute Hemi smile!!!
Felting looks interesting, I can't properly understand how it was made, but anyway, it's rather unusual.
And please, no more cleaning :)
Linda said…
Oh thanks for my Hemi fix Lynn. Sounds like you have been having some productive days.

kathy b said…
I love reading about ordinary days …yours make me smile.
Today: catching up on rest. 15 hours of car riding home from Virginia yesterday was brutal.
Im going on the elliptical AND taking a walk.
Im watching the CUBS 100th birthday event today on wgn
Sandra Knapp said…
Hemi looks totally spaced out. But maybe that's a good thing? LOL

I think your kitty bed looks just fine, and I'm certain the shelter will be thrilled to have it, and the kitties will love it. If they are anything like my Rosie, the smell alone, will keep them occupied for some time. Rose goes nuts just sniffing real wool! :)

I gather you are most certainly feeling better, to be tackling all that laundry in one day. LOL
Angie said…
I wish I could find some motivation to do some cleaning and organizing. This beautiful weather makes me want to do nothing but sit on the porch!

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