Thursday in the Garden

Thursday in the Garden.  Doesn't that sound nice?  Makes me think of meandering thru an English garden as I sip on Earl Grey. 

In reality this is more of a Central Florida yard with some flowers and plants that are being kept alive by a wanna be gardener with a partially black thumb.  Plus I'm more of a coffee kinda gal.

Good news! Everything is still alive!!

My bougainvillea
Hard to tell in this picture, but it has new growth with some flowers on it's way (click on the pics for a better look)

My chives
A favorite with the cats!

My geraniums are not only still alive
but I see new growth which means those measily little roots have taken hold!!

The main area is looking good

Some workers dumped those concrete tiles off next door for the trash so we brought them over to our house.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but those are going to be fantastic somewhere in my yard.

The flowers are doing well

and the smaller tomato plants are growing new shoots.

However, the part that made my heart skip a beat???   THIS!

I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!

And it's not alone!

Plus more are on their way. 

I haven't been outside to check on them since Saturday.  We've had some rain on and off the past few days so I haven't felt the need to water them.  What a surprise I got when I checked on them today!

I'm also finding places with flowers popping up.  There is a small patch of wildflowers in the back by the wall

and against the house I saw this guy.
Maybe a lone daisy plant?  I don't know.

I also met my new supervisor.
She's got her eye on me!!

Hopefully I'll have continuous progress as the weeks continue.  I am happy beyond words for my tomatoes!!!!  Come back next Thursday for the continuing saga of Thursday in the Garden.  Hopefully the program wont be changed to At Death's Door or Caution: Composting Ahead!


kathy b said…
WOW you have fruit already! !

It is so fun to see your plants! !

We have shoots of daffodils and some snowdrops so far…..still cold but life is coming back to Chicago!
kathy b said…
Is your bird a PHEOBE?
Sandra Knapp said…
Congratulations!! Your plants really are looking and growing very well indeed. I'm very happy for you. I hope you later get to enjoy several juicy tomatoes from those plants too. :)
Linda said…
They are looking great Lynn. Love your cat helper.

Susan said…
It's so nice to see green things growing! We're still waiting to get rid of the snow. Be careful with the cats and the chives as onions, garlic, and other members of the allium family are toxic to dogs and cats.
Lifesastitch said…
Take three. Really, I've lost my comment twice so far. Third's a charm: I will garden vicariously through your tomatoes. We can't get any to ripen here except for the tiniest grape and cherry tomatoes. Great garden!
Anonymous said…
I'm jealous . . . if those tomato plants were in MY yard, the deer would have had them munched down to nubs.


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