Thursday in the Garden

Great news, nothing has died yet!!! 

Here is what the little patch of green looks like.

The flowers are doing well.

I still have two tomatoes that are getting bigger each day.

The interesting thing I'm seeing is the differences in the tomato plants.  The one in the left beige container was a bigger plant when I bought it which explains why it already has fruit (fruit/veggie vs tom-A-to/tom-AH-to) (whatevs).  However the other three were the same size when I bought them, yet the one in the beige container is doing much better than the black container.

The ones in the black container are still alive and well, but not growing.

The ONLY thing different is the container.  The IO thinks it's drying out too fast, but the moisture is the same.  Maybe the black container is heating up more??  I have no idea. 

Apparently my tomatoes have turned into a science experiment......

Other things around the yard are the bougainvillea

and the geraniums.

I'm not worried abt the bougainvillea taking off, it seems to be doing really well in that spot and the geraniums have more growth so I'm happy for that as well.

A couple of weeks ago, #1 Son wanted to get something from Lowes while we were there and  this is what he settled upon. 

Not sure if he has a green thumb or not, it will be another experiment.....

And of course as I was outside in the yard taking pictures, I had company......



You are never alone when you are owned by a cat!!

Sending warm springtime vibes your way so that you can start planting soon!!


Anonymous said…
Look at all the "baby" cacti on that one. Too cute.
kathy b said…
Thanks. we are weeks or at least a month away from last frost. Even that is a stretch. Love the cats outside.
do you….Miracle Grow?
Sandra Knapp said…
Oh my, your Bougainvillea and Petunias are doing great! They have grown so much, and all those gorgeous flowers. Gotta love it!

I am confused myself, about the tomato plants. Around here, we often deliberately surround our tomato plants with something black, such as plant them inside old tires, because the tire will absorb the heat, helping the plant to grow better. So for your plants, in the black planter, to be doing less growing than all the others, is surprising to me as well. They are all located in the same area, receiving the same sunlight, all planted in the same soil, I presume, so that is very confusing indeed. If you stumble on the reason, please let me know. You have definitely piqued my curiosity now. LOL
Linda said…
Your plants are looking great Lynn. Love the kitty pics.


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