Thursday in the Garden

Quick update:  everything is still alive!  (remember, with me you just never know....)

The one thing I like abt these updates is it helps me to see how much my plants have grown.  Seeing them every day, day after day, makes it seem as if they aren't doing much at all.  However I was organizing my pictures this AM and I could see how much they've all grown!!  Makes me so happy. 

And apparently all I needed to do was some trash talk to get my tomatoes to move along.  Tomato plant #1 is coming along quite nicely.

There are still two tomatoes on the bush

with friends expecting to arrive shortly.

Tomato plant #2 has filled in

and I see the beginnings of blossoms starting to form.

Tomato plants #3 and #4 have just shown me up!! 

#3 has really taken off!  And while #4 is still lagging behind, there's all kinds of new grown on it!! 

We had some good soaking rain during the week and I think the nutrients in the rain made the difference.  City water just isn't the same.

My white petunias are flourishing

while the pink ones are continuing to struggle.

They must be different kinds of petunias because even the extras I planted out front show the same growth. 

I didn't even know I planted white ones in this batch until they bloomed!! 

The geraniums are continuing to grow

and the chives have shot up!!!

The bougainvillea is doing really well

I don't even water it anymore.  It's doing great on it's own, another reason I love it so!

As usual I have my helpers.

Princess was a no show, I think she was napping in Baby Girl's room and didn't realize we were outside playing. 

Another supervisor showed up and was curious as to my progress.

I think as long as I keep the yard full of his favorite bugs, he'll be thrilled.

While there are parts of my yard I don't like, I'm really thrilled with how my plants are doing.  Thanks for stopping by and getting your gardening fix.


Anonymous said…
Lucy looks so regal!!!!

If I had tomato plants I would just be feeding the deer. There is a big male that has made my yard his domain. He has been munching on Steve's pepper plants. LOL He sure will get a surprise if he ever tries one of the peppers.

Your garden looks GREAT!
Linda said…
They all look great Lynn. We planted some petunia's and geraniums. They are some of my favorites. Love the pics of all your helpers.

Angie said…
I need to get some flowers planted. I just don't have a green thumb and figure I'll kill whatever it is I plant anyway!
Sandra Knapp said…
Everything is coming along really well. Just in case you did not know. If you find a place that is a little out of the way, so it's not too annoying mowing around it, you can plant the chives directly into the soil, and they will come up every year, and you can harvest all summer, if you keep the flowers off. Just cut them, tie and hang to dry, and then store in an air-tight jar, and you will have them year round.

Congratulations! Looking great!
kathy b said…
Oh I see your green thumb! Yeah to flowers and kitties….
My chives have come back up from last year!

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