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Feline Fridays


The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... it's hot.  HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!   We are just starting with the heat and I'm already over it.  It feels like 92 outside but it feels hotter than that.  We are also talking storm systems. This one was headed over Orlando, but it's turned and now headed toward the big curve of Florida.  It wont be that bad, mostly a rainmaker from what I'm hearing.
I am thinking... of adding some side trips when we drive up to NC in a couple of weeks.
I am thankful... for air conditioning.  I woke up at 2:30am Friday (why yes it WAS the same day we had to be at the school by 5:30am) because I was so warm.  The IO checked and at first he thought it was the compressor but it ended up being a much simpler fix.  Thankfully he was able to get the guys out here to fix it that same day.  Leave it to us to have our a/c die on the Friday before Memorial Day wknd!!!
In the kitchen... burgers yesterday, spaghetti tonight, stewed chicken tomorrow and hot dogs on Thursd…

Thursday in the Garden

As we get closer to center-of-the-sun temps, I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to have a garden.  It's almost 92 but it feels like 96.  Welcome to summer in Florida!! Here is what I have right now.

Tomato plant #1 is doing extremely well.  I have abt 15 tomatoes on the plant.  All green. 

Tomato plant #2 has 2 that are almost full grown.  Tomato plants #3 & #4 have nothing on them.  They look healthy and are getting very tall but they are not producing fruit.  I give my plants another month before it will be too hot for them.  We're probably there now, but I'm being hopeful.

Other things are still alive.

While others not so much. 

Update on Monday's field trip to Wet & Wild, overall we had a great time. 

It was really fun until one of the kids got sick on the bus.  Poor kid, between the heat, the watery rides and all the soda you can drink, it was just too much for him.  I totally get it, I used to be the same way.  Then Baby Girl woke up Tues w…

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... the heat is kicking up.  Friday is supposed to be a high of 94.  Perfect timing for our field trip to Universal......NOT.
I am thinking... that I need to unpack one more box.
I am thankful...for my knitting.  It really does keep me sane.
In the kitchen... my niece posted pics of some cookies she made.  This led me to searching salted caramel chocolate chip cookies.  Do you know how many recipes there are of salted caramel chocolate chip cookies?!?!  And they all claim to be the best.  Since I wasn't in the mood to separate eggs or toast nuts or find some quick cooking oats, I went to MY favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Its on the back of a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips and made in a tollhouse.  I added some caramel bits and they did the trick!!   Tonight's menu includes mushroom cheeseburgers and we're eating late.  Marching band practice has started......
I am wearing... a very old radio station t-shirt with tan shorts. 
I am creating.…

The Arts

Friday and Saturday had us at the local theatre to see Peter Pan Jr.  Both kids had friends who were in it on different nights and this got us to see the majority of them.  Baby Girl is taking Theatre Camp over the summer and the only reason why #1 Son is not is because it overlaps with Marching Band Camp.  We know of a couple of kids who are going to work it out to do both, but Marching Band is EXHAUSTING!!  Having rehearsal in the morning, marching all day in the sun and then a performance that night is going to be grueling on a 14 y/o.

However we will get around that for #1 Son.  He can volunteer with stage props and lighting until the week of Band Camp.  He gets to watch the show and be with his friends w/o me having to pay for it!

Meanwhile I have had two different people tell me they can see the excitement OOZING out of Baby Girl to be in theatre.  My drama queen excited abt being on stage?!?!  Shocker! 

I had #1 Son take a picture for my Saturday Sky.  This was his interpretat…

I just needed to cast on.....

Whenever I had some time to sit and knit, I never really had anything to work on.  I have three things on the needles, one requiring some kind of thought and the other two I just don't like.  This meant I had to cast on.  I really don't like casting on.  Don't ask me why.  I have no idea.  I prefer the rhythm of knitting than the actual counting and construction of it.  

I decided last Sunday to remedy that and I cast on not one, but TWO different socks.

This is sock two of my Good Riddance to 2013! socks.  I already finished the 4" cuff and am ready to start the heel.

And Sock #1 of my Sweet Georgia Brown socks.  I'm abt 2 inches into this one.

I didn't think I would like having two different socks going at once, but it's working out pretty well.  I didn't feel like paying attention to a heel so I just grabbed the other pair and kept going with my ribbing.  This could work out quite well for me!! 

What else has happened this week??

One awards ceremo…

Sedentary Saturday

Today we all did very little.  I think we needed a day of quiet.  Part of me wanted to go out, maybe dinner and a movie, but that required showering and I was too lazy for that.   So instead I've been watching TV and movies all day long.  While this was fun, I do wish I had accomplished something today.  Maybe unpacking or organizing a shelf or putting some things on eBay. 


I was going to cast on for a sock, but decided to turn this

into this

Another yarn I'm excited about, I just need to cast on!!!

It is Saturday and I did take the time to look up.

Did you?

A quick post.

Normally I'd be doing a SWDB today but I'm tight on time so it's going to be quick.  Friday we were in Tampa for State Concert Band and Saturday we were in Gainesville for FMEA Steel Drum.  They all did really well.  It especially helps that both kids are in Steel Drum which made it a 2 for 1 special!!

I've had a chance to finish up two projects.  One is my cat bed.

I got this pattern from a wonderful lady on Ravelry.  It looks like a big floppy hat before you felt it.

It came out ok.  I'm realizing that I'm not very good at felting, nor do I have a desire to improve my skills.  While I'm ok with how this came out, I will stick with my basic kitty blankets.

Here is Lucy's reaction.

And of course here is Hemi.

While he has fun attacking it or sitting in it, he's not one to curl up in it to sleep.  Apparently that's what I'm for.

I also made a child's charity vest. 

I used a pattern from that I've used in the past and …