A quick post.

Normally I'd be doing a SWDB today but I'm tight on time so it's going to be quick.  Friday we were in Tampa for State Concert Band and Saturday we were in Gainesville for FMEA Steel Drum.  They all did really well.  It especially helps that both kids are in Steel Drum which made it a 2 for 1 special!!
USF has a beautiful concert hall!

everybody is happy to pose when it gets you out of loading the trailer!

sibling love

blowing off steam after competition

I've had a chance to finish up two projects.  One is my cat bed.

I got this pattern from a wonderful lady on Ravelry.  It looks like a big floppy hat before you felt it.

It came out ok.  I'm realizing that I'm not very good at felting, nor do I have a desire to improve my skills.  While I'm ok with how this came out, I will stick with my basic kitty blankets.

Here is Lucy's reaction.

And of course here is Hemi.

While he has fun attacking it or sitting in it, he's not one to curl up in it to sleep.  Apparently that's what I'm for.

I also made a child's charity vest. 

I used a pattern from WarmWoolies.org that I've used in the past and it never disappoints.  Great way to use up some extra wool that's hanging around.  I added a black wool thruout to give it some consistency.

AND I also need some help.  I went to check on my tomatoes this AM and this is what I found on the two original ones.

Do I need to be worried??  The actual plant is doing really well and there are more tomatoes on it, just these guys are looking a bit rough.  Do I need to do anything??

Ok that is it for today.  I have to get ready for a band banquet tonight.  This one will feed me dinner.  I have another one in a couple of weeks and we only get dessert. 

At 6pm. 

When we normally eat dinner....... 

I'll have to make a quick dinner before we head out to that one.


Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh ....I do love me some Hemi pictures! These are adorable.

Congrats to the kiddos on such great concerts.

As for the tomato .....my guess would be that it is from the extra rain that we have had lately. The tomatoes are growing quickly and have "stretch marks". At least that is what I think.

Maybe someone else will know more.
kathy b said…
aww kitty bed is adorable. I LOVE It.
Hemi is too cute.
I am making that vest you sent me the pattern link and Its a go!
Linda said…
Thank you for the Hemi pics Lynn. Adorable.
Congrats to the kids.
I like the kitty bed. Something I haven't tried and don't think I will.
Can't help with the tomatoes. Maybe you could call a local nursery and see if they can help you.

Sandra Knapp said…
I'm tending to agree with Dee. It does look to me like the fruit are growing so quickly, it's making those stretch marks. I've never seen that before, but that does make sense if you've had an unusual heavy dose of rain lately.

I love the sound of steel drums. That you have 2 children that play them, that's wonderful. I'm sure they both did great in their competitions, and I hope that everyone had fun at the same time.

Hemi always looks good. I like you kitty bed too. :-)

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