I just needed to cast on.....

Whenever I had some time to sit and knit, I never really had anything to work on.  I have three things on the needles, one requiring some kind of thought and the other two I just don't like.  This meant I had to cast on.  I really don't like casting on.  Don't ask me why.  I have no idea.  I prefer the rhythm of knitting than the actual counting and construction of it.  

I decided last Sunday to remedy that and I cast on not one, but TWO different socks.

This is sock two of my Good Riddance to 2013! socks.  I already finished the 4" cuff and am ready to start the heel.

And Sock #1 of my Sweet Georgia Brown socks.  I'm abt 2 inches into this one.

I didn't think I would like having two different socks going at once, but it's working out pretty well.  I didn't feel like paying attention to a heel so I just grabbed the other pair and kept going with my ribbing.  This could work out quite well for me!! 

What else has happened this week??

One awards ceremony,

two concerts. 

Baby Girl is the one in glasses.  It was the best one I took all night!

Tues was a comedy of errors with instruments being left at the school (which required hunting down custodians to open up the band room), award ceremonies starting much later than expected, a husband spraining his foot BADLY, wrong uniforms being worn.  It was a mess, but it happened in front of family which was good since it helps explain the craziness that can be my life.  I've gotten the "what do you DO all day" comment on more than one occasion and this helps clarify what that is!  Add in AP exams and you've got yourself a typical week in May!!

OOOH!!!  I almost forgot!!  Guess what I got to do this week??  EAT A HOMEGROWN TOMATO!!  The outside looked a bit rough, but OH that inner sanctum was beautiful.

Look how pretty it made my salad!!

It amazes me how much more flavor a tomato that grows in your backyard has compared to one from the store.  I have abt 8-10 more in various stages of growth so I'm looking forward to a few more yummy tomatoes before the plant shrivels up from the heat.

Right now I am enjoying some quiet before the craziness of my day ensues when I pick up the first kid from school.  I think I'll watch a show (uninterrupted!!!) while working on my cuff. 

And since it IS Feline Fridays I'll leave you with a feline.
Nothing like having your phone match the cat!

Have a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh, I remember those days well and I only had ONE kid to keep track of. It seems I was always either heading TO school or coming back FROM school. LOL

You are a good mom!!!! THAT'S what you do all day and just tell those sisters to go pound sand. LOL

Have a great weekend.
Susan said…
Oh, how I envy you eating that tomato! Garden harvest is a long way off for us. We haven't even planted yet.
Sandra Knapp said…
Oh Lynn,
Now you are just being mean! That tomato has my mouth watering. And of course a home-grown tomato is going to taste so much better. Why do you think I keep encouraging you? What I wouldn't do for one of those right now, but like Susan said, we haven't even planted our gardens yet. Planting time in this neck of the woods is Memorial Day weekend, and even at that late date, we can have the stray frost come and kill off all our planting. I do have seedlings that I am nursing, for the time being, and eventually, they will be planted in the garden, but it won't be till August that we begin harvesting tomatoes here. By then, you will probably be on your second go-round! LOL

Loved the photos of the kids. They just keep getting bigger and bigger. They grow up much too fast.

Give Miss Lucy a hug for me. She looks so content. :)
Linda said…
Great looking socks Lynn. Love the colors. Nice pics of the kids. I sure hope hubbies ankle heals quickly. Love the kitty pic.


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