Sedentary Saturday

Today we all did very little.  I think we needed a day of quiet.  Part of me wanted to go out, maybe dinner and a movie, but that required showering and I was too lazy for that.   So instead I've been watching TV and movies all day long.  While this was fun, I do wish I had accomplished something today.  Maybe unpacking or organizing a shelf or putting some things on eBay. 


I was going to cast on for a sock, but decided to turn this

into this

Another yarn I'm excited about, I just need to cast on!!!

It is Saturday and I did take the time to look up.

Did you?


Linda said…
Beautiful yarn Lynn. I never look up - I might fall.

kathy b said…
love that you were too lazy for a are so darn honest. I LOVE it. I've had days like that!!

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