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Outside my window... the heat is kicking up.  Friday is supposed to be a high of 94.  Perfect timing for our field trip to Universal......NOT.

I am thinking... that I need to unpack one more box.

I am thankful...for my knitting.  It really does keep me sane.

In the kitchen... my niece posted pics of some cookies she made.  This led me to searching salted caramel chocolate chip cookies.  Do you know how many recipes there are of salted caramel chocolate chip cookies?!?!  And they all claim to be the best.  Since I wasn't in the mood to separate eggs or toast nuts or find some quick cooking oats, I went to MY favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Its on the back of a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips and made in a tollhouse.  I added some caramel bits and they did the trick!!  
Tonight's menu includes mushroom cheeseburgers and we're eating late.  Marching band practice has started......

I am wearing... a very old radio station t-shirt with tan shorts. 

I am creating... socks!!  I'm really happy that I cast on for two different pairs.  Both socks are at the heel part and I just started the heel on my hot pink socks.  Honestly if I had another pair going I'd still be working on the ribbing.  It's perfect mindless work.  Now I need to get both to the foot where I can just knit in the round for many inches before the toes...

I am going... to be cleaning soon.  I have a piles of laundry to fold and more piles to wash.  I also have a dishwasher to unload. 

I am wondering... when I will have more red tomatoes.  There are abt 15 on that one bush, but not ONE is turning red!  I'm not sure about the other plants, they've really struggled since I planted them. 

I am reading... I went to the library, does that count??  I checked out some movies and a couple of books.  One I had already read and the other was a new knitting book.  I love looking at new knitting books just to see what *new* thing they added. 

I am hoping... to find some part time work.  High school is VERY expensive and we could use the extra cash. 

I am looking forward to... school ending and a few quiet days before  summer camps and road trips ensue.

I am hearing the clicking of my computer keyboard and the texting notifications from #1 Son. 

Around the house... is laundry and paperwork and dishes.  I should just cut and paste this each week.  These are items that never seem to go away.  HOWEVER #1 Son did unload the books from the back of the car so I have less to tote around.  I just need to finish cleaning the rest of it out.  It has to be early in the morning because it is getting too hot to do much in the afternoon.

I am pondering... different personality traits.  Some of my friends LOVE to clean their houses.  I mean really clean their houses.  I have one friend who loves her steamer and bagless vacuum cleaners because she can actually see the dirt that is leaving her house.  Me?  Not so much.  I find cleaning gets in the way of real life.  While I enjoy a clean house, I don't get excited abt it.  I trust the vacuum is doing it's job.  And *when* I mop, the dirty water is just gross. 

A favorite quote for today...
This applies to students, teachers and parents!

One of my favorite things  AKA Hemi's Corner...
Princess says:  This is MY side of the porch!

Stay on your side and nobody gets hurt.

Hemi says:  Princess needs to chill.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Universal on Friday.  The only thing I'm worried abt is Baby Girl is not feeling well.  She's caught a summer cold and we're hoping she feels better in a couple of days. 

A peek into my day... calling the dr to renew Baby Girl's allergy meds.  I really need to find a new dr because this place is a pain in the butt!!  The new dr is all abt dissecting  their behavioral traits but not of their physical ailments. 
Hope you enjoyed todays installment of TSWD.  If you want to play, go here.


Linda said…
Sounds like busy times ahead Lynn. Sure wish I was going to Universal with you. Thanks for the Hemi pics.

Sandra Knapp said…
Thanks for including "Hemi's corner" in today's post. :)

If you are feeling any remorse about not being a "clean freak," DON'T!! Life is way too short to spend so much time on making sure everything is "spic n span." Cleaning house is a never-ending chore, so you might as well enjoy the other things in life and give more of your time and energy to living, leaving general home maintenance on the back burner, doing what must be done to keep things "tidy" and organized, but not so much that the place is anticeptic!! LOL
kathy b said…
New Knitting books count for sure! I love to browse them a the library!!
Jerralea said…
I loved your statement: "I find cleaning gets in the way of real life." I so agree.

I'm in awe of anyone who can knit socks!
Angie said…
YES...I totally feel the same way about cleaning house. My Mom gripes at me all the time. You can literally eat off her floors. I told her you an mine too, I just wouldn't advise it LOL
Maura said…
Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment. :) To answer your question, the solar lights look really nice in the half barrel I put up by my mailbox. The glow in the dark rocks are...underwhelming... they are hard to see with the flowers and the solar lights. I'll probably move them someplace else.

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