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Friday and Saturday had us at the local theatre to see Peter Pan Jr.  Both kids had friends who were in it on different nights and this got us to see the majority of them.  Baby Girl is taking Theatre Camp over the summer and the only reason why #1 Son is not is because it overlaps with Marching Band Camp.  We know of a couple of kids who are going to work it out to do both, but Marching Band is EXHAUSTING!!  Having rehearsal in the morning, marching all day in the sun and then a performance that night is going to be grueling on a 14 y/o.

However we will get around that for #1 Son.  He can volunteer with stage props and lighting until the week of Band Camp.  He gets to watch the show and be with his friends w/o me having to pay for it!
Meanwhile I have had two different people tell me they can see the excitement OOZING out of Baby Girl to be in theatre.  My drama queen excited abt being on stage?!?!  Shocker! 

I had #1 Son take a picture for my Saturday Sky.  This was his interpretation of it.

I decided to try again when we were at the theatre. 

Before the show

and after the show.

This area is one of my favorite local spots.  It's hot and buggy during the summer, but for now it's just a beautiful area to visit and chill.

Do you have a local place that is peaceful and relaxing??


Linda said…
Great pictures Lynn. Congrats to your daughter.

Anonymous said…
I think theater and Meghan will be the perfect partnership.

Beauty --- brains ---- theater ----- yep, I'm getting my Broadway tickets now, while they are still available.

Hope both kids have a great summer!
Sandra Knapp said…
I can see both you and the kids will have a busy Summer, but all in a good way. I think it's great your daughter has an interest in theater, and I know they are both into music, which I think is awesome. Obviously they both are very strong in the arts. I know how very proud you must be of them, and rightfully so.

Loved the picture of your evening sky after the show. Really lovely.

I am not sure if I ever asked, but are you still living in the same general area as your last home? And were the kids able to remain in the same schools? Otherwise, they have certainly adjusted very quickly and extremely well to the move. Most kids their age would have strongly objected, and been troublesome with such a move. So I was assuming you must be not too far from your previous residence.

No Hemi this time?? :( LOL
kathy b said…
SUmmer will be fun filled for your kids for certain!

Our local peaceful place is, for me, the stables nearby. I love to just walk amongst the horses and pet them
Angie said…
I'm so excited to hear all about it as time goes on!

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