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Outside my window... it's hot.  HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!   We are just starting with the heat and I'm already over it.  It feels like 92 outside but it feels hotter than that.  We are also talking storm systems.
The cone of despair!
This one was headed over Orlando, but it's turned and now headed toward the big curve of Florida.  It wont be that bad, mostly a rainmaker from what I'm hearing.

I am thinking... of adding some side trips when we drive up to NC in a couple of weeks.

I am thankful... for air conditioning.  I woke up at 2:30am Friday (why yes it WAS the same day we had to be at the school by 5:30am) because I was so warm.  The IO checked and at first he thought it was the compressor but it ended up being a much simpler fix.  Thankfully he was able to get the guys out here to fix it that same day.  Leave it to us to have our a/c die on the Friday before Memorial Day wknd!!!

In the kitchen... burgers yesterday, spaghetti tonight, stewed chicken tomorrow and hot dogs on Thursday.  Not exactly a gourmet week in dinners, but it will keep them fed.

I am wearing... I was wearing some workout clothes, but changed back into a big blue t-shirt.  I needed to cool down after my hectic morning. 

I am creating... socks.  I am just abt to start the gusset on one sock and turning the heel on the other.  I was hoping to have that done this wknd, but I never did get to it.

I am going... to tackle more of Mount Washmore.  It amazes me how much laundry four people can generate. 

I am wondering... when I will finish unpacking those 6 boxes in the corner of the living room. 

I am reading... you better all sit down because I HAVE READ A BOOK!!!!  It was a nice mindless book by Carol Higgins Clark called Gypped.  She writes a lot like her mom and I always enjoy them.  I am in the middle of another one (SHOCKER!) called Taking the Wrap.  The last time I read something from this author was when I was pregnant with Baby Girl. 

I am hoping... to find some part time work.  High school is expensive! (this might become a reoccurring theme...)

I am looking forward to... the end of school.  It will be a nice break in routine.

I am hearing.... nothing but the bathroom fan.  I have less than an hour before kids start coming home and I'm enjoying the quiet.

Around the house... Move update!  I have officially unpacked the car!!  There are no more items in the car from the move.  #1 Son unloaded the books a couple of weeks ago and I finished it off this morning.  The car is lighter and I'll now be able to go thru the books in the bookshelf.  I'll deal with the fabric later on....

I am pondering... the teenage years and wonder how anybody survives.  My kids are good, but it's a constant battle to keep them that way.  It also amazes me what they have to battle on a daily basis.  Sex, drugs, alcohol, e-cigs, suicide, emotional drama, etc.  I can't protect them from it all, but I try my best to help them deal with what they see and hear at school. 

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things aka Hemi's Corner...
A little privacy please!  I'm trying to bathe in peace!

A few plans for the rest of the week: they have started up marching band practices and we have a band banquet toward the end of the week.  Easy Peasy compared to last week!

A peek into my day... Insomnia is rearing it's ugly head again and I was up for a couple of hours last night.  Instead of laying there with my head going in a million directions I decided to get up and get some stuff done!  I was going to be awake anyway so why not utilize the time.  I folded a load of laundry and sorted a huge pile of paperwork to be dealt with later on today.  I ran a bunch of errands this morning (after unloading the back of the van), got to the gym and put another load in once I got home.  I still have canned goods to put away but that will happen later on. 
If you want to play, go here.  Hope everybody had a safe wknd!


Maura said…
It sounds you might be having the same sleepy kind of day that I'm having... I can't wait for a good sleep tonight! I love your quote, it's so true... thanks for sharing. :)
Sandra Knapp said…
Sorry about the insomnia. I have that problem all too often, and it's no fun. But making good use of the time was smart. I hope you eventually got a bit more sleep though.

When it comes to laundry and other housework, there is never an end to it, so whatever doesn't get done today, can be done tomorrow. That's always been my thoughts on the matter. Even now, it seems a never ending cycle, and I have no teens adding to the mess now. LOL

Hope you had a delightful holiday weekend.
kathy b said…
I enjoyed seeing where you live on a map. It has given me a post idea.
Sorry about those sleep issues. They make you drag though the day.
Love all kitty pictures
Linda said…
Thanks for my Hemi fix. I just can't get enough of him.

Lifesastitch said…
Reading from rainy cold Vancouver. Too bad we can't average our climates.

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