Thursday in the Garden

The one thing I have learned this week?  Rainwater ROCKS!!   We've had afternoon showers the past couple of days and I have to say it has made a HUGE difference in my plants.!

The geraniums are getting a LOT fuller and I think I see some buds forming.

The chives are growing like weeds which means I need to start using them.

The bougainvillea is popping with color.

All tomato plants are exploding!

These are the first two.  They haven't gotten much bigger so now I'm just waiting for them to start turning red!
And these are just from Tomato plant #1!!  The rest are getting lots of buds so I should be seeing tomatoes forming very soon.  The one downside to all the rain are the injuries.
I have fixed this twice but it still flops over.  I now let it flop and have braced it outside the container.  There are buds on it regardless of its location

Even though part of it broke off, enough of it is still attached to bloom!

I had help as usual.  This time Hemi was napping so we had a girls garden party.

I'm hoping by next week those two tomatoes start to turn red.......  What's popping up in your garden??


Anonymous said…
Lots of buds, but no peppers yet.

The girls look like they are enjoying the garden.
Angie said…
Looks like the rain has gotten everything sprouting up!
Linda said…
Great pictures Lynn. The tomatoes look yummy even though they are still green. Love the pic of the girls. They look like twins.

Sandra Knapp said…
My first tomatoes usually take about a month, before they are ready to pick and eat. The ones that come later, do ripen quicker. But those first few seem to take forever. :)

Everything is looking good. You might have to stake your tomato plants, because the tops are getting too heavy with foliage for the stems to continue standing upright.
kathy b said…
Ours in no where near yours. Im thrilled to see your fruit already on the tomato vine.
Tulip s are beginning to bloom. grass is green.
Forsythia is blooming
buds are coming along on most deciduous trees
daffodils are done
joe pie weed is up and out of the ground
stonecrop is bursting upwards

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