Thursday in the Garden

As we get closer to center-of-the-sun temps, I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to have a garden.  It's almost 92 but it feels like 96.  Welcome to summer in Florida!! Here is what I have right now.
Notice anyone??

I've got an EYE on you!

Tomato plant #1 is doing extremely well.  I have abt 15 tomatoes on the plant.  All green. 

Tomato plant #2 has 2 that are almost full grown.  Tomato plants #3 & #4 have nothing on them.  They look healthy and are getting very tall but they are not producing fruit.  I give my plants another month before it will be too hot for them.  We're probably there now, but I'm being hopeful.

Other things are still alive.
The geranium amazes me considering it was barely a stem with a few roots.

While others not so much. 
The last of the plants I was given after my surgery.  The poor things have a long and torturous life with me.

Update on Monday's field trip to Wet & Wild, overall we had a great time. 

It was really fun until one of the kids got sick on the bus.  Poor kid, between the heat, the watery rides and all the soda you can drink, it was just too much for him.  I totally get it, I used to be the same way.  Then Baby Girl woke up Tues with a cold that we're trying to keep from becoming bronchitis.  I think we're winning, but I can't give up yet.  I'm glad we have a three day wknd coming up, but that's only if she's doing ok.  Otherwise we'll end up in urgent care......

Tomorrow is Universal and I already told her we need to keep it low key (yeah right).  It's gonna be another hot one, 94 with a heat index of 99.  I'm melting already.......


kathy b said…
Oh poor baby Girl.
The poor bus vomiter….I always carried plastic bags with me back in the day of chaperoning
Maura said…
Wow, it's HOT there! I hope you get some cloud cover or a nice breeze to cool things down a little.

Luckily we see funnel clouds from time to time, but don't get as many tornadoes here as they do east a little ways. I think the mountains help protect us a bit. Hail though... we get plenty of that!
Sandra Knapp said…
I hope Hemi was not trying to find shade under your tomato plants, because I doubt they will help him much. LOL

I hope you do manage to harvest several more tomatoes, but I think you have a problem other than hot weather, and it just might be the shallowness of the containers your tomatoes are growing in. The plants seem very sparse compared to what I am used to seeing.

Next time, try planting them in 5 gallon buckets, filled with soil. Tomatoes depend on their root system, and the bigger the root system, the better the plant, and the heavier the harvest. If you put a layer of stone in the bottom, it will allow the the soil to drain that way.
Linda said…
Love the Hemi picks Lynn. Sorry to hear Baby Girl is not feeling well. Hope she feels better quickly. Most of your plants still look great.

Angie said…
Hope baby girl feels better soon! I'm so jealous of these awesome trips. I'vee always wanted to visit Universal & Wet and Wild!
Anonymous said…
The end of the year gets to be a bit much for the kids. Hope yours hang in there till the end.

Can't believe how grown up they look. I still remember them as "littles"!

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