Experimental Cooking

What started out as your basic baked ziti has dramatically changed.  What I thought I had ended up being either VERY little left or had gone bad.  I didn't want to run back to the store AGAIN so I improvised.....

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Baked Ziti

Prego Italian sausage tomato sauce
Ronzoni Cavatappi (like elbows but curly)
Leftover shredded Mexican fiesta blend cheeses
Leftover provolone
Leftover mozzarella
Leftover parmesian
Leftover bbq rotisserie chicken (almost 2 cups)

I used a 9x13 glass pan and layered everything

Layer one:  one jar sauce
Layer two:  pasta and chicken (I did mix these guys together)
Layer three:  Mexican cheese blend
Layer four:  provolone cheese
Layer five:  one jar sauce
Layer six:  more Mexican cheese, mozzarella and parm

I popped it into a 375 oven for 30 min covered with foil.  Baked an additional 10 min w/o the foil.

How did it turn out??

Really good!! 

I wasn't sure how all the different cheeses would blend together or if the bbq chicken would taste weird with the sausage from the jar.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  The only thing I didn't care for was the sausage in the sauce.  I normally make my own sauce but I do like to keep a jar in the pantry.  I grabbed what I thought was marinara, but apparently I grabbed from the wrong section. 

Since I had a chicken carcass just sitting there, I decided to boil it instead of throwing it out.  I did the same thing again.  Filled up the pot with water and added the bones and the skin.  Threw in a head of garlic (broken apart but unpeeled because I'm lazy like that) some old celery from the last time I made soup from abt a month ago, left over chopped up onions, lots of shakes of green pepper sauce, the last of the pepper in the pepper mill and some salt.

How did it turn out??

Not bad!  It's not as flavorful as my soup, but it will work perfect as a stock.  Meanwhile Baby Girl is having a bowl of it. 

This was a win/win experiment.  Good food and cleaned out my fridge!!! 

What are you cooking tonight?


Linda said…
kathy b said…
Delish!! good free lancing!

We had BLT's. :)
Sandra Knapp said…
That's what I call "smart cooking." And that casserole looks amazing! :)

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