Outside my window...It was a bit overcast and breezy, so much so that I opened the windows up for a little bit.  It ended up being a bit too warm to keep them open, but it was nice for the 45 min or so. 

I am thinking... I need to take time out to play with my yarn and fabric.  I really want to start a quilt, but I just don't see the time available for it. 

I am thankful... that the school year is almost over.

In the kitchen... mushroom cheeseburgers for dinner tonight and I have a roast in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner.  I will be using the crock pot.  I'm in the mood for chocolate chip cookies but I'm too lazy to get up and make them.  How sad is that?!?

I am wearing... an old radio station t-shirt and shorts. 

I am creating... and finishing a hat!!
The pattern is Graham and it's another version of a slouchy hat, just not as slouchy as my previous ones.  When I finished it, I wasn't thrilled with it, didn't think it turned out right.  I also found a mistake with my ribbing decreases, but once you put it on you cant really see it.  #1 Son is the recipient of this hat,
but I have been informed that he now has five hats to Baby Girl's one.
This means the next two hats will be hers.  She has specific colors in mind which means we will be going yarn shopping this wknd.  Oh the things I do for the happiness of my children!

I am going... to knit when I'm finished with this post.

I am wondering... if the school will fix the issues I've had with them.  Education seems to include many more political issues than it should.

I am reading... ALERT!  ALERT!!  I am actually still reading a book!!  It's the same book from last week, but I'm making progress.  It's Taking the Wrap by Dolores Johnson.  I also checked out 5 more books by another author.   Apparently I have high hopes to continue this streak of page turning.  I hope so. 

I am hoping... they DON'T make me Treasurer for middle school band boosters.  The current treasurer is moving on to the high school and the one who took her place is now moving out of state.  They may be switching around officers, but I apparently am a back up option.  This scares me since I have seen the amount of work the treasurer does.....

I am looking forward to... the graduation party on Saturday.  There will be some friends that I haven't seen in awhile.  It will be good to catch up.
I am hearing.......I did have a repeat of Castle on tv, but I had to mute it while I typed this post.  It's hard to concentrate on a post when I'm trying to follow dialog as well.

Around the house... one more box removed from my bedroom.  Two more projects have been added to the piles.  I also moved the books around the bookshelf to give some kind of order to them.  I'm realizing that I get interrupted too many times to make any major progress. 

I am pondering... beginnings and endings.  While I have no kids that are graduating, I've been involved with a lot of  graduations this year.  #1 Son and the band played Pomp and Circumstances for the outgoing seniors.  I was with the boosters selling water to help raise funds for next year's band so we got to see what graduation is like.  Also friends of mine who have kids the same age as #1 Son also have kids that are graduating this year.  It's really weird to see these *adults* graduate when I still remember them as little 3rd graders.  Some are going off to college, one enlisted, while another is trying to find work.  Welcome to the real world kids.

A favorite quote for today... I've been watching Murder She Wrote in the mornings before I take Baby Girl to school and it's really interesting to watch.  It's funny seeing all the old actors have guest spots on the show.  It's also funny to see the old styles in fashion (BIG HAIR!  shoulder pads!!) and in feminism (aww come on little lady, go home and leave the heaving lifting to us menfolk).   I mention all of this to explain my quote of the day.  One of the witnesses was being interviewed and when asked abt a suspect he says, "Oh Michelle couldn't have done it, she's not smart enough. 
She's not knitting with both needles." 
I had to rewind it just to hear it again.  TOO FUNNY!!

One of my favorite things AKA Hemi's Corner.....
What do you mean we're out of kitty treats???

A few plans for the rest of the week:  we have a graduation party on Saturday and I've been helping my friend out this week with her pictures.  She is putting together a video montage of her son's life in a 15 min video.  Well, it's supposed to be 15 min, but she's having a hard time paring down her pictures.  We're trying to keep it down to 20 pictures a year or 360 total.  It's been a difficult thing to do.......I'm also helping out with the 8th grade graduation tomorrow.  High school band is over until the end of July, but middle school continues on for another week or so.  Friday is the last day of school and while I was looking over my calendar, I'm seeing that lazy will not be a part of this summer's itinerary.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  Actually all I want is some time to sleep in.  May's hectic pace has wiped me out.

A peek into my day... Reviewing 8 years of pictures, high school marching band and dinner.  No laundry done, no dishes washed, no phone calls made.  I feel myself getting cranky which means I need to put myself into a time out!  Just need to grab some needles and yarn first....
If you wanna play, go here.


Anonymous said…
Good golly, girl...I'm tired out just reading about all that busyness.
Hey-hey, you have a very busy week, don't you? Maybe it's time to make a small stop and have a good knit or something like that?
I like the hat, looks very modern (or how they call it now?) :)
Sandra Knapp said…
Seems like you're having a really good day. Always good to see Hemi too. Have fun!
Linda said…
Sounds like a busy week Lynn. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Love my Hemi pics.


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