Saturday Summer Sky

Blogging while I'm on vacation????  BAHAHAHAAHHA!!!  Impossible even though I thought abt it a few times.  Never seemed to have the time. 


Friday:  Pick up Baby Girl from Band Camp at 2:30pm and head out on the open road.  Of course EVERYBODY is hungry so we drive thru somewhere on the way up.  Get on I-95 and stop in Ormond Beach for an extra boost.

FYI,  frappuccinos do NOT have the same amt of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.  I have filed this away for future reference.

Once we hit Yulee we stop for some geocaching.   THIS proved to be interesting!  We found two out of the five caches we looked for.  Some require stealth.  We have learned stealth is not our strong suit. 

I also got stopped by a sheriff!  I apparently was going 50 in a 35.  YIKES!!!  The ONLY reason I got out of the ticket was because the sheriff was a geocacher as well!  He even gave us some hints to some of the local ones.  It helps to be a middle aged mom who drives a van with kids in the car and has a clean driving record.  We tried doing one more cache but it was in the woods and we didn't feel like bushwacking our way to it.  It was dark, we were hungry and had had enough.  We stop at Chili's for dinner.

It is now 9:30pm and we are still in Florida.  Hint:  it does NOT take me six hours to leave the state.  We stop at the GA Welcome Center (hey kids, do you want to search for a cache in the scary dark woods??  um, NO!) to get one of those coupon booklets, travel 2 more miles to a Best Western (I think) and settle in for the night.  Still posting pictures on Instagram at 1am.  This is why night owls on road trips start so late.

Pedro says you are always a weiner at South of the Border

Thankfully the rest of the trip was uneventful other than having a great time seeing family (and stopping for essentials along the way).

Since we weren't stopping overnight on the way home I knew we couldn't do any major geocaching so we only hit ones near where we stopped for gas or ate.

The only downside to the trip was not being able to stop at the LYS that was only a couple of miles from my sil's house.  It seemed like a really nice one too.  Guess I'll have to catch it the next time around since we'll be back up in about nine months.  My BIL and his wife are pregnant and due in Feb.
When was the last time YOU saw a time machine?!? 
We came home late Tuesday night and I did nothing Wednesday!  Thursday was cleaning the car out from our road trip and on Friday we attended a religious convention at UCF. 

By the time we got home it was late.  Again. 

Today was a band car wash for #1 Son and grocery shopping for me.  It was also a very hot and sticky day where it rained in the afternoon so it must be the first day of summer!!!

Hope everybody had a nice summery day.  I'm ending mine with a load of laundry in the dryer.  Tomorrow will be another day at the convention.  And then I get a breather.  NOTHING FOR TWO WEEKS!!!!  WOOHOO!!!

Nothing but petting me that is!

This means I'll have time to get caught up on laundry and cleaning, but at least there wont be any urgency to be anywhere by a certain time.  That will be MY vacation!


Linda said…
Thank you for my Hemi fix Lynn. Sounds like a great trip even though it was a quick one. Loved all the pics.

Angie said…
I can't imagine a schedule with nothing to do for 2 weeks. It seems there is ALWAYS something around here.
Sandra Knapp said…
From the sound of it, although short, everyone seems to have had a fun and enjoyable time, and now you really reap the benefits........2 weeks of nothing pulling at you. Sounds real good to me!

PC: I have my first flower on one of my tomato plants. Should be able to pick that first fruit a month from now. :)
Anonymous said…
I'm tired just READING about the whirlwind trip! LOL

Happy summer!

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