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Outside my window... hot.  It is summer and it feels like that.  The house is officially a cave.
I am thinking... while I wont be on an episode of Hoarders, I am DEFINITELY a pack rat. 
I am thankful... for my a/c.  It is a MUST for Florida living.  Hard to believe I was five before we had a/c in the house.  Why yes I AM that old!!!! And for those of you who live up north and STILL don't have a/c, it's not the same thing!!
In the kitchen... my last post had all kinds of crazy things going in the kitchen.  Last week I made some banana muffins and chocolate chip cookies (I figured since I had the oven on....)  Gotta balance the bad with the good so today's dinner was frozen pizzas.  I was working in the craft room today and didn't have energy for much else.
I am wearing... baggy blue t-shirt.  I've been in jammies all day.
I am creating... I've got one sock just past the gusset and at the stage to knit round and round (nice mindless tv watching knitting) and the other sock is just past the heel flap getting ready to turn (will need to pay attention to that one or my heel will be wonky)
I am going... to a craft day with some ladies from the area.  Baby Girl wants to come too.  She enjoyed working on a cross stitch last time and she wants to pick out one of my little kits.  Glad to see her enjoying the needle arts.  (she started a project!!  A Lizzie Kate)
I am wondering... how I ended up with so. Much. FABRIC!
I am reading... the same book, Taking the Wrap.  I really need to just set aside some time for it.  It's a fun read, but I cant seem to escape into the storyline.  Reality has a way of squeaking into my subconscious and messing me up.
I am hoping... to knit later on tonight. (I never did)
I am looking forward to... theatre camp.  I really do think both kids will enjoy it.  Baby Girl is actually taking theatre camp, but #1 Son will be volunteering.  It will keep them both busy.
I am learning... to buy ONLY what I need when it comes to my stash.  Buying with a project in mind is fine, but I have WAY too many things for that *maybe* project. Sock yarn does NOT apply.
Around the house... as you can see from previous comments  I was in my craft room today.  I worked in that room a little over 3 hours and got rid of one large garbage bag full of junk.  I also have another bag of items to bring on Friday for my crafty friends to go thru.  I really don't know how I've accumulated so much stuff!!  I have SO many magazines for cross stitch and quilting and knitting.  I have plastic boxes of fabric.  I got rid of some, but there is still lots I like and I do want to eventually get back to sewing/quilting so most of it stays.  I need to plan a day of posting stuff on eBay. 
The hardest part??  Seeing patterns and pieces of fabric of outfits I was going to make Baby Girl when she was a toddler.  I have made her things in the past, but the cutesy fabric just wont fly now.  And the fabric I did buy for sleep pants won't be enough for either kid now. 
I am pondering... the abilities of my brain.  I started this post 4 hours ago, got distracted and just realized I never published it.  Hmmm, some days I really wonder what I could accomplish if I had HALF a brain!!!
A favorite quote for today...
What makes it funnier is that my Dr ACTUALLY said this to me when I had concerns about my memory!!
One of my favorite things AKA Hemi's Corner....
Is it time for our Pilates class??
A few plans for the rest of the week: household chores like laundry and cleaning.  Friday will be meeting with the girls for a craft and lunch day, and the kids want to see The Fault in Our Stars so that might be a late matinee on Friday.  (the movie is a go.  plans have been made with friends.  They will cry in one theatre and I will be laughing in another.  I am SO past the crying movie stage. 
A younger parent will sit with them.  She wants to see it too!  Life makes me cry for free, I'll take the paid laughter any day!)
There you go!  Thank you for reading this installation of my TSWD.  If you want to play, go here. And the italic comments are what I've added in the 5 hours since I originally started this post!! 


Linda said…
Another great daybook Lynn. Cute Hemi pic.

Angie said…
My daughter watched the movie and said it was wonderful but she also said to bring a box of tissue if I decided to see it. I'm like you, I'd rather watch a happy movie any day!
Anonymous said…
That is cool that Meghan is taking up stitching.

Have fun at the movies! I'd go with laughter too.
kathy b said…
I adore reading your life's goings on! I love Simple Woman's entries.
Happy sock knitting!
Hi Hemi
Melissa said…
I am so with you on the not paying to cry! I hate watching or reading anything that is going to make me sad. If I'm going to take the time and the money to see something I want to laugh!

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